What's New in Actual Multiple Monitors 8.9 Beta 3

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.9 beta 3 (19.07.2016)
[*] Overall stability is improved.

[-] Actual Taskbar did not get behind fullscreen Google Chrome windows.

[-] Windows 10: Desktop Divider layouts did not switch on mouse wheel rolling.

[-] Windows 8.1: Buttons in Actual Taskbar disappeared after enabling the Start
    button on a taskbar (since 8.9 beta 1).

[-] Windows 8.1: Mirroring of Window Media Player stopped working if the player
    window was relocated.
Actual Multiple Monitors 8.9 beta 2 (08.07.2016)
[+] The ability is added to invoke advanced title button dialogs (usually
    invoked via right-click on a button) for a currently active window
    via hotkeys. The following hotkeys have been added:

    - Show the "Move to specific monitor" dialog      (Win-Ctrl-/)
    - Show the "Maximize to selected monitors" dialog (Win-Ctrl-Num*)
    - Show the "Put into Divider tile" dialog         (Win-Ctrl-Num5)

    You can change the default key combinations in the Hotkeys-Actions panel.

    This feature can be useful on monitors with high resolutions (up to 4K)
    where distance to a required button may be too long to drag the mouse there
    just to invoke the dialog via right click. Using the hotkeys above will make
    the dialogs appear exactly under the mouse pointer, ready for immediate use.

[*] Proper scaling in high DPI resolutions has been finally implemented for
    program dialogs (About, Register, Check For Updates, etc.).

[-] Some features stopped working in Skype windows after saving the
    Actual Multiple Monitors configuration.

[-] Windows 7+: Specific window settings with certain Window Caption criterion
    specified did not apply to Microsoft Management Console windows (Event
    Viewer, Task Scheduler, Disk Manager, etc.).

[-] Intuit QuickBooks windows hung for a while after right clicking the extra
    title buttons.

[-] Window did not restore properly its position and size if the Maximize to
    Desktop action was applied several times in a row.
Actual Multiple Monitors 8.9 beta 1 (17.06.2016)
[+] The CFL command line switch is expanded with the ability to specify
    an arbitrary folder where the configuration files should be stored:

    ActualMultipleMonitorsCenter.exe CFL "<full_path_to_the_folder>"

[*] Proper scaling in high DPI resolutions has been finally implemented for:

    - Actual Taskbar jump lists and thumbnail previews

    - extra title buttons

    - Log window

[*] Image processing for slideshows (both background and screen saver) has been
    optimized to use less memory and work faster even for huge images (like
    NASA space photos having up to 20K pixels resolution).

[-] Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons worked incorrectly in
    high DPI resolutions for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office windows.

[-] Windows 10: Start Screen parts were unwantedly touched by the group commands
    like "Gather all windows from" or "Swap all windows with" (if the program
    was installed with the support of administrative utilities).

[-] Windows 10: If the "Replace the system taskbar" option was on, the system
    taskbar Search box popped over Actual Taskbar after clicking the Start

[-] Windows 10: "Desktop Divider Up/Down/Left/Right" hotkeys worked improperly.

[-] Windows 7: Multi-monitor Alt-Tab Task Switcher showed only once in the
    Classic visual theme.