What's New in Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13 Beta 1

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.13 beta 1 (07.06.2018)
[!] Windows x64: The overall workload on a system has been reduced
    significantly, especially on multi-core CPUs.

[+] Windows Layout: Automatic keeping and restoration of current window layout
    per desktop configuration has been finally implemented.

    It works as follows: each 5 seconds Actual Multiple Monitors stores
    the placements of currently open windows. When the desktop configuration
    (or desktop geometry) changes (you plug/unplug a monitor, put a laptop
    into a docking station, change a monitor's position/resolution, etc.),
    it checks if there is stored information for the new desktop configuration,
    and if there is then it applies the kept placement info to all open windows,
    scattering them as they were. In other words, the window layout is restored
    when you return to some already known desktop configuration.

    See the options to control this new feature in the "Layout and Snap -
    Windows Layout" panel.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons did not react on right clicks in Foxit Reader.

[-] Save Idle Screens: Numerous fixes in the automatic mode:

    - idle screen saver did not start on a primary monitor in Windows 10 if
      Actual Multiple Monitors was installed with the support of system utilities
      and administrative tools

    - idle screen saver stopped if the Desktop itself was activated

    - idle screen saver did not restart after closing it because of moving
      the mouse

    - the feature ignored mouse movements on monitors with no active window