Actual Tools announces Actual Transparent Window 2.5

For immediate release

December 10, 2003

Contact: Ann Smith
Company: Actual Tools

Innovative Windows transparency shell enhancement released December, 10 2003.

Actual Tools announced version 2.5 of its intriguing Windows shell enhancement novelty - the application that allows setting any level of transparency for any individual window on the system. Actual Transparent Window 2.5 adds a new dimension to desktop space making it easy to organize simultaneously open windows without having to minimize and restore them every here and then. Along with common techniques of switching between applications windows Actual Transparent Window offers depth-based window ordering thanks to fully customizable transparency levels that are saved individually for each window.

Actual Transparent Window is intended for broad range of Windows users who value time and long for esthetical pleasure of modern computing. Using transparent windows reduces negative effects on user's eyes as well as it allows for more native dimensional information representation model in human beings. Multiple reports by Actual Transparent Window users indicate overall increase of productivity when using several business applications that require manual information interchange simultaneously. Desktop space saved by eliminating opaque windows can be used for placing additional icons. Another great use of this program is for setting transparency depending on importance of task an application performs.

The Actual Transparent Window 2.5 includes the following new functionality:

  • Apply transparency effect while window is moved or is resized.
  • Toggle transparency\opaque window state by double click on title bar.
  • Set transparency only when window becomes inactive.

According to Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools "Actual Tools made titanic efforts to try to mimic human thinking and visualization techniques in order to produce software that offers truly convenient and eye-pleasing pleasing computing experiences!"

Actual Transparent Window runs under Windows 2000/XP, costs $19.95(US), and may be purchased securely online at

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools Software Company mainly concentrates on enhancing currently available Windows operating systems interfaces and providing expanded functionality to commonly used shell resources. Actual Tools mission is to provide end users of virtually any level of computer skills with adequate software understanding and utilization concepts. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Actual Tools offers its customers better ways of using the wheel for their own computing pleasure and comfort. Actual Tools product range has power solutions for both individuals and corporate customers.

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