Actual Tools 4.0 are available!

Dear John Smith,

I'm glad to remind you that we had renewed our line of products to a major version 4.0. As our subscriber you might be interested that version 4.0 has a tremendous number of fixes, improvements and novations which had been resulted from our day-to-day communication with our customers in the course of last year. There is a short list of most interesting and noticeable changes:

  • The Configuration Module's user interface is redesigned from scratch
    Now it looks far more clean, modern and attractive!
  • The full support of skins for extra title buttons is implemented
    Now you are able to easily change the appearance of extra buttons conforming to your preferred XP theme. The skins for the three XP standards themes (Windows Classic, XP Blue/Green and XP Silver) are shipped by default.
  • There are new title buttons added: Ghost and Change Priority
    The first one makes window untouchable by the mouse pointer so all the clicks go through; and the second one allows to change the program priority on-the-fly.
  • The order of extra title buttons can be changed
    Now you can define your own order of extra title buttons which you consider more convenient and usable.
  • The extended control is added for window's transparency and priority
    Now you are able to control the transparency level of your windows in very many ways, both manually or automatically. You can assign the particular levels for the different window states: at startup, when inactive, while being moved/resized/mouse-hovered etc.
    The same thing is available for the priority level: you can assign the particular level at window's startup, when it becomes inactive or minimized.
  • Minimize-to-Tray and Minimize-to-Edge actions are combined into the single AltMin action
    Now you can minimize your windows either to the tray or on the screen using the same AltMin (Alternatively Minimize) title button and its extended context menu. Also with the help of this context menu you can change the tray/screen icon properties (such as 'permanent', 'on top' etc.) on-the-fly.
  • The Default Window Rule is considered as a template for a new Window Rule
    This feature allows you to configure your preferred options once for the Default Window Rule (now it's named 'All Windows Rule') and after that every newly created Window Rule will have the same options. Also there appears the ability to reset any existent Window Rule to Default Window Rule's settings using the new 'Reset to Defaults' command.
  • Some states can be combined
    Now you can make window stay-on-top automatically when it becomes transparent or rolled up.

So if you still not tried our new version I would recommend you to try our significantly improved products and see all the changes yourself. You can get the new version of any product you want by visiting

We really appreciate that you use our software and help us to make it better. Thank You!

Michael Tretyakov,
Actual Tools
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