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Topic: «New version 5.0 of Actual Window Manager and other software products , Long-awaited exclusive features are finally available! » on forum: Announcements   Views: 19215
Alexey Fadeyev

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Posted: 01/15/2008 19:57:28
Hi all,

We are very glad to announce that January 16, 2008 we released the long-awaited new version 5.0 of Actual Window Manager and other products.

Products catalog:

I'm glad to inform you that at last we have released a long-awaited major update of our Actual Windows product line to version 5.0. And I'd like to say that this update is MAJOR indeed because it introduces two truly amazing features: we are happy to finally present both a full support of command prompt windows and a full support of Windows x64 platform (which includes x64 editions of Windows XP/2003/Vista)! Since this release, Actual Tools software covers the full range of Windows operating systems and spreads its advanced functionality over the full range of applications available for those systems, thanks to unique technology developed by our software engineers. No limit, full freedom, more than 50 extremely useful tools for everyday work!

And all this comes at a very reasonable price: celebrating the final release of version 5.0, we offer our all-in-one Actual Window Manager combine product for just $49.95! ($10 off the regular price!) And if you are a registered user of previous version - there is an extra significant upgrade discount for you, even more reducing this gift price (see the note below for more information on upgrading).

Here is a short list of interesting and noticeable improvements (the full list is available here):

Support of command prompt windows

Command prompt windows (also known as console windows, CMD windows, MS-DOS windows) are those windows using text-based interface. Since Windows 2000, such windows were isolated into a separate subsystem, not available for common applications, including our software, so all advanced Actual Tools features were unavailable for them. But in this version, after long research and hard experiments, our software engineers have made a fantastic technological breakthrough and developed a piece-of-art programming technique that brings advanced Actual Tools features to command prompt windows! Now you can operate command prompt windows as easy as usual ones: minimize them to tray, make always-on-top, roll them up, easily position and resize them, change their priority and affinity - and do all this stuff in any conventional way provided by our software, either automatically or manually. You can enable the support of command prompt windows either during the installation of new version or later in the Options dialog.

Note: The detailed description of this feature is available here (please consider carefully the known issues).

Important Note! This breathtaking feature is exclusive on the market: Actual Tools is the first and yet unrivalled company that makes the totality of advanced features available for command prompt windows.

Support of Windows x64 platform

Windows x64 platform supports modern powerful 64-bit central processors produced by Intel and AMD corporations. It includes x64 editions of Windows XP/2003/Vista; these editions use native 64-bit code of such processors and therefore use them at full power. And, of course, such editions include native 64-bit versions of standard Windows applications and utilities (such as Explorer, Outlook Express, Media Player, Task Manager etc.). Until version 5.0, our software was 32-bit in its nature and, thus, was unable to successfully operate native 64-bit applications. But from now all the power of Actual Tools advanced features is also available for native 64-bit applications (including 64-bit command prompt windows!) running on any x64 edition of Windows! So if you are using any of Windows x64 then our software is a must-have for you!

Change Icon feature

This long-awaited and frequently requested feature allows changing of window's default icon to the one you consider more appropriate upon window's startup. This can be useful either for disguising target window's identity (by replacing the default icon with another application's one) or for improving it (by replacing the default icon with the unique and well-recognizable one).

Note: The detailed description of this feature is available here.

Easy aligning/stretching of windows with new hotkeys

If you are a keyboard fan you will surely appreciate this new feature: now you can easily align any window to any of 9 predefined positions (top-left, top-center, etc.) using the <Win+NumPad1>..<Win+NumPad9> key combinations (as you can see, the natural layout of NumPad digit buttons is self-explaining for the correspondence of certain position with a certain key combination). In addition, you can quickly stretch any window in any of 8 predefined directions (top-left, top, top-right, etc.) using the <Win+Ctrl+NumPad1>..<Win+Ctrl+NumPad9> key combinations (except for the <NumPad5> button).

Note: The NumLock must be turned on to make these hotkeys operational.

Some minor improvements

- now you can enable the displaying of current window size as a tooltip while you're resizing a window manually with a mouse or keyboard

- now you can use not just alphanumeric but almost any key (though, except for some very special ones) when specifying a hotkey combination

- if you're using a custom title buttons skin now you can provide a path to it relative to our product's installation folder

- in the Configuration window time units are changed from milliseconds to seconds so now it's possible to provide fractional values for time delays (e.g. 0.2 seconds, 1.7 seconds etc.)

- the "Enable logging" option can be turned on/off via tray icon's menu, and the Log window is independent from the logging status so the log contents can be viewed any time

- now Align Window/Resize Window actions can be applied only if the target window is in proper state: normal - for Align Window, normal or maximized - for Resize Window; otherwise, corresponding title buttons/window menu commands will be disabled

- status lines in the Index panel are formatted to improve their visual appearance

- the overall stability of "Send Configuration" commands and their compatibility with different e-mail client programs is improved

Some minor bug fixes

- the bug caused sometimes the "green-filled" desktop appearance in Vista Aero is fixed

- now the title bar double-click is correctly handled in Office 2007 windows

- the bug caused "black windows" problem (e.g. with Windows Vista Sidebar) is fixed

- the bug of absense of title buttons in Remote Desktop Client is fixed

I'd like to remind you that due to our upgrade policy the major updates should be paid for (even if you are a registered user of any version earlier than 5.0). However, the registered users of previous versions of Actual Tools are entitled to significant upgrade discount when upgrading to version 5.0. To get advantage of this discount, please visit our Upgrade Center ( and enter your original 3.x/4.x registration key there.

Important Note! If you registered your copy of any Actual Tools product in the period from September 1, 2007 - you are eligible for a free upgrade! Please contact our Customer Support at

All others are welcome to try our software for 60 days for free and on their own see all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now:!

Note: If you are a blogger then you can take advantage of our Blogs Support Initiative and get Actual Title Buttons for free!

More information about Actual Window Manager you can find at Also we invite you to download the fully functional 60-day trial version at

Best regards,

Actual Tools team

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