[ANN] New version 4.3 of Actual Tools - now Vista-ready!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that we has released the minor update of our line of products to version 4.3. This release introduces the full support of upcoming Windows Vista operating system and the improved compatibility with such popular applications as Lotus Notes client, Microsoft Office 2007, Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yahoo! Widgets. Also here is a short list of other interesting and noticeable improvementes:

  • Automatic multi-user settings support
    Now each user registered on the machine has its own copy of settings and can change them independently of other users. Since this release the settings are stored in the user profile (in the folder like 'C:\Documents and Settings\John Smith\Application Data\Actual Tools\Actual Window Manager').
  • 'Manage Window Settings' title button
    The quick and handy alternative for the 'Manage Window Settings' option in the system window menu. Now you can easily access the Configuration from any window in just two clicks.
  • Automatic repositioning of splitted windows
    The 'splitted window' issue may occur while using several monitors at a time: some applications do not recognize and adjust themselves to the current number of monitors and always place their own windows right in the middle of the desktop which in its turn leads to a situation when one part of the window is displayed by one monitor and other parts are displayed by others. Now there is an ability to automatically relocate such windows to a certain monitor or to a certain place of desktop. The second way was designed specially for Windows Terminal Server: when one works with the multi-monitor client in the Terminal Server environment, Windows does not know that the client has several monitors and treats all monitors as a single large one; therefore there you have no opportunity to choose a certain monitor.

The registered users of previous 4.x versions of Actual Tools can upgrade to this version for free using their original 4.x registration key. The registered users of 3.x version are entitled to significant discount when upgrading to 4.3 version; to get this discount they should visit our Upgrade Center (http://www.ActualTools.com/upgradecenter/) and enter there their original 3.x registration key. All the others are welcome to try our software for free for 60 days and see themselves all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now: http://www.ActualTools.com/products/!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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