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Actual Tools
Actual Tools

Hello, John Smith.

I'm glad to inform you that we have released the new version 8.8 of our main line of products.


Important Note! Before updating, please read carefully the Upgrade Policy Reminder.


Issue contents:


Upgrade Policy Reminder

I'd like to remind you that since the version 8.0 release on August 16, 2013 we have changed our Upgrade Policy (in short, from version-based to subscription-based; visit the link for details).

Here are some key points highlighted to prevent possible questions or misunderstanding:

  • The new Upgrade Policy does not force you to pay each year. When the subscription expires, the program remains registered and fully functional, so that if you don't need the latest updates then you can continue using the program as it is. And only when you see in the changelog something that worths paying then you can prolong your subscription; in other words, you can choose the moment of upgrade on your own.

  • Purchasing an upgrade does not come at full price. For Actual Window Manager, it costs about 30 USD for now (and we don't plan to change this price in the future). Other products come at 10-15 USD, as they have the lower initial license prices.

    Important Note! To get a discounted upgrade price, you must use our Upgrade Center by following the steps described below.

  • We do not force our customers to upgrade necessarily. If you don't like/need the features of new versions then you can simply stay with the version you currently have.

To view your upgrade options and actual upgrade cost, please visit our Upgrade Center by clicking the Upgrade button. Also, below are the details on the entire upgrade process.

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New Features

  1. Configuration

    In the new version we have seriously worked on Configuration windows of our products. And these are the main changes:

    1. Incremental Search box has been added into each Configuration window. Now you can quickly discover a panel that contains the required option just by typing several letters of what you want to find.

      Search engine considers the following text information:
      • captions of user interface panels and all their sub-controls (control hints are ignored at the moment for the sake of search speed)

      • captions of built-in and user-added objects of the following types:

        • specific window settings
        • window exclusions
        • desktop profiles
        • desktop mirrors
        • Desktop Divider layouts
        • hotkeys
        • mouse actions
        • title buttons
        • window menu commands

    2. Back/Forward buttons have been added into each Configuration window to provide the navigation through the user interface panels like in web browsers.

    3. Global Options subitems have been removed from the Window Settings navigation tree and transformed into tabs of the Global Options detail panel.

    4. Global options of window settings (like title buttons skin, window menu items order, pre-defined window sizes, etc.) have been moved from the Options category to the Window Settings category in the main Configuration window.

New Features Comparison Chart

Below is the comparison chart of new features implemented in each software. This chart shows only the most noticeable features; to view the full list of changes made in each product, click the product's icon.

Feature Available in
Incremental Search box + + + + +
Back/Forward buttons + + + + + + + + + +
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How to Upgrade

  1. Proceed with updating to a new version, either manually or automatically with the help of the Check for Updates window.
    How to Upgrade - Click the Update Now button in the Check for Updates window.

  2. Restart the program or wait until it restarts automatically.

  3. Close the popped up Evaluation Version dialog.

  4. Follow the instructions in our Upgrade Center web page that will open automatically in your default web browser. (Note: If the Upgrade Center page did not open then skip to the next step.)

  5. Open the Configuration window.
    How to Upgrade - Open the Configuration window.

  6. Go to the Tools - License panel and click the Upgrade button, then follow the instructions of our Upgrade Center. (Note: If there is no Upgrade button or it is greyed out then please refer to the upgrade table.)
    How to Upgrade - Go to the Tools-License and click the Upgrade button.

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Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev
Actual Tools

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