January 20, 2011

Multi-Monitor Mouse Tricks

Actual Window Manager 6.3 offers multi-monitor users features for better mouse control

KRASNOYARSK, Russia, January 20, 2011 - Actual Tools, a leading provider of desktop productivity software, has announced Actual Window Manager 6.3, a powerful extension of the Windows user interface offering new features for better mouse control in a multiple-display environment.

Multiple monitors provide a substantial increase of visible screen space, allowing a large number of windows to be open simultaneously. The downside to the expanded screen space, however, is that it requires more "mousing". Imagine three 1600x1200 monitors aligned horizontally, and the user needs to drag the mouse from the far-right monitor he or she is currently working on, to the far-left primary monitor, and back again, several times an hour! These movements intensify the workload on the user's mouse-operating hand and may lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

The new version 6.3 of Actual Window Manager 6.3 offers tools to make mouse control easier in a multiple-display environment.

Special hotkey combinations switch the mouse pointer between monitors instantly. The operation is similar to switching between windows using Alt-Tab: pressing the specified hotkey (Win-` by default) will cycle the mouse through the monitors in ascending order (first to second to third, then back to the first). Another hotkey (Ctrl-Alt-P by default) moves the mouse pointer to the middle of the primary monitor. This can speed up navigation and reduce workload on the mouse-operating hand.

Another interesting feature is the ability to lock the mouse pointer to a certain window automatically. With Actual Window Manager you can create a rule for a given window, activating the mouse auto-lock for that window. This also reduces "mousing": all the user needs to do is switch to that window, and the mouse pointer jumps there and is locked to the window, no matter where it was on the desktop. To unlock the mouse, all the user needs to do is switch to another window or press the Toggle Mouse Lock hotkey (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L by default).

The final touch is a tool for scrolling through the contents of inactive windows with the mouse wheel, without having to activate them: just place the mouse pointer over the required window and rotate the wheel. This may be useful when writing a document in a text editor, in case it's necessary to refer to another document (text, graphic, or web page). With this feature, the keyboard can be used for typing text, while the mouse is used to scroll through the reference document.

Actual Window Manager is a complete solution for enhanced overall usability of the Windows user interface. Its new mouse control tools are a good addition to the multi-monitor experience.

Prices and Availability

Actual Window Manager runs on all Windows® platforms since Windows 2000 (including 64-bit editions) and costs U.S. $49.95 for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please refer to http://www.actualtools.com/windowmanager/order/#volume_discounts). Additional information on Actual Window Manager, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 60-day evaluation copy is available at Actual Tools website.

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