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Topic: «possible features? » on forum: Feature Requests   Views: 34612
Posted: 05/22/2005 18:22:10
Actual Windows tool number 11 is actual windows
timeseasonweather module, now you may ask, why not
leave things like this up to your calendar, timer,
macro timer, desktop weather tray icon, or skinner?

Reason being, aside from nobody wanting to have too
many additional programs resident at once, that also
have to be updated and paid for, that no timer tells
the same window to appear differently or for a different length of time, depending on whether its day,
night, fall, spring, holiday, a milennium year, or the
temperature is over 30 degrees celsius, or it is raining more than 1600mm an hour, and no window manager
has a good timer. So instead, dangerous and unreliable
mouse macros have to open window managing configuration
windows, wait exactly the right time until everything
is saved, exit config and call up the window exactly
the right time (even though everything is fading and
sliding and swaying automatically). One change of 2 pixels in resolution or position, and everything goes
very, very much the wrong way. Uh, oh!

Actual window timer settings should override normal
window rule settings for that window. If its a weekend,
stock tickers should show smaller than on mondays or
fridays, and tonights strip dancing club highlights
could show circling FXed, larger and for 3 minutes in-
stead of 25 seconds, with a different background wall
paper in the window, depending on whether the temperature exceeds a certain thresh level or stays
below that level. At night, less transparency to high-
light the window instead of allowing morning daytime
chores to be visual underneath it; The background win-
dow color is different when transparent or has a picture less obtrusive for ghosting.

Actual window tool number 12 is Actual window randomizer/theme synching plugin:

Why not randomize where the same window appears and the
group reaction in placement of the other windows as
well? As long as they all stay as visible or transparent as you want them to, the whole set could
be randomly reaarranged on startup or hourly, and their
size, parts of their behavior as well. That way every
window gets the chance of being seen or used, even if
your normally would sometimes generate constellations
making it easy to overlook something. And it gets more
colorful, you are forced to notice everything happening
in the long run.

In certain Theme or Skin settings that should be able
to override or better control this, instead of random-
izing you want to have everything matched up to look
like halloween, or to be set up for perfect work on
17 windows at once, with a more functional than enter-
taining accent in general configuration arrangement.

In example, your halloween theme makes the window
fx around and go BOOH! with scary music, for less
than 10 seconds unless mouseovered, with a semitranspar
ent witch color and pumpkin picture, a graveyard picture in the other window its circling around,

but in your monday morning business setting, unless
holiday, the same 2 windows appear static, bigger,
for a longer time, and so forth, with clearly legible
background colors instead of a goblin background picture. And more often, if it is a newsticker, or
e-Mail income check window.

Again, this can and should not always be done with
the Theming and skinning programs, but should be
enabled to interact or override or be overridden with
some of them at least.

Some wallpaperchangers do this, icon changing can be
randomized just like logons, boot screens, and skins
and screen savers
can be randomized. But not different settings of the
same window!

Sometimes you dont want the window manager to be your
solution, and sometimes you dont want the skinner or
themer to be in charge for your issue. So at least
sometimes the window manager should be capable of
doing this or that.

By the way, the more tools you offer, the more expensive the whole suite gets, so you need a 3d option
alternative to buying just 1 Actual tool or the whole
set, you need options for 3, 6, 9, or all tools with
the further possibility of upgrading from 6 to 9 tools
instead of 12 and making the upgrade priced appropriately.

How can a business man or poor guy like me afford to
be always at home, with time and a cheap internet con-
nection to evaluate extensive programs like yours in
14 days? It often takes 6 weeks before I get back home
and international payment procedures sometimes without
PayPal, ShareIt! etc. can also take more than 4 weeks.

This is why some shareware programs offer a 3 stage
evaluation period, expiring after 120 days. Each stage
disables more options, and still leaves you with some
completely freeware options even if you dont register.
Like Cruise Control. An interesting touch. Consider
that some things exist free elsewhere anyway, but
its good for people and you to constantly update even
free things and visit your homepage often.

Personally, I couldnt care less in my short term
thinking, but in the long run I wont be existing with-
out my partners constantly satisfying many other users
in the present and growing in the future. As the Germans say, THE COMPETITOR DOESNT SLEEP. But I dont
want to think about many more competitors. For me,
your show is just fine to enjoy til Im retiring in
10 or 15 years, who knows?

Have a good time, sorry my mail couldnt attach pictures
or films yet.
Posted: 05/23/2005 01:07:20
Now that I know the last post wasnt lost, but started
a new page because it was post number 11, Ill finally
add Actual Window Tool no. 13, hopefully a lucky and
not unlucky no. on a full moon day like this.

Actual Window Rule Set Changer

But first some notes to the tools Ive suggested above
or before.

The Window XP Paper Program setting new background
pictures and colors for each window separately even
overriding themes and some skins has 2 more current
disadvantages: It only applies to windows of a folder,
not windows of an active program. Hmmhhh... Could
that also be improved? There are one or 2 folders it
will not accept: My root D:. Funny, though, it works
on C: root. Maybe I had something write protected,
but it also works on all the subfolders of root d:

And it doesnt background the whole picture, only the
right two thirds next to the tree or command group on
the left of the window. This even has the advantage of
your still being able to see which normal color the
theme applies to the rest of the window, and thus which
theme is working.

A word about randomizing: You want an advanced algorithm like used by NuonSoftwares WallpaperCycler 3.0, which guarantees, that all elements are shown in
a random cycle, before it starts out a new random loop.

And add a feature of yet another company to that:
Make priorities ratable in the random loop, meaning
popular favorites are showed a specified more amount
of times per cycle than others in the same cycle, and
still guarantee everything is shown at least once in
the cycle, at least if specified.

And enable selecting when to refresh to the next change
inside that loop, on startup, hourly, every xminutes
or both, and also count time of inactivity time between
2 sessions (not cycles), or dont count this time.

Enable to random only in given seasons or not on given
special days etc. (exceptional randomizing exclusions).

Random is necessary in window rules for transparency,
aligning, positioning and size, and also for background
and special fx Window settings.

NOW for Tool 13, Actual Window rule set changing manager:

All of my current window rules are rule set No. 1.
By clicking a different complete rule set, the whole
mix of general window rule and exceptions thereof and
all other rules can be changed to completely different
presets. New rule sets can easily be made by copying
a whole set to a new name, then pasting one or two
rules from 6 other rulesets, and deleting the ones
you dont want to have in ruleset no. 7. Then just add
the very few totally new created rules especially for
your new ruleset, and presto - your done!

Now thats not all the manager in tool 13 does: It
knows, again, by time, season, weather, or random
parameters including holidays

(best floating holiday
feature in Einstime Calendar from Laguna Beach, including several year and month and holiday systems
for different religions and countries, only their
holidays cant float backwards yet, like german Advent
saturdays, that float backwards from Christmas into
november and mean different shopping hours; this could
be changed easily),

also sensitive to hotkeys, shortcuts and command line parameters
of each rulesets, enabling a macro to change the rule
set without mousing which is hazardous.

Just like in other scheme or theme handles you can
just spontaneously alter one or two parts of the rule
set for current use, and then change to another set
with or without saving the changes in the current
ruleset before you exit. Or save under some other
name so as to save both versions you had before
changing. This is only interesting (you may have some
of it already), with the command line and shortcut
and hotkey settings plus the randomizing or subcategor-
isation of your additional time limiting module.
And windows or stardock themes should somehow be able
to incorporate window rule sets as well one day, in
the meantime, task managers or macro schedulers will
have to combine the theme with the window rule set.
More links available for how to make seasonal subcate-
gories in your manager, if you like.  :idea: Good grief,
better go to sleep now. Bye, TAXIFUNK  
Michael Tretyakov
Posts: 61
Joined: 03/16/2005
Posted: 05/23/2005 01:52:30
Hi again,

Actual Window tool No. 10 is Actual Window Dock, for
making windows dock or snap in to edges or corners of
the screen you specify, when autohiding, a window docked to the right vertical edge disappears to a virtual invisible right extension of the screen, but
can reappear automatically if you hover over a hot spot on that edge.

Thank you very much for your big work. It is very important for us and we will definetely use this information in our work.

Michael Tretyakov
Actual Tools
Handy Tools for Windows! Make your day-to-day Windows activities easier and more productive!
Tobiel Sayre
Posted: 05/23/2005 05:34:21
Hi, Michael, TAXIFUNK went to bed, but you and I just
got up, why not add something to TAXIFUNKS suggestion
on Actual Windows tool 13, Rule Set Changing Manager:

Changing entire rulesets automatically is a crucial and
CPU intense activity dangerous enough done manually at
the wrong moment, but can be tragically lethal if au-
tomated without security features available in any advanced changer for anything -

Option to prompt before changing rulesets with a
popup question how much longer to wait with changing
than initially planned on, or to change immediately,
or not to change after all, or to change a couple of
secs or mins later as planned. You can preset how
much longer in advance this warning prompt appears,
whether it should appear, what sound you assign to
this warning, if any, or make the warning snooze and
reshow later like in an alarm clock, and define how
long snoozing periods are, whether to snooze indefina-
tely or till you stop the snooze loop, or how many
snooze loops reiterate before you reach a final snooze
and question.

Then you have an option, only if set, to make you be
prompted and warned, also without a popup selection
but only sounds,if you like, but, if you dont respond to the warning, automatically change a specified time after the warning, because you didnt react.

Another special warning process is customizable only
for manual changes, which doesnt need that many sounds,
because obviously your in the room when changing manu-
ally. Thus, the loop doesnt wait that long if you dont
react and have set to change automatically if youre not

All warnings can be disabled or enabled not
just in the general configuration for all warnings, but
also in override settings of different rulesets them-
selves, because less crucial new rulesets, if youre also exiting a less crucial ruleset, need less warnings than when you exit or enter a crucial ruleset.

So, inside the ruleset, you can also assign less or more warnings when entering or exiting the same rule set, and in your general warning configuration, either allow or not allow override warning setting from the rulesets or,
which offers less options, but works simpler, just
classify how crucial each ruleset is, and then automa-
tically assign the warning class for exiting or entering any crucial or noncrucial window rule set,
depending only on what class your leaving, what class
your entering, and whether your in an automatic or
manual change.

Then, each ruleset intros n exits with a different sound you assign to it or none, preferably not just waves but playlists, which can be very short but contain 12 sounds and words combined in 20 seconds total playlist time.
So you HEAR WHAT RULESET you are LEAVING, ENTERING, or ABOUT TO LEAVE or ENTER from the other room, where working on moms MAC wearing headphones transmitting to YOUR IBM changing rulesets.

And another tick box enables CPU monitoring just like
when you change high resolution wallpapers making the
changer go down on CPU priority and either change
slower, in the background, enabling more complicated
other processes first to terminate before being inter-
rupted by the crucial changer, or even wait completely
till more RAM and CPU are free. See, TAXIFUNK, thats
what you forgot about when you went to sleep. Pleasant
dreams to all of you! :!:

Tobiel Sayre
Posted: 05/23/2005 19:57:41
Thanks, Tobe wasnt finished anyway, had to rest.

Greetings again to Michael "Interface" Tretyakov, man of the window year, who will not forget to add the
current alignment coordinates feature to the current
window size feature introduced in interface 3.6 to
the next interface and will think of the drag the win-
dow from anywhere, not just its titlebar option by
pressing both mouse keys when dragging, we hope.

System paramaters like Joseph suggested are to be added like in WINWALL 2.1 changer, a custom text of
your favorite fonts size and color includes window
settings, time, date, active and inactive Winsound assigners, Background assigners, i. ex. Winpaper XP
1.0, curr. Pic: Tretyakovssmilingcat.ani, next paper
in 567 secs., active skinner, Window Blinds, inactive
manager AUTOSIZER, active mans ACTWINMAN 4.0, TW 1.5,
skin active Halloween by XAV 73, next skin in 228 mins

All of this is for a big window, with its own transpa-
rency, can be activated or de, as a ballon tip when
mouseovering the tray icon, a status bar you can acti-
vate, or a text inside the window.

In small windows, just the time without secs. Period.

As for chameleon, icon hiding, invisible mode, thats
not enough.

Actual Tool 14 Add-On makes a complete theme out of a
rule set, knowing when to run chameleon invisible,
what sound to assign to ACTWINMAN ITSELF, warning and
Background settings, so a hotkey, shortcut, parameter,
tray icon can BOSS or MOM the display fast with utmost
priority while changing,unlike the normal secure change with optional warnings etc., if your mother or boss comes in, bikini backgrounds, games, halloween FXing - gone! Presto! 2 - 8 seconds, dep. on config.
complexity. Whaddya think, eh?

One feature even normal users want in their only one
ruleset: Presets changeable inside especially the
general window rule for default, ACTWIN recommendation
both not deletable, plus several customizable flavors
of your own preset for a rule as important as the ge-
neral window rule.

Advanced tool 14 then enables this for all window rules inside each ruleset, switchable presets for
each rule with larger or unlimited amounts of sets
only for that rule, no matter what ruleset your in,

Ill miss you all when almost offline again for the
next several weeks, love TAXIFUNK :(  
Posted: 05/24/2005 21:40:30
See in this link what was suggested in February 2005
in one of the forums of WPC pro 3.0, a wallpaper changer currently offered in 2 lite freeware, 1 trial
pro and one registered proversion by NuonSoft:

Weather depending paper alternation with flagging of
each paper (plus in our case ruleset and ruleset theme
settings) based on RSS weather feeds. The web admin
says he likes the idea and will try to put in an maybe
the second next future version after the current
WPC 3.0, which I tested free successfully, finding that
season, daytime, and some holiday settings work fine
for wallpapers (not window wallpapers yet, although
they work fine without in the season in WindowPaper XP
without the season, but Ill get these guys together or
find another solution myself pretty soon).

For another user in the same forum, nuon soft promises
to make a screensaver with your own wallpaper weather
and seasons settings and the papers you assigned to in
a saver! Savers like this already exist, but not yet
with your own papers, and they exist with your papers,
but not yet with your own season definition.

It shows, though, how this can be done, and that other
people want this too, thus also in similar cases like


;) Wishlist forum Wallpaper Changer Nuon Soft,
   topic: weather wallpaperNuon Soft user forum WPC 3.0 pro wishlist
Posted: 06/16/2005 09:11:50
Hello again (Pop Singer Howard Carpendale should really
pay you for always saying Hello again, a movie and song
that made him rich 20 years ago),

your ingenious and luckily also separately available cheap and effective tool ACTUAL WINDOW GUARD could be
made more valuable and expensive in a pro version ad-
ding a feature already existing in several programs,
all of which have disadvantages your tools do not have.

Heres a link for a free download of a browser not just
guarding its windows, but able TO REOPEN ANY MISTAKENLY
browser: (See next post for link)

Posted: 06/16/2005 09:22:26
Oops, forgot the word "closed". The following links
downloads a free browser able to reopen any of its
mistakenly closed subtabbed browser windows:

:D Download link for Slim Browser 4.04.005 free

This feature should instead work for ALL WINDOWS guar-
ded by ACTUAL WINDOW GUARD optionally, if active, and

Disadvantage of the other company, Symantec, who make
NORTON TOOLS in their expensive GO BACK program is,
it has to resident, paid for, activated and updated.
It does more, but de- and reinstalling it is another
separate, complicated, expensive hassle you dont al-
ways need if ACTUAL WINDOWS GUARD automatically logs
the closing history of a limited amount of recent win-
dows you define backwards till the last startup and
nows how to reactivate those windows that can be reac-
tivated at all. What do say?

Have a good WINDOW weekend!

Posted: 06/20/2005 15:10:48
what a lot of great suggestions! not sure if this was mentioned in any of the posts, but is there any possibility of removing buttons? in specific the X close button, I know of the windows guard feature, but would like to disable that button altogether ( and especially on dos prompt windows, but believe you had said that's not possible ) on browsers, notepads, any other document that I don't want accidental closing of.

another thing that I would use would be a sort of macro button that the user could customize and option on/off to be in the title bar. the button would apply a series of standard awm features at once. I'm constantly applying transparency, pushpin and rollup on reply emails, instant messages, notepads, and several other applications that I want accessible but inobstrusive.  if there was a way to program a custom button(s) ( button 1 , 2 , 3, etc ) and then have a small list of icons to pick from to differentiate from, I think that would add a nice layer of usability not found in any window manager application that I've come across so far.

looking forward to future versions of this indispensible program!

Michael Tretyakov
Posts: 61
Joined: 03/16/2005
Posted: 06/21/2005 03:44:29
Dear Taxifunk and Joseph,

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We will use them in our work.

Michael Tretyakov
Actual Tools
Handy Tools for Windows! Make your day-to-day Windows activities easier and more productive!

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