The New 4.2 Version of Actual Tools is Released

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to inform you that we has released the minor update of our line of products to version 4.2. This release has the long-awaited feature which lets 'Window caption' criterion to correctly detect windows which quickly change their captions at startup, like text editors (Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word), Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and other document-oriented applications. Also here is a short list of other interesting and noticeable improvementes:

  • Window placement restrictions
    Now you can strictly but flexibly control the placement of your windows defining the allowed and unallowed areas on your desktop. For example, if you want to make the rightmost part of your desktop always visible you can enable the placement restrictions for the All Windows rule and define that any window's right border can't go further than, for example, 200 pixels from the right desktop border.
  • Grouping title button
    Another long-awaited feature which allows you to disable the rarely used extra buttons but keep their functions available. Now you can add the special 'button of unused buttons' which provides all the functions of currently unused extra title buttons via the context menu.
  • Minimization by the Close button click
    Many-times-requested feature which redefines the behavior of the standard Close caption button and minimizes a window instead of closing it. Using it in combination with the Minimize to option lets you to minimize any window to the system tray/on the screen by the Close button click.
  • Suspending the ghost mode with the hotkey
    Now you can temporarily restore the previously ghosted window's mouse interactive ability by pressing the special hotkey and holding it down; as soon as you release this hotkey a window will be ghosted back.
  • Windows XP Media Center support
    The default visual theme of Windows XP Media Center Edition is now supported correctly for extra title buttons (the proper title button skin was contributed by Riza Berbatovci).
  • New user interface languages
    Now our software can show its user interface in German, French, Spanish and Ukrainian.

The registered users of previous 4.x versions of Actual Tools can upgrade to this version for free using their original 4.x registration key. The registered users of 3.x version are entitled to significant discount when upgrading to 4.2 version; to get this discount they should visit our Upgrade Center ( and enter there their original 3.x registration key. All the others are welcome to try our software for free for 60 days and see themselves all the advantages our products bring to a day-to-day computer use. Visit our site now:!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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