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Hello, John Smith!

This issue of the Actual Tools Newsletter is the official announcement of the upcoming version 6.0 of the Actual Tools main product line (all programs except for Actual Multiple Monitors and Actual Virtual Desktops).

Yes, we have been planning to assign the number 5.5 to the next version of our products and make it the minor update but after evaluating the time of development passed since the last release, the amount of work done and comparing the set of new and improved features in the current version with the version 5.0, we have decided that the upcoming final version deserves to be called a major update!

We realize that considering our upgrade policy (we require additional fees for major upgrades) this decision might appear unpopular but let me sugar the pill - the following groups of our customers will receive the free license for the new version:

  • our valued beta testers (to specify - those we consider our constant beta testers and everyone who sent us a bug report or posted a message in the Beta Testing forum section since the moment 5.5 beta 1 was released till this announcement)

  • the owners of the version 5.4 (to specify - those who purchased any our product from the main product line since July 9, 2009)

Special note for the regular beta testers: as you may already have figured out, current 6.0 beta 1 is the proximate successor of all previous 5.5 betas so that you can continue testing it as if it would be 5.5 beta 5.

Hope you will understand us right. Thank you for your interest to Actual Tools!

Yours sincerely,

Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools

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