Actual Tools 4.0 are finally out!

Dear John Smith,

Actual Tools Company has released a new, major version 4.0 of the company's line of products for desktop organization and window navigation control. Version 4.0 has been developed over a year in a constant collaboration with over 2000 users of our products and members of usability groups. Over 450 suggestions from them were carefully considered and reflected in a more intuitive user interface, a redesigned system of windows controls, new options for priority change, an upgraded system of minimization to the system tray and on the screen, new Ghost mode, and enhanced Rollup mode. The customization of options has become much simpler and flexible, and the choice of options wider. Now, for example, the transparency effect and priority is set automatically depending on the different states of windows. In addition to subtle customization abilities, our programs have a list of presets for most popular applications which allows you to use each our program in the install-and-go style.

That is why we invite everyone to try our significantly improved products. It is very simple and free of any charges! Just visit and download any product you will choose for trying.

We really appreciate that you use our software and help us to make it better. Thank You!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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