Actual Window Manager 4.4 beta 1 is available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that our Beta-Testing section was updated yesterday: we have released Actual Window Manager 4.4 beta 1. In contains the long-and-zealously-awaited 'Smart-Saving' feature which updates only relevant windows after the configuration has been saved, i.e. only those windows whose settings were actually modified in configuration; all other windows remain untouched. No more undesired popups from the tray! Also here is a short list of other interesting and noticeable improvementes:

  • List of minimized/hidden windows
    Another long-awaited feature which allows to restore windows minimized to the system tray (or on the screen) via Actual Window Manager's tray icon: right-click it and select the new 'Unhide' sub-menu to see the full list of currently minimized windows, then select the desired window in this list and click it to restore that window; also you can click the 'Unhide all' item to restore all the minimized windows in one click. This feature also allows you to totally hide some of your windows using the minimization to the tray in the 'no icon' mode for them. Doing so the desired window will simply disappear from your desktop without any visual sign of its presence but you still have the access to it through the 'Unhide' sub-menu mentioned above.
  • Window Scaler
    This feature lets you to keep your relative windows layout either in automatic or manual mode after the change of your desktop size (e.g. adjusting the resolution of your monitor/monitors or connecting to your desktop remotely with a lower resolution): Window Scaler will reposition your currently opened windows so they will entirely fit the new desktop size and keep their relative placement. Also it's able to keep their relative size by stretching (or shrinking) sizeable windows. You can control Window Scaler via Actual Window Manager's tray icon: right-click it and select the 'Scale Windows' sub-menu. There you can click the 'Scale windows now' item to manually reposition windows, or check the 'Scale when desktop size is changed' item to let Window Scaler monitor your desktop size and automatically scale your windows when appropriate. Also you can check the related 'Resize windows when scaling' item to let Window Scaler keep windows relative size for sizeable windows.
  • Some important bugfixes
    - now Actual Tools works correctly with MS Project 2002/2003: no more undesired 'Are you sure...' popups
    - the transparency effect is now compatible with Stardock WindowBlinds
    - title buttons' appearance in non-standard XP themes is improved

So we invite everyone to visit our Beta-Testing section. If you want to receive the notifications about the new beta releases and beta-tester contests then we recommend you to complete the small registration form and become a registered beta-tester. As a registered beta-tester you will also be able to post to our Beta-Testing forum. Post there your bug reports and new feature suggestions, all your posts will be necessarily answered and considered. Many thanks in advance for your help!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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