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Topic: «No extra buttons on small windows » on forum: Feature Requests   Views: 5766
Pim Joosten
Posts: 549
Joined: 11/11/2010
Posted: 08/27/2011 09:45:16
Currently title buttons are added to every window that is included in the default settings and there is no specific setting for it. Very often I (and I assume most of us) get dialog boxes that are small, because they only want you to answer usually one question. These boxes will often look like the attached picture. However, in such cases it is useless and sometimes even distracting to have AWM’s title buttons. What I want to suggest is to include a way to make a separate setting for small windows, that gives me the option not to show the buttons on small windows (or perhaps just 1 or 2).

One could for example add a second row of checkboxes on the tab Title buttons, where the 1st row applies to windows larger than a specified size and the 2nd row to windows smaller than that specified size. In order to use these 2 rows easily I would suggest that if one checks a box in the 1st row the 2nd row is automatically checked too for that item. Only if one wants to have a separate setting for small windows can one uncheck the button in the 2nd row.

Mike Brazil
Advanced user
Posts: 136
Joined: 07/19/2010
Posted: 08/27/2011 13:26:10
I agree with your suggestion. The buttons frequently cover the title text completely or enough so that it's impossible to tell what program the window belongs to.

Vasiliy Ivachev
Posts: 2073
Joined: 11/09/2010
Posted: 08/31/2011 00:41:53
Hello gentlemen,

Thanks for the post.

We'll consider this request.

Best regards.
Bertram Vogel
Advanced user
Posts: 64
Joined: 01/14/2012
Posted: 01/20/2012 11:25:04
I just wanted to say I would also appreciate this feature for reasons I described here:

Additional to the implementation Pim described (second row of checkboxes on the tab Title Buttons) the following is also an idea to implement this feature:
Add a "Maximal Window Size"-Criteria to the "Target Window"-Pane under "Specific settings".

So one could make a Specific Window Setting based on the following criteria:
- Window class
- Window caption
- Program
- Maximal Window Size (NEW)

If I only check "Maximal Window Size" this would be a sort of "Default settings" for windows of a certain size.
This approach would also give the possibility to make Specific settings for very small windows / middle windows / large windows and so on.
Also with this approach you can change not only the Title-Buttons, but ALL settings depending on the window size (maybe i want very small window of the application "A" to be always on top and aligned to the top left of my screen, but i don't want this behaviour for ALL windows of the application "A").

Best Regards.
David Fields
Registered user
Posts: 6
Joined: 05/15/2015
Posted: 05/15/2015 22:45:43
I would like to express my desire for additional ways to identify target windows.  I use several web apps via Chrome, and I have them saved as application shortcuts.  Several of these apps have windows that open up with a window class of Chrome_WidgetWin_1, which is similar to the #32770 windows class.  In my case, I am trying to make a rule for one of these apps to just press "enter" when a certain confirmation window opens.  Unfortunately, with Chrome, the caption of the main window and the confirmation window are the same, and there is no way to change them.  If I could match on the window size, that would allow me to detect these confirmation windows since they are always the same size.

So, please add my vote to implement this feature.



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