What's New in Actual Window Manager 8.14 Beta 1

[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Window Manager 8.14 beta 1 (30.12.2018)
[+] Mirroring: The long-awaited active mirroring is finally implemented. Active
    mirrors make the mirrored content available for mouse clicks, pen drawings,
    and touch gestures as if you would interact with the mirror's source itself.

    Note: Pen/touch support now reliably works in Windows 10 only.

[-] Mirroring, Windows 10: In some cases, hardware accelerated mirrors froze
    on a first frame and did not update anymore.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7: Horizontal taskbar painted incorrectly in the
    Classic visual theme.

[-] Title Buttons: Main window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010+ got hung after
    closing it via the "File - Exit" menu command or the Alt-F4 hotkey if the
    Aero visual theme was active and any of extra buttons was added to that
    window's title bar.