What's New in Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14 Beta 3

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14 beta 3 (31.03.2019)
[+] Multi-monitor Background, Slideshow Screen Saver: The "shrink to fit" mode
    is added to the "Wallpaper position" option. For images larger than their
    host monitor, it works the same as the "proportional stretch" mode, whereas
    the images smaller than the host monitor are shown as is in the center of
    the monitor.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center, Sound Volume and Network windows
    now move to a monitor where a corresponding icon has been clicked.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center icon now displays the status of
    the "Focus assist" setting.

    Note: May not work in older Windows 10 builds (before 17134).

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10 Insider: Taskbars look correct in the Light
    visual theme in the latest Insider builds (18343+).

[*] Configuration: Icons and context menus are correctly scaled now to a current
    DPI resolution.

[-] Multiple Monitors, Windows 10: On some hardware configurations, toggling
    secondary monitors via Actual Multiple Monitors notification area icon's
    context menu did not work.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons covered the standard ones in Firefox Quantum
    windows maximized on a secondary monitor that was shifted up or down
    relative to a primary one.

[-] Configuration: The "Copy settings from" command stopped working.

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14 beta 2 (16.02.2019)
[!] Microsoft Office 2013+: Application windows got frozen for a long time
    (up to several minutes) after locking the user session and then unlocking
    it back.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Now you can cancel dragging a button in taskbar or
    notification area by pressing Esc.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10 Insider: Now taskbars look correct in the Light
    visual theme.

[*] Configuration: Now configuration windows and dialogs correctly scale their
    content (except the icons) to a current DPI resolution, including on-the-fly
    scaling when dragging them between monitors with different DPI resolutions.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Window Actions: Sometimes moving a maximized window between
    monitors using the Move to Monitor action made the window's task button
    disappear from all taskbars forever (until you close the window and open it

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10 Insider: UWP apps' icons did not update correctly
    in task buttons and Jump Lists when switching between Light and Dark visual
    themes or changing the system accent color.

[-] Mirroring: Numerous fixes for active mirrors:

    - resizing the source window through its mirror worked unstable

    - in some cases, clicking the left mouse button in a mirror made the source
      window "think" the button is still pressed although it was actually

    - in some cases, wrong window got activated after moving the mouse out of
      a UWP app's mirror

Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14 beta 1 (30.12.2018)
[+] Mirroring: The long-awaited active mirroring is finally implemented. Active
    mirrors make the mirrored content available for mouse clicks, pen drawings,
    and touch gestures as if you would interact with the mirror's source itself.

    Note: Pen/touch support now reliably works in Windows 10 only.

[-] Mirroring, Windows 10: In some cases, hardware accelerated mirrors froze
    on a first frame and did not update anymore.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7: Horizontal taskbar painted incorrectly in the
    Classic visual theme.

[-] Title Buttons: Main window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010+ got hung after
    closing it via the "File - Exit" menu command or the Alt-F4 hotkey if the
    Aero visual theme was active and any of extra buttons was added to that
    window's title bar.