Free Registration

Along with usual ordering of our programs we can offer to you several variants of collaboration:

  • Article Writing:
    The best way to help us, and get free registration is article writing. Write a short article about using one of our products that makes computer, or a favorite application work easier. See our articles about Outlook Express, Eudora or other articles as an example and - contact us!
  • Translation from English into other languages:
    Can you translate our site, documentation or interface into other languages?! - contact us!

Important! Please contact us to get additional information via email:

In email, please, also answer the following. It helps both you and us:

  1. Which Actual Tools programs do you use and would like to get registered?
  2. Which functions in our Actual Tools programs do you use most?
  3. With which applications on your PC do you use our Actual Tools programs?
  4. What additional features would you like to see in future releases of our Actual Tools programs?
  5. What interface improvements could help make our Actual Tools programs more usable?
  6. Where did you read about Actual Tools programs?

Thanks in advance!