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Topic: «New version 5.2 of Actual Window Manager and other software products , Extended multi-monitor support, new Quick Settings feature » on forum: Announcements   Views: 19725
Alexey Fadeyev

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Posted: 10/14/2008 18:17:00

We are very glad to announce that October 14, 2008 we released the new version 5.2 of Actual Window Manager and other products.

Products catalog:

Here is the list of most important updates made in this version (the full list of changes is available here):

  • Multi-monitor Taskbar
    Since Windows displays its Taskbar on the primary monitor only, this feature has been frequently requested by the users of multiple display configurations - it provides the conventional window management on secondary monitors by emulating the general Windows Taskbar on each secondary monitor. These secondary Taskbars provide the following abilities:
    • each secondary Taskbar can contain its own copy of the Start button providing the quick and convenient mouse access to the Start Menu

    • secondary Taskbars flash buttons for windows that are about to become active (as well as the regular Windows Taskbar does)

    • when a window goes full-screen on some monitor the secondary Taskbar on that monitor hides correctly

    • you can change the order of buttons on secondary Taskbars dragging the desired button by the mouse holding the
    The Multi-monitor Taskbar feature is fully compatible with Windows Vista.

    You can get more information about this feature here.

  • Multi-monitor Task Switcher
    This is another multi-monitor usability extension which displays the Task Switcher service window (it appears every time you press
    ) not only on the primary monitor but on secondary ones as well.

    You can get more information about this feature here.

  • Quick Settings dialog
    This feature allows you the quick and easy advanced window manipulation with the mouse via specially designed dialog window. This dialog contains controls that provide the instant access to most popular Actual Tools features such Window Alignment, Window Stretching/Resizing, Transparency, Priority, etc.

    You can invoke this dialog for any active window either clicking the middle mouse button on desired window's title bar, pressing the special hotkey (
    by default) or via extra "Quick settings..." item in window's system menu. You can close this dialog either in any conventional way or simply clicking anywhere outside of it.

    You can get more information about this feature here.

  • Some minor improvements
    - at last, the title buttons look fully native under Vista Aero
    - window settings commands (like "Modify applied settings", "Create new specific settings", "Exclude this window") now open the specially designed light-weight Configuration dialog containing the subject settings only
    - now you can cancel the changes of Target Window edit fields made with the Window Finder by pressing the

  • Some minor bugfixes
    - the overall stability is improved when running on Windows x64
    - there are no more Explorer crashes when trying to delete files under Windows Vista/2008 x64
    - Virtual Desktops facility: now it correctly handles the change of order in the list of virtual desktops
    - Virtual Desktops facility: now it correctly handles the tool windows of Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Flash CS3 when switching between desktops
    - Virtual Desktops facility: now it correctly reacts on pressing the
    system hotkey
    - Virtual Desktops facility: now it is compatible with windows of Mozilla applications (Firefox, Thunderbird)
    - Virtual Desktops facility: now it correctly keeps the custom wallpaper while running via the Remote Desktop connection
    - now Total Commander refreshes its file lists as usual while being pinned to desktop
    - extra title buttons are again displayed correctly in the title bar of IncrediMail XE

    Important Note! Since this version, we stop to support the Windows 9x platform (which includes Windows 95/98/ME). It means that the earliest version required to run our products is Windows 2000. Although you still can try to run our software on Windows 9x but there are no guarantees.

    Note: In this version due to security reasons the core executable required for console windows support has been renamed from
    so please adjust accordingly the related settings (if any) in your security software.

    I'd like to remind you that due to our upgrade policy the major updates should be paid for (even if you are a registered user of any version earlier than 5.0). However, the registered users of previous versions of Actual Tools are entitled to significant upgrade discount when upgrading to version 5.2. To get advantage of this discount, please visit our Upgrade Center ( and enter your original 3.x/4.x registration key there.

    All others are welcome to try our software for 60 days for free and on their own see all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now:!

    Note: If you are a blogger then you can take advantage of our Blogs Support Initiative and get Actual Title Buttons for free!

    More information about Actual Window Manager you can find at Also we invite you to download the fully functional 60-day trial version at

    Best regards,

    Actual Tools team

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