[ANN] Actual Window Manager 4.4 beta 3 is available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta-Testing section is updated: we have released Actual Window Manager 4.4 beta 3. Here is a short list of changes and improvementes:

  • New design of Window Rules' property sheets
    Hope now the Configuration utility has become even more comprehesible and easy-to-use.

  • Pin-to-Desktop feature
    If you want to have some window always open and never minimized then use the new Pin-to-Desktop feature - in this mode window 'sticks' to desktop and stays below all other windows; also it removes its taskbar entry, hides from the Alt-Tab sequence and can't be minimized in any standard way (even with Win-D/Win-M key combinations!) but can be minimized alternatively to the system tray or on the screen via corresponding title button or window menu command.

    This feature can be useful for windows which are monitoring some processes, or for rarely used windows which nevertheless should stay on desktop.

  • Some minor bugfixes
    - now a new rule is added correctly if the list of rules is empty
    - in multi-monitor configuration window now can be correctly resized using the '% of current monitor' units if placed on a secondary display

Note I'd like to remember that due to our beta-testing policy our beta versions have an expiration date after which they can't be used. Also, due to their nature, beta versions can't be registered, even with a valid registration data: they are not final products but betas! So when the beta version expires you should either roll back to the last stable release, update your beta to a new one (if available), or upgrade to a new stable release (if available).

The beta 3 of Actual Window Manager 4.4 will expire April 15, 2007

So we invite you to visit our Beta-Testing section and check all the changes, fixes and improvements of new beta yourself. Please post your bug reports and new feature suggestions to our Beta-Testing forum, all your posts will be necessarily answered and considered. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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