What's New in Actual Window Manager 8.12 Beta 1

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Window Manager 8.12 beta 1 (30.11.2017)
[+] Per-application Audio Device Switcher has been finally implemented (see
    the "Multiple Monitors - Audio Switcher" panel).

[+] Tabbed Explorer: Now container windows can be controlled via advanced
    hotkeys provided by Actual Window Manager (like those defined in the
    "Hotkeys - Numpad" panel and the "Hotkeys - Actions - Window" list).

[-] Sometimes an active application might hang forever because of rolling
    the mouse wheel actively.

[-] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: CPU consumption by Actual Taskbar increased
    unwantedly if monitors had different DPI resolutions.

[-] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: After restarting Actual Window Manager,
    Actual Taskbar lost its toolbar arrangement.

[-] Windows 10 Creators Update: Actual Taskbar did not display tooltips for
    notification area icons of some system apps (Windows Defender, Audio Volume
    Control, Disk Eject, etc.).

[-] Windows 10 Creators Update: In some cases Actual Taskbar became fully
    transparent when positioned vertically.

[-] Windows 10 Anniversary Update: After switching to Tablet mode and back,
    right click on the Action Center button in Actual Taskbar displayed
    the Network Neighbourhood context menu instead of the Action Center menu.

[-] Windows 10: Action Center notification count displayed unwantedly in popup
    tooltips for notification area icons in Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar got cut in the Classic visual theme when
    positioned vertically.

[-] Mirroring: Window mirrors in software mode did not retain the source window
    picture if the source window was minimized or rolled up.