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February 28, 2008

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Alex Fadeyev
Public Relations Manager
Actual Tools

64-bit Windows Desktop Productivity

Actual Window Manager 5.0 the first presents the fully featured advanced windows management for native 64-bit applications!

VANCOUVER, Canada - February 28, 2008: Actual Tools, the leading provider of desktop productivity software, today announces Actual Window Manager 5.0, the newest version of its tool for enhancing windows navigation and management with new abilities, now presenting a fully featured support of native 64-bit applications running on Windows x64 platform (which includes x64 editions of Windows® XP/2003/Vista).

Most of currently available desktop enhancement software products (including older versions of Actual Tools software) are 32-bit in their nature. It means that, when running in 64-bit environment, all the advanced functionality those products provide is available for legacy 32-bit applications only; native 64-bit applications (including 64-bit versions of standard Windows applications and utilities such as Explorer, Outlook Express, Media Player, Task Manager etc.) appear out of scope and lack all the advanced features, which seems inappropriate and confusing for end users.

Nevertheless, starting from version 5.0, Actual Window Manager began to seamlessly operate both legacy 32-bit applications and native 64-bit applications (including command prompt windows!) running on any x64 edition of Windows. Actual Window Manager 5.0 offers more than 50 handy Windows-tweaking tools that teach windows new tricks. For example:

  • accurate automatic management of CPU resources by either tweaking the execution priority of applications or changing their CPU affinity in a multi-processor environment
  • a window can be moved between monitors in a multiple display environment in a wink, while still preserving its relative size and position (it's useful when different displays have different resolutions)
  • automatically keeping a certain layout of currently open windows (for example, when connecting to a server in turn locally and via Remote Desktop)
  • repetitive keystrokes can be recorded as a macro sequence that then can be played automatically each time a certain window appears
  • there are numerous abilities for advanced window management, such as keeping a window always-on-top, minimizing it to the notification area, rolling it up (minimizing to title bar), make it semi-transparent on-the-fly, and many others.

Actual Window Manager is the first desktop enhancement suite that makes the full spectrum of advanced window management features available for x64 platform. Now both corporate and home users, geeks and newbies, PC and laptop fans can continue to use in new 64-bit environment all those well known and already became habitual advanced features they got accustomed to in previous 32-bit era.

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Pricing and Availability

Actual Window Manager 5.0 runs on all Windows platforms (including 64-bit editions) and costs $49.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please, refer to Additional information on Actual Window Manager, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, as well as a 60-day evaluation copy is available from


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