[ANN] Actual Window Manager 4.5 beta 2 is available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta-Testing section is updated: we have released Actual Window Manager 4.5 beta 2. Here is a short list of changes and improvements:

  • Re-designed Index panel
    Now the Index panel displays all currently enabled settings of a certain window rule providing so the short summary of overall rule's state; thus, there's no need to look through all property sheets just to get an impression of current settings. However, this design isn't final and is open for further improvements so we call everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and suggestions regarding the Index panel appearance and usability.

  • Run Keyboard Macro feature
    This long-awaited and many-times-requested feature is quite powerful and useful: it allows to define the sequence of keystrokes (including key combinations of system keys) and send this sequence to a certain window at its startup so automating the regular initial actions (e.g. login/password input, positioning in window's contents, opening/closing of sub-windows etc.).

  • Copy/Paste title buttons
    These new buttons provide a quick and easy alternative way to operate with Clipboard: simply select the desired data, click the Copy title button of window containing that data, then select the window to paste the copied data and click this window's Paste title button. These buttons appear to be extremely useful for Tablet PC users so we strongly recommend them to try these new buttons out.

  • On-the-fly transparency setting
    Now if you right-click the Make Transparent title button the slider control will appear instead of the context menu with pre-defined values. While you drag this slider the transparency level is begin changed immediately so you can quickly and easily select the desired window appearance.

  • Some minor improvements
    - the hotkey (Win+F5 by default) for the 'Re-apply settings' action is added
    - now permanent tray/screen icons behave like buttons in Taskbar, i.e. when you click such icon: 1) the active window will be minimized 2) the inactive window will be activated 3) the minimized window will be restored
    - 'Options' window: the Hide Configuration Module while using Window Finder option has moved from the General property sheet to the User Interface property sheet
    - 'Options' window: new 'Triggers' and 'Actions' grouping nodes are added
    - title buttons' appearance in Windows Vista is improved

  • Some minor bugfixes
    - the conflict with Quattro Pro X3 menus is solved
    - title buttons now work properly in PowerPoint 2007
    - title buttons' behavior in Outlook 2007 is improved
    - the conflict with the Internet Explorer 7 'Search on this page' window is solved
    - the bug of incorrect behavior of 'Restrict placement' feature in multi-monitor configurations is fixed

Note I'd like to remind that due to our beta-testing policy our beta versions have an expiration date after which they can't be used. Also, due to their nature, beta versions can't be registered, even with a valid registration data: they are not final products but betas! So when the beta version expires you should either roll back to the last stable release, update your beta to a new one (if available), or upgrade to a new stable release (if available).
The beta 2 of Actual Window Manager 4.5 will expire July 1, 2007

So we invite you to visit our Beta-Testing section and check all the changes, fixes and improvements of new beta yourself. Please post your bug reports and new feature suggestions to our Beta-Testing forum, all your posts will be necessarily answered and considered. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Michael Tretyakov,
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