October 27, 2008

Press Contact:
Alex Fadeyev
Public Relations Manager
Actual Tools

How to Improve Dual-Monitor Windows GUI

New Actual Window Manager 5.2 introduces extended multi-monitor support with features such as Multi-monitor Taskbar/Task Switcher.

VANCOUVER, Canada - October 2008: Actual Tools, the leading provider of desktop productivity software, today announces Actual Window Manager 5.2, the newest version of its tool for enhancing the general Windows user interface with new abilities, now presenting usability features especially for multi-monitor users - Multi-monitor Taskbar, Multi-monitor Task Switcher and advanced features for multi-monitor window management.

Multiple display PC configurations (especially dual-monitor setups) are becoming more and more popular. Dual-monitor systems are already highly appreciated by software developers, web designers, call center operators, online traders, stockbrokers and many other professionals which extensively use their PC every day - greater usability and increased work productivity given by the expanded screen space justify the cost of extra display unit.

However, general Windows user interface (including the latest Windows Vista/2008) has some minor but annoying drawbacks when using several monitors:

  • there is no standard service such as Windows Taskbar to manage windows located on secondary displays
  • you can't quickly minimize, restore, or activate any particular window via its Taskbar button without having to move your cursor to the primary display
  • there is no access to the Start Menu from secondary displays - requires moving your cursor to the primary display each time you need to access Start Menu
  • when you switch windows using Alt-Tab the Task Switcher service window is displayed on the primary display only, which is quite distracting if your current attention is on a secondary display
  • there is no quick way to move a window to a certain monitor or to maximize a window over the entire composite desktop if such need arises

The purpose of new Actual Window Manager 5.2 is to overcome all these drawbacks and let you use your multi-monitor system at full power - it brings you three remarkable and extremely useful tools:

  • the Multi-monitor Taskbar facility emulates the general Windows Taskbar on secondary displays, thus allowing the familiar way to control windows on all displays, both primary and secondary
  • also, the Multi-monitor Taskbar facility emulates the Start button on secondary monitors, thus giving you quick access to the Start Menu from any monitor
  • the Multi-monitor Task Switcher facility clones the general Windows Task Switcher to all secondary displays, thus preventing distractions when switching tasks
  • the Move to Monitor extra title button allows you to quickly place a window on a certain monitor in a single click
  • the right click on the standard Maximize button will expand a window over the entire composite desktop (the second such click will restore a window to its previous position/size)

You can get more information on these tools from the article "Dual-Monitor Taskbar, Dual-Monitor Task Switcher and Other Multi-Monitor Enhancements" at Actual Tools website: http://actualtools.com/windowmanager/dual_monitor_taskbar_task_switcher_and_other_multi_monitor_enhancements.shtml. With all these features, the multi-monitor user experience becomes smooth, pleasant and far more productive.

When compared to other multi-monitor extenders, Actual Window Manager 5.2 is a powerful toolkit of more than 50 versatile tools. For example, you will be able to:

  • change and attain the most convenient window placement within the multi-monitor desktop, both automatically or on-the-fly
  • combine the advantages of the dual-monitor setup with the advantages of the Virtual Desktops facility
  • automate recurring keyboard sequences by saving them as macros and replaying these macros automatically as the need arises
  • reduce or increase the priority levels of windows which will make a computer work faster
  • keep currently unused windows either minimized to tray, rolled up, made transparent, sent to bottom etc.
  • keep a window always-on-top of others

Actual Window Manager 5.2 runs on any edition of Windows since Windows 2000. It is one of few Windows-enhancing applications that seamlessly operate native 64-bit programs running on Windows x64 platform and surely one of even fewer that allow the extended manipulations with console windows (also known as command prompt windows).

Additional Information

Publishing-friendly graphics (TIFF, CMYK, 300 dpi) can be obtained at the following link: http://actualtools.com/files/press/ActualWindowManagerPressPack.zip (2.4 Mb). Other press-related information can be obtained in Actual Tools Press Center at: http://www.actualtools.com/press/.

Pricing and Availability

Actual Window Manager 5.2 runs on all Windows platforms since Windows 2000 (including 64-bit editions) and costs $49.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please, refer to http://www.actualtools.com/windowmanager/order/#volume_discounts). Additional information on Actual Window Manager, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, as well as a 60-day evaluation copy is available from http://www.actualtools.com/.

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