[ANN] Actual Window Manager 4.5 beta 1 is available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta-Testing section is updated: we have released Actual Window Manager 4.5 beta 1. Here is a short list of changes and improvements:

  • Windows monitoring log
    This new feature is going to become an extremely useful problem solution tool! Now the Control Center is able to monitor every new window appearance and log this window's properties into the special file; also it logs which window rule has been selected and applied to that window. To turn the logging on, mark the 'Enable logging' check box in the General property sheet of the Options window; then you can view the log by clicking the 'Show log console' item in the Control Center tray icon's context menu.

  • Change Program Affinity feature
    This new feature may be useful for those who works on multi-processor systems (including those with HyperThreading-able and multi-core CPUs): it allows automatically set the affinity for particular applications (i.e. define on which physical CPUs they should run) and therefore finely balance the load of each CPU and use the overall computing resources more effectively.

  • Hide Mouse Pointer feature
    This new feature is useful most for the Tablet PC users: it allows to hide the mouse pointer while it floats over a particular window - e.g. Tablet PC Input Panel - so the mouse pointer won't block the way.

  • Some minor improvements
    - the hotkeys processing is significantly improved
    - current window size and position now are displayed in 'Custom Size' and 'Custom Position' dialogs accordingly; current position is also displayed in the 'Alignment' window menu's sub-menu
    - when minimizing to screen, now it's possible to make screen icons semi-transparent
    - now it's possible to temporarily disable the automatic rolling up via Roll Up title button's context menu or Roll Up window menu's sub-menu

  • Some minor bugfixes
    - conflict with the Microsoft Time Zone window is solved
    - transparency effect conflict with Emerge Desktop is solved
    - transparency effect conflict with the Start button in Windows Vista is solved
    - sometimes windows became frozen in the rolled state and needed to be resized manually instead of unrolling (now the Unroll function works always as expected)

Note I'd like to remind that due to our beta-testing policy our beta versions have an expiration date after which they can't be used. Also, due to their nature, beta versions can't be registered, even with a valid registration data: they are not final products but betas! So when the beta version expires you should either roll back to the last stable release, update your beta to a new one (if available), or upgrade to a new stable release (if available).
The beta 1 of Actual Window Manager 4.5 will expire June 15, 2007

So we invite you to visit our Beta-Testing section and check all the changes, fixes and improvements of new beta yourself. Please post your bug reports and new feature suggestions to our Beta-Testing forum, all your posts will be necessarily answered and considered. Many thanks in advance for your help!


Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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