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Topic: «"Standard" specific settings , Clarifications requested & some suggestions » on forum: Beta Testing   Views: 6080
Pim Joosten
Posts: 549
Joined: 11/11/2010
Posted: 05/19/2012 02:55:06
For testing purposes I recently installed AWM 7.1 beta 2 fresh in a virtual machine. I noticed that you now include 13 standard specific settings of which 1 is not activated (Tablet PC Input Panel):
- Google Chrome;
- Microsoft Access;
- Microsoft Excel;
- Microsoft Outlook;
- Microsoft Outlook Notes;
- Microsoft Power Point;
- Microsoft Word;
- Mozilla Firefox;
- Mozilla Thunderbird;
- Opera;
- Skype;
- Tablet PC Input Panel;
- Windows Task Manager;

I never knew of these standard settings, because I have been using AWM for almost 2 years now and every time I upd ate AWM it keeps my current settings and does not add any new settings you have added. I would never have known if I did not install a test version in a VM today. When I originally installed AWM for the first time there was only 1 standard specific setting: Skype.

I do have some questions and suggestions about these standard specific settings.

1. It is not clear to me why you have included these settings. I assume you have made them because of (user) experiences, but as a user I have no idea why a particular setting is included as standard. It would be rather time consuming to look at these settings individually to discover why you have included it. I would however like to know that, because it could possibly prevent me from wasting lots of time if I ever wanted to make a specific setting for one of those programs myself.

2. I think it is a good idea to include the reason for including a standard specific setting on the tab Index > Description. I always use that field for every setting I make so that I know what I did. For Actual Tools it would be an efficient way of communicating the reason for and content of that specific setting.

3. Also, I think it is a good idea to let current users know what specific settings you have added in the release notes. As explained above, when updating a current installation of AWM there is no way of knowing this, because no new specific settings are added to the ones that are already defined.

4. If this option were implemented you would also be able to distribute the standard specific settings separately, so that existing users could benefit from them too. As I see it now, there is no other way for current users to benefit from newly added standard specific settings than entering every setting by hand, which is quite cumbersome.

5. Now that you provide more standard specific settings this feature becomes more important too. I really hope you can implement this, because it would make managing specific settings much easier. I do realize that it may require some reprogramming, because it likely means a different internal approach to specific settings, but I really think it will pay out.

6. The standard specific setting for Windows Task Manager only works if one has an English OS. I do not know why you have included this se tting, but maybe it also works without having defined the Window caption for the Target Window?
Bogdan Polishchuk
Posts: 4038
Joined: 04/04/2012
Posted: 05/22/2012 04:48:57
Hello Pim.

Some users experience problems when making specific settings for the certain range of programs (for example problems with targeting, location of title buttons). That's why we provide the set of the specific settings for these programs containing let's call it "recommended" parameters.

And we believe that only new users need it. Actually, experienced users don't need it at all - they already have their own settings, so it isn't necessary to know about the new standard specific settings. And ability to distribute the standard specific settings separately just doesn't make sense.

But we remember about such feature as ability to distribute the specific settings separately.

Having defined the Window caption for the Windows Task Manager is the recommended setting. Program needs this setting to work reliably with Windows Task Manager.

Best regards.

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