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Topic: «an early review , features, bugs, and a big woo hoo! » on forum: Feature Requests   Views: 26161
Michael Tretyakov
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Joined: 03/16/2005
Posted: 06/05/2005 21:15:53
Dear Andre,

Andre Tenente wrote:
I think i can with a good example of this option, let's say that a want to compare 4 folders, then i start with windows explorer on folder one and

Thank you very much for good example!

Michael Tretyakov
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Posted: 07/16/2005 22:32:32
b]Michael Roper,[/b]
wrote many interesting things. I forgot when version
3.6 came out, so I don´t know for sure which one you
were using.

Here is how I solve some of your things already, and
by the may, flavors and rulesets were also suggested
be me on another topic, maybe before or after you, so
it was good for me to look in here for a while.

First change settings for your GENERAL window rule
to your favorite defaults, then EXCLUDE the few
windows you want untreated by ACTWINMAN to stay in
XP defaults from your now personalized GENERAL
actwinman rule, or just deactivate ACTWINMAN tempor-
arily by turning it on or off in your taskbar or with
a shortcut you place close to the systray as well.

You can also compare 4 folders in one window using
sometimes free external programs which you only
turn on and off when u are comparing, and might
have your most typically compared folders in your
favorite comp settings there.

Some obscure windows react to the gunsight the way
you described further above in opposite to most other
windows which are changeable like you say because they
are not completely changeable with actwinman, often
even less with other winmans. Still, some can be
changed as to their transparency and minimized to
tray even if they dont accept actwinman buttons.
Every once and a while I use several window managing
programs at once on the same window, yet this is
for advanced window managing freaks and gives you
a crazy context menu in each window when several
managers are resident, with some commands looking
like they were there twice, and the same looking command still is applied a bit differently sometimes
depending on which managing program its from because
both managers use the same command name but have
different defaults for the same name. Plus you have
more programs TSR at once, rather tricky on CPU and
GPU (imagine you are also skinning or fxing that
window, then the window changes looks in 7 stages
INTRO SOUND, ACTUALWINDOW managing effects come in
so the more advanced you get, the harder it gets
to also have that done in the right amount of
milliseconds and the right order, unless your own
macro calls up all of these things with special
in and exclusion settings ONLY FOR THAT window in
a SPECIFIED use of it, while next day, you want
ACTWINMAN effects to be applied AFTER the red 3d Shade
effect and the CLOSE BUTTON HAVING been removed
by changing to a skin without a x button, and that,
dear Joseph, by the way, only works on XP windows,
not on DOS windows)


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