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May 5, 2006

Contact: Alexey Fadeyev
Company: Actual Tools
Title: Public Relations Manager

Tame Windows with Actual Window Manager 4.0!

Actual Window Manager is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Windows enhancement utilities!

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used operating system today and its windows architecture is a brilliant invention. However this architecture comes with a bit of baggage and a degree of frustration especially when you work with several windows simultaneously.

Let's say, for example, you have to work with eight or ten applications at a time. Windows provides only the taskbar to minimize inactive windows to. But with so many applications it always becomes heavily cluttered, which in its turn cuts down on your computational productivity. Instead of doing your job, you soon find yourself spending more time on trying to figure out which window to bring up from the taskbar. The more windows you open, the more time you spend to manage them, the less focus is on the job. And then there's constant clicking. You will have to bring up each window 100-200 times during a working day. Monotonous clicking, window clutter in the taskbar, switching between windows, their positioning and resizing may double and even triple the time you need to concentrate on your job and intensify your fatigue. Obviously when you are tired you have more chances of making errors.

If you find yourself constantly trying to tame windows, Actual Window Manager 4.0 is what you need. Upon installation, it adds its buttons to each window in your system and allows you to navigate them in new ways. For example, instead of the taskbar, you will be able to minimize windows to the task tray or on the screen, roll them up like blinds and unroll. This will save the taskbar space from messy clutter. If you need to multitask in several applications at once, you can simply pin all necessary windows on top without the need to bring up each one 100-200 times a day. This lets you better concentrate on your task, not on disconcerting clicking. And that's not all. In fact, you have over 40 other controls to automate routines related to windows. You can apply a predefined level of transparency to any window, automate positioning of windows, resize them and change priory from the titlebar menu and more.

Version 4.0 has been developed over a year in a constant collaboration with over 2000 end users and members of usability groups. Over 450 suggestions from them were carefully considered and reflected in a more intuitive user interface, a redesigned system of windows controls, new options for priority change, an upgraded system of minimization to the task tray and desktop edge, new Ghost mode, and enhanced Rollup mode. The customization of options has become much simpler, and flexible and the choice of options wider. Now, for example, the transparency effect and priory is set automatically depending on different states of windows. In addition to subtle customization abilities, the program has a list of presets for most popular applications that allow you to use Actual Window Manager in the "install-and-go" style.

Even the first Alpha version of Actual Window Manager 4.0 received a positive feedback from testers. Steve Hobberstad took part in the Alpha testing and said the following: "As a veteran computer professional with nearly thirty years in the field I'm always looking for tips, tricks, hacks and apps to make my work more productive while simplifying the job - simultaneously tempering this interest with the realization that each resident task (regardless of CPU speed and available RAM) must be able to pull its own weight in clock cycles to be truly valuable. In my opinion Actual Window Manager is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of Windows utilities in this regard!" Actual Window Manager will prove invaluable for anyone who wants to tame windows and make their work more efficient.

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Pricing and Availability

Actual Window Manager 4.0 runs under all Windows platforms and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available (please refer to Registered customers are entitled to the unlimited functionality, free updates and lifetime technical support. Additional information on Actual Window Manager, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, as well as a 60-day evaluation copy is available from

About Actual Tools

Actual Tools is a technology company that specializes in desktop enhancement applications for the Windows OS. The company was founded in 2001 by software engineer Michael Tretyakov. Providing innovative solutions and services, Actual Tools helps people, both home and corporate users, innovate and increase their computational efficiency. Actual Tools is the author of such top sellers as Actual Title Buttons, Actual Transparent Window, Actual Window Guard, Actual Window Menu, Actual Window Minimizer, and Actual Window Rollup. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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