[ANN] New version 4.4 of Actual Tools - plenty of new handy features!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that we has released the minor update of our line of products to version 4.4. This release introduces the enhanced usability of Configuration Module, the improved compatibility with such popular applications as Microsoft Office 2007,Microsoft Project 2002/2003, Acrobat Reader 7, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, VMware 5.5, WindowBlinds and some new handy features. Here is a short list of interesting and noticeable improvementes (the full list is available here):

  • Smart configuration saving
    The long-awaited and many-times-requested feature is finally available! Now when you save the configuration only those windows which are affected by the changes made in the configuration will re-apply their settings. No more unwanted popups of windows hidden to the system tray!

  • Removing the standard window controls
    One else long-awaited feature allows you to remove the standard window parts like Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons, window icon, window sizeable border, or window caption so fixing window in its current state and preventing its moving/resizing/minimizing/closing. Now you can finely tweak the behavior and appearance of your windows!

    Note: The detailed description of this feature is available here.

  • Managing of windows minimized to the tray via the Actual Tools tray icon
    Another long-awaited feature allows you to see the list of windows currently minimized to the tray/on the screen and restore them either one-by-one or all at once in a single mouse click via the new 'Unhide'/'Unhide all' context menu items of Actual Tools tray icon. Now you have a unified access to such windows and will never lose them!

  • New cool-looking visual effects
    Now those users, who like to get fun of their work and exploit the modern capabilities of their PCs to the possible maximum, can enable the smooth transparency switching and the smooth rolling up/unrolling for their windows. These new features make the effects even more nicer and visually impactive - stylistically, transparency and rolling up become part of the OS interface and animation, producing some nice impression!

  • Windows Layout keeping
    One else feature that is available via Actual Tools tray icon: it provides the ability to automatically or manually relocate/resize your currently opened windows to keep them within desktop when its resolution is changed. It's very useful when working with the same workstation both locally and through the Remote Desktop service or Terminal Services - such situation results in frequent changes of desktop resolution and usually requires much of manual work on relocating/resizing the currently open windows. Windows Layout tool resolves all such issues: it can detect changes of desktop resolution and automatically relocates/resizes all currently opened windows so keeping their relative layout and placement on the desktop.

    Note: The detailed description of this feature is available here.

  • Pin to Desktop window action
    This new feature allows you to keep a particular window always open on the desktop, denying any attempts of its minimization. The pinned window 'sticks' to the desktop surface behind all other windows and can't be minimized in any standard way, including Windows® system commands 'Minimize all' (Win+M hotkey) and 'Show desktop' (Win+D hotkey). This can be good for background windows that are constantly monitoring some long processes and need to be always visible, though behind others.

    Note: The detailed description of this feature is available here.

  • Support of popular non-standard XP themes
    Now extra title buttons provided by Actual Tools are displayed correctly when using Vista Transformation Pack, XP Media Center Edition theme or StyleXP themes.

The registered users of previous 4.x versions of Actual Tools can upgrade to this version for free using their original 4.x registration key. The registered users of 3.x version are entitled to significant discount when upgrading to 4.4 version; to get this discount they should visit our Upgrade Center (http://www.ActualTools.com/upgradecenter/) and enter there their original 3.x registration key. All the others are welcome to try our software for free for 60 days and see themselves all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now: http://www.ActualTools.com/products/!

Alex Fadeyev,
Actual Tools
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