Actual Window Manager Full Changelog

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[!] Important
[+] New
[-] Fixed error
[*] Changes

Actual Window Manager 8.14.3 (27.12.2019)
[!] In some rare cases, running applications might crash randomly.

[!] Actual Window Manager work might get disrupted at random moments if
    it was installed into an unsecured folder (i.e. other than "Program Files").

[!] Some applications (Adobe products, TechSmith products, Parametric
    Technologies products, and some others) got hung if two or more Actual Tools
    programs were running at once (exiting all but one Actual Tools programs
    made hung applications responsive back).

[+] Virtual Desktops: The ability is added to resize a Virtual Desktop Switcher
    window on-the-fly as any regular sizeable window. Set location/size are
    remembered (per each monitor either in Independent mode or for cloned
    switchers in Classic mode).

[-] Virtual Desktops: The following bugs are fixed:

    - suspending/resuming the Actual Window Manager Control Center
      might cause random memory errors in the Control Center process

    - an active window on a desktop did not always get foreground when
      switching to that desktop

    - activating a desktop by clicking empty space of its cell in the switcher
      forced the desktop to lose its active window (if any)

    - an active window lost its activation after being moved to "all desktops"
      (either manually or automatically)

    - changing a mode (Classic/Independent) messed Z-order of currently open

    - Excel 2013+ "Find and Replace" dialog disappeared after switching to
      another desktop and back

    - launching Mozilla Firefox on a certain desktop, then switching to another
      desktop and launching another Firefox instance activated the first desktop

    - first virtual desktop got activated always when invoking a notification
      area icon's context menu for the following applications: Intel Graphics
      Control Panel, Skype for Desktop, Slack for Desktop, MS Teams, KiTTY,
      Insync, Everything

    - after switching from Classic to Independent mode, on some multi-monitor
      configurations two switchers might appear on the same monitor

    - after changing a mode, switcher's placement stored and restored incorrect

    - tooltips with desktop names sometimes appeared in the top-left corner
      instead of the center

    - after dragging a minimized window's icon between switchers on different
      monitors the source switcher retained the icon until window's restoration

[-] Tabbed Explorer, Windows 10: The Search box stopped working in the tabbed
    File Explorer windows since the November update 1909 (build 18363).

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10: Extra buttons looked shorter than regular ones
    in maximized windows of Chromium-based applications (Google Chrome, Slack
    for Desktop, Vivaldi, Opera, Yandex.Browser, Spotify, etc.).

[-] Title Buttons, Slack for Desktop: The following bugs are fixed:

    - extra buttons covered the regular ones if zero horizontal button shift
      was specified

    - extra buttons were almost invisible as their glyphs were of the same color
      as the title bar

    - window couldn't be maximized correctly if there were any extra buttons

[-] Title Buttons: In some rare cases, extra buttons might disappear until
    a window got dragged/sized.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons might either get behind their host window's
    title bar or get visible through other windows in the following cases:

    - after minimizing and then restoring windows via Aero Shake

    - after starting a capture in Windows Snipping Tool

    - in Excel 2013+, after opening the "Find and Replace" dialog and then
      activating a main Excel window

[-] Window Actions: The "Block premature appearance of window" option did not
    work as declared in Chromium-based applications.

[-] Window Actions: Applying the "Send to bottom" action at startup might make
    the Alt key appear to be pressed (actual pressing/releasing the physical
    Alt key removed that effect).

[-] Window Actions: Custom title buttons/hotkeys for the "Run keyboard macro"
    action stopped working in the Default window settings.

[-] Desktop Profiles, Configuration: The Identify button in the "Multiple
    Monitors - Desktop Profiles" panel displayed a monitor number in wrong place
    if monitor coordinates stored in a profile differed from actual ones.

[-] Text on buttons in the Evaluation dialog was garbled in some Asian languages
    (Chinese, Japanese).

Actual Window Manager 8.14.2 (29.10.2019)
[!] Numerous fixes of runtime internals to improve speed, robustness, and

[+] Ability to update an existing license key is added: see the "Enter new
    license key" item either in the "Tools - License" Configuration window panel
    or in the Actual Window Manager notification area icon's context menu.

[+] Window Actions: The ability is added to keep a window always behind others -
    see the "Stay at bottom" item either in the "Send to bottom" title button's
    context menu or in the "Options - Send to bottom" submenu of window's system

[+] Window Actions: The ability is added to insert the "Minimize to tray/screen"
    actions into combo sequences.

[*] Title Buttons: Automatic placement of extra buttons is restored in
    Google Chrome 75+.

[*] Per-application Audio Device Switcher: Sound switching is restored in
    Google Chrome 76+.

[*] Window Layout: Speed and reliability of the "Bind layout to desktop
    geometry" facility is greatly improved.

[*] Window Actions: The "Relocate split windows" feature now works right in
    a multi-monitor environment.

[*] File Folders, Configuration: Now adding a new entry into
    the Favorite Folders list via title button immediately updates this list
    in the Configuration window.

[*] Clipboard History: Now right-clicking an item in the History window selects
    it before popping up a context menu.

[-] Virtual Desktops: The following bugs are fixed:

    - the "Auto-switch desktops" feature stopped working

    - in Windows 8/8.1, hidden windows on inactive desktops did not appear
      back after their desktop's activation

    - if a window got hidden on an active desktop and then another desktop
      was activated, switching back to the first desktop forced the extra
      buttons of the hidden window appear (they looked orphaned as their master
      window remained invisible)

[-] Actual Taskbar: Action Center button in secondary taskbars did not work
    if the main system taskbar was hidden.

[-] Window Actions: The "Run keyboard macro" action did not work in combo

[-] Window Actions: A rolled up window got unrolled upon its dragging if
    the "Fix minimal size" action was enabled in applied window settings.

[-] Title Buttons: The following actions worked wrong after selecting them
    in the grouping button's context menu and then left-clicking the grouping

    - Cut/Copy/Paste
    - Manage Window Settings
    - Mirror
    - Move to Virtual Desktop
    - Put into Divider tile
    - Switch Audio Device

[-] Windows Monitoring Log: The following bugs are fixed:

    - dragging an excluded window filled the log quickly with duplicate
      "New window" events

    - a "Caption changed" event was always followed by the duplicate
      "New window" event

    - the Log window itself did not appear in the log

[-] File Folders, Configuration: After adding a path into the Favorite Folders
    list via title button and then modifying it in the Configuration window,
    it was impossible to add that path via title button again.

[-] Configuration: The Index panel of window settings:

    - did not display specified parameters of the "Fix minimal/maximal size to"
      items in the Size section

    - showed internal non-localized identifiers in the Startup section after
      making any changes at the Startup page

Actual Window Manager 8.14.1 (09.07.2019)
[!] Internal logic of global hook handlers is revised to improve the
    compatibility with the systems running on multi-core CPUs.

[!] Title Buttons, Windows 10 build 18362+: Notepad got frozen when opened empty
    (i.e. with no document specified).

[+] Window Actions: Quick copying of window-related information (like caption,
    class, program's executable file name) to clipboard is added. To copy the
    required portion of information, either right-click the Copy title button
    or use the "Options - Copy" submenu in the window's system menu.

[+] Clipboard History: Saving the history to a file is added to keep it between
    sessions. For now, only text/formatted text entries are saved, to speed up
    the process and to not block the system for a long time. The history file
    gets encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information.

[*] Clipboard History: Some improvements are introduced:

    - now it's possible to paste a formatted text entry as plain text either
      by pressing Ctrl-Enter or by using the "Paste text only" command in the
      context menu (this command has replaced the "Clear text formatting"
      command). Pasting as plain text does not modify the contents of the
      original entry

    - the selected entry is preserved after pasting it or after adding new

    - the pasted entry becomes first in the history list if the "Auto-hide
      history window" option is enabled

    - if a just copied piece of information is already in the history then it
      becomes first in the list

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center did not open by clicking its
    button in the Actual Taskbar if the "Replace the system taskbar" option was

[-] Virtual Desktops, Windows 10: Icons of some UWP apps did not display in the
    Virtual Desktop Switcher until their windows' first activation.

[-] Windows 10: Default icon was used for UWP apps right after their launch
    instead of their native icon.

[-] Window Actions: A maximized window got restored to its normal size after
    minimizing it to the notification area or to the screen and then restoring
    it either via its own notification area icon (Windows Live Mail, Microsoft
    Outlook) or via "Unhide" context menu.

Actual Window Manager 8.14 (15.05.2019)
[!] Microsoft Office 2013+: Application windows got frozen for a long time
    (up to several minutes) after locking the user session and then unlocking
    it back.

[+] Mirroring: The long-awaited active mirroring is finally implemented. Active
    mirrors make the mirrored content available for mouse clicks, pen drawings,
    and touch gestures as if you would interact with the mirror's source itself.

    Note: Pen/touch support now reliably works in Windows 10 only.

[+] Multi-monitor Background, Slideshow Screen Saver: The "shrink to fit" mode
    is added to the "Wallpaper position" option. For images larger than their
    host monitor, it works the same as the "proportional stretch" mode, whereas
    the images smaller than the host monitor are shown as is in the center of
    the monitor.

[+] Window Actions: The ability is added to turn off automatic semi-transparency
    on deactivation or mouse hovering for a certain window (see the "Options -
    Transparency" submenu in window's context menu).

[+] Virtual Desktops: The ability is added to keep the Virtual Desktop
    Switcher's position while toggling it on/off via hotkey: turn off the newly
    added "Show the switcher near mouse pointer" option in the "Virtual
    Desktops" panel to make the switcher stop following the mouse and stay
    where you left it last time.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Compatibility is improved with newer builds

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Jump List support for UWP apps is finally

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Now taskbars look correct in the Light visual

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center, Sound Volume and Network windows
    now move to a monitor where a corresponding icon has been clicked.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center icon now displays the status of
    the "Focus assist" setting.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Now you can cancel dragging a button in taskbar or
    notification area by pressing Esc.

[*] Tabbed Explorer: Container windows now should correctly scale their content
    when dragging them between monitors with different DPI resolutions.

    Note: May not work in older Windows 10 builds (before 15063).

[*] Configuration: Now configuration windows and dialogs correctly scale their
    content to a current DPI resolution, including on-the-fly scaling when
    dragging them between monitors with different DPI resolutions.

[-] Mirroring, Windows 10: In some cases, hardware accelerated mirrors froze
    on a first frame and did not update.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Microsoft Excel 2016/2019 lost its ribbon title bar after
    hiding/showing it by switching to another virtual desktop and back.

[-] Virtual Desktops, Windows 8+: The following problems are fixed:

    - some windows (Google Chrome, ThinkOrSwim) got redrawn very slow after
      hiding/showing them by switching to another virtual desktop and back

    - thumbnail previews got empty for hidden windows (located on inactive

[-] Actual Taskbar, Window Actions: Sometimes moving a maximized window between
    monitors using the Move to Monitor action made the window's task button
    disappear from all taskbars forever (until you close the window and open it

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: UWP apps' icons did not update correctly in
    task buttons and Jump Lists when switching between Light and Dark visual
    themes or changing the system accent color.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Window 10: Fixed some issues with supporting high DPI

    - Start button's icon was too small

    - Touch Keyboard button displayed a wrong icon

[-] Actual Taskbar, Window 10: In some cases preview thumbnails might look

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7: Horizontal taskbar painted incorrectly in the
    Classic visual theme.

[-] Window Actions: Google Chrome window did not respect the Restrict Placement
    and Fix Minimal/Maximal Size actions when it was full screen or in kiosk

[-] Multiple Monitors, Windows 10: On some hardware configurations, toggling
    secondary monitors via Actual Window Manager notification area icon's
    context menu did not work.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: The "Share" dialog could not be opened from within
    a container window.

[-] Desktop Divider: Fixed some issues with supporting high DPI resolutions:

    - active tile border did not scale properly

    - after putting a DPI-aware app's window into a tile, the window popped out
      of the tile

    - when dragging a not-DPI-aware app's window, highlighting an active tile
      did not correspond with a mouse pointer's position

    - tile layout preview looked wrong for Microsoft Outlook 2019 windows

[-] Desktop Profiles: Adding or removing a profile in a Configuration window
    did not update the list of profiles in Control Center context menus.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons covered the standard ones in Firefox Quantum
    windows maximized on a secondary monitor that was shifted up or down
    relative to a primary one.

[-] Title Buttons: Main window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010+ got hung after
    closing it via the "File - Exit" menu command or the Alt-F4 hotkey if the
    Aero visual theme was active and any of extra buttons was added to that
    window's title bar.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons looked and placed wrong in Microsoft
    Office 2019 windows in high DPI resolutions.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons did not work in Sticky Notes windows.

[-] Window Actions: Service windows, like "Change transparency", "Move to
    monitor", "Put into Divider tile", did not scale properly to a current DPI

[-] Window Actions: Minimize-to-Screen floating icons placed at the right/bottom
    edge of a monitor might get out of sight after reducing the monitor's

[-] Window Actions: After minimizing a window being snapped to left/right half
    of a monitor to notification area, the window lost its snapped state after

[-] Configuration, Desktop Divider: When copying a tile layout in Tiles editor
    between monitors with different resolutions, tiles' relative sizes were not

[-] Configuration: The "Copy settings from" command stopped working.

Actual Window Manager 8.13.3 (28.11.2018)
[!] Windows 10 build 17763+: System SmartScreen process ate up to 100% CPU
    resources when Actual Window Manager was running.

[!] Window Settings: Exclusions stopped working since the version 8.13.

[*] Configuration: Specific Settings editing windows now are truly independent
    of the main Configuration window:

    - clicking the Apply button in such window now immediately saves the changes
      (no need to click Apply in the main window as well)

    - after closing the main window these windows remain fully functional

[*] Tabbed Explorer: Now tabbed container windows react on system keyboard
    shortcuts, like Alt-Escape, Win-[Shift]-Left/Right/Up/Down/Home.

[*] Clipboard History: Now pasting from the History window works correctly
    if it was invoked via notification area icon's context menu.

[-] Tabbed Explorer, Windows 10 build 17763+: Title bar of an inactive container
    window looked wrong in the Dark visual theme.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: In some cases, after changing the desktop
    geometry (i.e. positions/resolutions of secondary monitors) windows on
    secondary monitors got squeezed either vertically or horizontally.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: In individual mode, after switching system
    virtual desktops task buttons of windows from inactive desktops on secondary
    monitors appeared in the system taskbar.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Icons on extra taskbar buttons (Search, Recycle Bin,
    Ink Workspace, Input Language Switch) flipped in systems with right-to-left
    writing languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10: Glyphs on extra buttons flipped in systems with
    right-to-left writing languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons did not update properly after toggling any of
    them on/off in the Aero visual theme in systems with right-to-left writing
    languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10 build 17763+:

    - extra buttons appeared in wrong place if any of secondary monitors
      was located in negative screen coordinates

    - extra buttons overlapped the system ones in maximized windows of
      Microsoft Office 2007 apps and might cause temporary hanging
      when moving the mouse over the overlapped Minimize button

    - glyphs on extra buttons blended with title bar in the Dark visual theme
      if the "Show color on title bar" system option was off

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10 Insider build 18267+:

    - glyphs on extra buttons blended with title bar if the "Show color on
      title bar" system option was off

    - extra buttons did not react on changing the system accent color

[-] Title Buttons: Mozilla Firefox 50+/Quantum might hang when displaying
    content-rich pages.

[-] Window Actions: Restrict Placement window action did not affect maximized
    windows of Google Chrome.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Adding a classic desktop item after some independent
    desktop items were added broke the associations with those independent
    desktop items in window settings ("Startup - Move to virtual desktop -
    Specific") and custom Move to Virtual Desktop hotkeys.

Actual Window Manager 8.13.2 (12.10.2018)
[!] Windows Vista/7: Process dwm.exe crashed each time after unloading
    Actual Window Manager Control Center.

[*] Title Buttons, Windows 10: Extra buttons automatic placement is improved
    in Google Chrome of version 66 and higher in non-standard DPI resolutions.

[*] Title Buttons: Extra buttons now work in such Chromium-based applications
    as Opera/Vivaldi/Yandex web browsers, Slack desktop client, Spotify UWP app.

[*] Mouse Actions: Invoking advanced window actions now work in such
    Chromium-based applications as Opera/Vivaldi/Yandex web browsers,
    Slack desktop client, Spotify UWP app.

[*] Desktop Divider: Placing a window into a tile now works in such
    Chromium-based applications as Opera/Vivaldi/Yandex web browsers,
    Slack desktop client, Spotify UWP app.

[*] Tabbed Explorer: Now tabbed container windows display a context menu on
    pressing Alt-Space.

[-] Scroll Inactive Windows: If the feature was active, scrolling with the mouse
    wheel did not work in active windows of some applications (e.g. Mozilla
    Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers).

[-] Logon Screen Slideshow, Windows x64: The slideshow displayed the evaluation
    period reminder even in a registered copy of Actual Window Manager.

[-] Configuration: In really high DPI resolutions (> 200%), caption of a first
    option in each group overlapped the group's title.

Actual Window Manager 8.13.1 (27.09.2018)
[!] Windows 10: In some cases the Task View window might get broken when
    Actual Window Manager was set to load at system startup.

[+] Desktop Divider: The ability is added to create custom Put into Divider Tile
    hotkey actions, mouse actions, and title button actions.

[+] Combo Action: The ability is added to insert the Put into Divider Tile
    action into combo sequences.

[*] Tabbed Explorer, Windows 10 Insider Preview: Tabbed container windows now
    support the Dark visual theme.

[*] Per-application Audio Device Switcher: Compatibility is improved with
    Sonic Suite 3 and Nahimic 2 audio software.

[*] Hotkeys: Custom "Start program" hotkeys now work disregarding what window is
    currently active.

[*] Windows 7+: Showing the notification area icons (e.g. Task Manager, Skype)
    for apps launched with different user credentials is restored.

[*] Configuration: Now all toobars respect the options of the "Toolbars" group
    in the "Options - User Interface" panel.

[-] Multi-monitor Task Switcher stopped working in all systems before
    Windows 10.

[-] Actual Taskbar: The MS Teams app button remained in a taskbar after
    minimizing its window to a notification area icon using its own means.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Balloon notifications for notification area
    icons of such programs as AVG and Avast kept popping up and could not be

[-] Actual Taskbar: In some rare cases notification areas in secondary taskbars
    might remain empty.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Sometimes, after restoring a minimized window, its button
    might disappear from a taskbar if the animation effects for
    minimization/restoration were enabled.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7+: After clicking the Show Desktop button, the Aero
    Peek effect remained active until the mouse pointer was moved outside
    the button.

[-] Windows 10, Window Settings: Specific settings did not apply to UWP apps
    running full-screen (e.g. Groove, Solitaire Collection).

[-] Windows 10, Actual Taskbar: Task buttons did not show for UWP apps running

[-] Windows 10, Title Buttons: After switching a UWP app from full-screen to
    windowed, the extra buttons did not show in its title bar.

[-] Windows 10, Quick Settings: Quick Settings dialog could not be invoked for
    a UWP app window by a click on its title bar.

[-] Window Settings: After applying the "At Window Startup - Lock Mouse" action
    to a window and then closing it, the mouse remained locked within the closed
    window's rectangle.

[-] Configuration: The "Global Options - Start Program" panel accidentally
    got broken in the previous version.

Actual Window Manager 8.13 (21.08.2018)
[!] Windows x64: The overall workload on a system has been reduced
    significantly, especially on multi-core CPUs.

[+] Windows Layout: Automatic keeping and restoration of current window layout
    per desktop configuration has been finally implemented.

    It works as follows: each 5 seconds Actual Window Manager stores
    the placements of currently open windows. When the desktop configuration
    (or desktop geometry) changes (you plug/unplug a monitor, put a laptop
    into a docking station, change a monitor resolution, etc.), it checks
    if there is stored information for the new desktop configuration, and if
    there is then it applies the kept placement info to all open windows,
    scattering them as they were. In other words, the window layout is restored
    when you return to some already known desktop configuration.

    See the options to control this new feature in the "Layout and Snap -
    Windows Layout" panel.

[*] Configuration: Windows are now properly scaled at startup to conform with
    the DPI resolution set for a monitor, which they are opening on.

[*] Mirroring: Now you can toggle the mirrors full-screen using the left double
    click or pressing Alt-Enter/F11. Also, you can exit full-screen by pressing

[*] Wrap Desktop: The feature has been rewritten from scratch to provide more
    predictable and expected behavior, especially on non-uniform desktop

[*] File Folders: Now the Recent Folders list is updated more accurately and

[-] File Folders: Sometimes empty entries might appear in the Recent Folders

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7+: Programs running with administrative privileges
    can't be minimized by clicking their task button.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 7+: Preview thumbnails were not scaled correctly in
    high DPI resolutions.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Preview thumbnails looked differently than
    in the system taskbar.

[-] Desktop Divider: In some cases the "Put into" dialog did not display some
    tile layouts in full.

[-] Save Idle Screens: Numerous fixes in the automatic mode:

    - idle screen saver did not start on a primary monitor in Windows 10 if
      Actual Window Manager was installed with the support of system utilities
      and administrative tools

    - idle screen saver stopped if the Desktop itself was activated

    - idle screen saver did not restart after closing it because of moving
      the mouse

    - idle screen saver can't be stopped on a monitor disconnected and then
      connected back

    - idle screen saver can't be stopped after switching to another user account
      and then returning back

    - the feature ignored mouse movements on monitors with no active window

[-] Drag to Scroll, Windows x64: The feature didn't work for 32-bit
    applications unless its activation mouse button was set to "left".

[-] Easy Window Dragging/Sizing, Windows x64: The feature didn't work for
    32-bit applications.

[-] Easy Window Dragging/Sizing, Windows 10: The feature didn't work for
    UWP applications (e.g. Settings, Skype, Store, Xbox, Calculator, etc.).

[-] Easy Window Dragging/Sizing: The feature didn't work for Chromium-based
    applications (e.g. Google Chrome and Vivaldi web browsers, Slack desktop
    client, Microsoft Teams desktop client, etc.).

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons did not react on right clicks in Foxit Reader.

[-] Title Buttons: Detecting free place for extra buttons stopped working in
    Google Chrome in high DPI resolutions since its version 67.

[-] Move to Monitor: After moving a maximized Google Chrome window to a monitor
    with a different DPI resolution, the window got beyond the visible desktop

[-] Minimize-to-screen: Permanent floating screen icons intercepted the input
    focus when clicked (i.e. became an active foreground window) and "ate" fast
    second clicks if the single click activation mode was enabled.

Actual Window Manager 8.12.2 (21.05.2018)
[!] Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: Metro/UWP apps crashed at startup when
    Actual Window Manager was running.

[*] Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Actual Taskbar: Taskbars now support
    the new acrylic transparency visual effect.

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Flyout window with additional notification area
    icons now looks more similar to the one in the system taskbar.

[-] Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Title Buttons: In some cases, extra
    buttons got invisible in some windows (like Settings applet).

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Both Actual Taskbar and Windows Explorer
    hung when displaying a tooltip for a taskbar button (Search, Show hidden
    notification icons, etc.) if monitors had different DPI resolutions and
    the tooltip tried to appear on the edge between monitors.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 8.1+: Notification area icons did not update after
    changing DPI resolution of the host monitor.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: In some cases, autohidden taskbar might appear
    on a wrong monitor.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Task buttons in the appearing autohidden taskbar
    flashed once in wrong positions.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Jump Lists did not display icons on their
    Pin/Unpin buttons for documents items.

[-] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Jump List height calculated incorrectly on
    a secondary monitor if a primary monitor had different DPI resolution.

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 7: Auto-detection of free space for extra buttons
    did not consider the own extra buttons in Mozilla Thunderbird and the
    Microsoft Office 2013/2016 apps in the Classic and Aero Basic visual themes.

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 7: Extra buttons got shrunk vertically in maximized
    windows of Mozilla Thunderbird and the Microsoft Office 2013/2016 apps in
    the Aero Basic visual theme.

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10: Extra buttons got shrunk vertically in maximized
    windows of the Microsoft Office 2016 apps.

Actual Window Manager 8.12.1 (21.04.2018)
[+] File Folders: Hotkeys to invoke Favorite Folders and Recent Folders context
    menus have been added (default key combinations Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F and
    Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R, respectively).

[*] Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: The following windows now open on a correct
    monitor when clicking their corresponding buttons in Actual Taskbar:

    - Search/Cortana window

    - Ink Workspace window

[-] Windows x64: In some rare cases applications might crash.

[-] Audio Switcher: Audio device did not switch back to default in multimedia
    applications after turning the Audio Switcher facility off.

[-] Audio Switcher: Audio devices switched constantly in Firefox Quantum if more
    than one Firefox window was open and the "Bound to monitor" switching mode
    was active.

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10: In some applications extra buttons looked and
    located incorrectly when dragging an application window between monitors
    with different DPI resolutions (from lower to higher).

[-] Title Buttons, Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: In some applications
    glyphs on extra buttons looked too large on monitors with high DPI

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Container window's title bar did not resize properly when
    dragging a container window between monitors with different DPI resolutions.

[-] Actual Taskbar: In some cases icon on a pinned Windows Explorer button
    got replaced by an icon of an active Explorer window, if the "Group
    similar taskbar buttons" option was enabled.

[-] File Folders: Items in the Favorite Folders and Recent Folders context menus
    could not be selected with the Up/Down arrow keys.

Actual Window Manager 8.12 (03.03.2018)
[+] Per-application Audio Device Switcher has been finally implemented (see
    the "Multiple Monitors - Audio Switcher" panel).

    Now you can bind available audio devices (internal/external sound cards,
    HDMI/DisplayPort outputs, etc.) to certain monitors, so that any multimedia
    application being put on a monitor will automatically redirect its audio
    playback to the bound audio device.

    Also, you can change the audio device used by a certain multimedia
    application in its specific window settings - either automatically (at
    startup) or manually (via title button, window menu item, or special window
    that can be invoked via "Show application audio manager" tray icon's
    context menu command).

    The feature is compatible with most popular types of multimedia applications
    that can play audio: web browsers (both HTML5 and Flash media content),
    media players, videogames.

    IMPORTANT: This feature works since Windows Vista, earlier versions of
    Windows are not supported.

    Known issues:

    - some media players (VLC, Media Player Classic) are not compatible with
      this feature by default; to make them compatible, you must set the audio
      output to "WaveOut" in their preferences

    - not fully compatible media players: Windows Media Player 9 and higher

    - not fully compatible web browsers: Internet Explorer 8 and higher

    - not yet supported media players: iTunes, Foobar 2000

    - not yet supported web browsers: MS Edge

[*] Actual Taskbar: Handling of Metro apps' icons is improved.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Jump Lists now look more accurate in high DPI resolutions.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Jump Lists and task buttons now look similar to the system
    taskbar ones in Windows 10.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Arrangement of toolbars in multi-row taskbars lost after
    each restart.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Pinning a shortcut to a taskbar via drag-n-drop stopped
    working in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

[-] Actual Taskbar: After closing a Metro app having its button pinned to
    a taskbar, the pinned button's icon got replaced with an improper icon.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: In Windows 8.1/10, if there were some windows before
    Actual Window Manager was started, the ribbon bar did not respond in those
    windows after placing them into a container window.

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons overlapped the My Account button in Google
    Chrome since its version 64.

[-] Title Buttons: In some cases extra buttons in Firefox Quantum got misplaced
    and drawn in wrong color.

[-] Some applications (e.g. Malwarebytes) might hang at startup if
    Actual Window Manager was running.

Actual Window Manager 8.11.3 (30.12.2017)
[+] Tabbed Explorer: Now container windows can be controlled via advanced
    hotkeys provided by Actual Window Manager (like those defined in the
    "Hotkeys - Numpad" panel and the "Hotkeys - Actions - Window" list).

[-] Sometimes an active application might hang forever because of rolling
    the mouse wheel actively.

[-] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: CPU consumption by Actual Taskbar increased
    unwantedly if monitors had different DPI resolutions.

[-] Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: After restarting Actual Window Manager,
    Actual Taskbar lost its toolbar arrangement.

[-] Windows 10 Creators Update: Actual Taskbar did not display tooltips for
    notification area icons of some system apps (Windows Defender, Audio Volume
    Control, Disk Eject, etc.).

[-] Windows 10 Creators Update: In some cases Actual Taskbar became fully
    transparent when positioned vertically.

[-] Windows 10 Anniversary Update: After switching to Tablet mode and back,
    right click on the Action Center button in Actual Taskbar displayed
    the Network Neighbourhood context menu instead of the Action Center menu.

[-] Windows 10: Action Center notification count displayed unwantedly in popup
    tooltips for notification area icons in Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar got cut in the Classic visual theme when
    positioned vertically.

[-] Mirroring: Window mirrors in software mode did not retain the source window
    picture if the source window was minimized or rolled up.
Actual Window Manager 8.11.2 (28.09.2017)
[!] Windows 10 Creators Update: Metro (UWP) apps crashed at startup
    if Actual Window Manager was running.

[!] Actual Taskbar: Active window did not minimize on clicking its
    taskbar button.

[+] Windows 8+: The ability is added to change the default PNG codec used to
    create multi-monitor background images to a JPEG codec to reduce the size
    of a result image and avoid violating the 20 Mb background image size limit
    in synchronized user accounts (may be actual for 4K monitor owners).

    To switch to a JPEG codec, add the following Registry value:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Actual Tools\Actual Window Manager\Command Center\Plugins\WallpaperManager]

[*] Windows 10 Creators Update: Extra title buttons now have correct
    glyph/background colors in Metro (UWP) apps with custom-colored title bars
    (Edge, People, Store, Maps, Settings, Connect, Xbox, Alarms & Clock,
    Calculator, Paint 3D):

    - while being mouse-hovered/pressed

    - in the Compact View popup toolbar

[*] Tabbed Explorer: Container windows are now compatible with the Activation /
    Deactivation / Mouse-hovering window triggers.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Virtual Desktops Switcher windows in Independent mode
    are now compatible with the taskbar group operations (Gather/Send/Swap):

    - group operations no more affect the Switcher windows themselves

    - Switchers updated accordingly after an operation had been applied

[*] Multi-monitor Background: If various picture sources are used in
    multi-monitor slideshow (local files and web), background picture will be
    set immediately as at least one picture gets available (i.e. the slideshow
    engine no more waits until all pictures get downloaded).

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Active container window did not minimize on clicking its
    taskbar button.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Action Center button on secondary taskbars either displayed
    the notification count in wrong location or did not display it at all.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Hints for task buttons, notification area icons, toolbars,
    etc. got behind windows being set on top of others.

[-] Actual Taskbar: In Windows 7+, if the "On Top" taskbar option was
    turned off, its Start button:

    - got in front of other windows at startup

    - got in front of other windows after invoking the Start menu

[-] Actual Taskbar: In Windows 7, Start menu got behind a vertical taskbar
    placed to the left, and if it was also set on top of other windows.

[-] Title Buttons: In Metro (UWP) apps, popup toolbar popped up again instead of
    closing after a second click on the Compact View title button.

[-] Title Buttons: Metro (UWP) apps crashed after invoking twice the semi-transparency slider
    (right click on a Make Transparent additional title button).

[-] Multi-monitor Background: There was unwanted single pixel lines of wrong
    color on right and bottom edges of background pictures.

[-] Multi-monitor Background: The "Show picture source" option stopped working
    in the Aero visual theme.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Switching desktops by clicking empty space in the Virtual
    Desktops Switcher cells did not keep the active button of a desktop cell
    being switched from.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Desktop switching got slower if background slideshow
    was running.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Virtual Desktops Switcher button in the system taskbar
    remained active even if the Virtual Desktops facility was off.

[-] Window Settings: Hints with current window position/size showed incorrect
    values on some desktop configurations.

[-] Save Idle Screens: In some cases automatic activation of the feature
    might not work.

[-] Lock Mouse: In some cases soft mouse locking might not work.
Actual Window Manager 8.11.1 (27.07.2017)
[!] Windows 8+: Multi-monitor Task Switcher is finally fully compatible with
    Actual Taskbar's Individual mode: now it displays all windows on all
    monitors. Thanks to this, the "Replace the system task switcher" option
    became useless and has been removed from the "Multiple Monitors - Taskbar"

[*] Windows 10: Multi-monitor Task Switcher is now compatible with the old
    Alt-Tab view if it was enabled in the Registry.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Context menu items to toggle taskbar controls (Start button,
    tray, clock, etc.) have been moved to a submenu.

[*] Title Buttons: Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons
    is improved in the latest versions of Google Chrome.

[*] Tabbed Explorer: Drag-n-drop of tabs is improved: now a container window
    activates automatically when dragging a tab over either the window itself
    or its taskbar button.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: In Windows 8+, after either stopping Actual Window Manager
    or turning the Tabbed Explorer feature off, released folder windows got
    entirely disabled.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Opening a container disabled the animation of Start menu
    tiles in Windows 10.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Container window unwantedly restored right after minimizing
    it via taskbar preview's context menu.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Quick switching via Alt-Tab to a container window and back
    to a previous window left the container window active.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: After showing a desktop, preview thumbnails became empty.

[-] Windows 10: Some apps (like Visual Studio 2012 installer and components,
    or iTunes Helper) crashed when Actual Window Manager was running.

[-] Windows 10: Windows Magnifier got hung when its Lens mode was active
    and Actual Window Manager was running.

[-] Windows 10: Refreshing a desktop with the "solid color" background made
    the desktop black.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Start button did not show its context menu right after
    the Start menu was closed by clicking the Start button.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Start menu did not close after clicking the Start button
    second time or after clicking empty taskbar space.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Click on the Touch Keyboard button forced a currently active
    window to lose focus.

[-] Title Buttons: System window menu flickered constantly in apps where
    auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons enabled (Google Chrome,
    Mozilla Firefox, Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office apps).

Actual Window Manager 8.11 (20.06.2017)
[!] Windows x64: The speed of advanced mouse features is greatly improved,
    especially on systems with multi-core CPUs (with 8+ real cores).

[+] Actual Taskbar: Taskbars now display the following standard controls:

    - Input Language Switch button (since Windows 8)

    - Touch Keyboard button (since Windows 10)

    - Ink Workspace button (since Windows 10 Anniversary Update)

    - Touchpad button (since Windows 10 Creators Update and in Tablet mode only)

    In systems before Windows 8 (except Windows Vista) the Input Language Switch
    button can be displayed only on one of Actual Taskbar instances (via
    "Toolbars - Language bar" taskbar context menu command).

    In Windows Vista the Input Language Switch button is unavailable.

[+] Tabbed Explorer: Now you can use the following tab control hotkeys similar
    to web browsers:

    - Ctrl-T         - open a new tab

    - Ctrl-N         - open a new container window with a new tab

    - Ctrl-Tab       - activate next tab

    - Shift-Ctrl-Tab - activate previous tab

    - Ctrl-1..8      - activate 1st..8th tab

    - Ctrl-9         - activate the last tab

    - Ctrl-F4        - close an active tab

[+] Windows 10: Now you can create specific window settings for Metro (UWP) apps
    (e.g. Settings, Edge, Skype, Store, Xbox, Calculator, etc.).

[+] The following image file types are now available for selection in
    the background settings: DIB, RLE, EMF, WMF, TIFF, ICO.

[*] The factory exclusion rule "All unnamed windows" is added to skip all
    windows with an empty caption.

[*] Windows 10: Size of Actual Taskbar controls now is adapted automatically
    for touch screens.

[*] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar now considers the "Show badges on taskbar
    buttons" system option.

[-] Windows 10: Actual Window Manager prevented the background spellchecking
    in Microsoft Word 2016.

[-] Windows 7+: If the system option to show labels on taskbar buttons was
    enabled, overlay icons (like Skype status) displayed in a wrong place.

[-] Windows 7+: After modifying Actual Taskbar settings, icons on some task
    buttons got small.

[-] Actual Taskbar: In server editions of Windows, Start button had no label
    if the Terminal Services service was running.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: In some cases Explorer windows might not get placed into
    a container/get out of a container after starting/exiting
    Actual Window Manager, respectively.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: After creating a new container, the input focus was
    on a tab, not within an Explorer window.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: In some cases, container window did not get activated
    when one of its tabs got activated.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: In the Aero visual theme, container window caption was always
    drawn as active even for inactive container windows.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Since Windows 8, ribbon toolbar in an Explorer window
    sometimes drawed incorrect after switching tabs.

[-] Tabbed Explorer: Grouped Explorer windows did not save their positions
    after exiting Actual Window Manager and therefore blocked the correct work
    of the "Restore previous folder windows at logon" system option.

    Note: Nevertheless, if the "Launch folder windows in a separate process"
    option is on, saving/restoring folder windows may still not work
    as expected.

[-] Background Slideshow/Slideshow Screen Saver: In multi-monitor mode, if time
    intervals were different, slide change moments calculated incorrectly
    that led to inconsistent results.

[-] Background Slideshow: Picture source caption might display in a wrong place
    if the background slideshow worked in the "Single picture over entire
    desktop" mode.

[-] Background Slideshow: When the "Show picture source" option was enabled,
    refreshing the desktop (either via F5 hotkey or via "Refresh" context menu
    command) in the Aero visual theme made the picture source captions disappear
    until next slide change.

[-] Virtual Desktops: VD Switcher displayed wrong window icons after toggling
    the "Group Explorer windows within tabbed containers" option on/off.

[-] Windows 10: Metro (UWP) apps did not put into Desktop Divider tiles when
    being dragged by the mouse.

[-] Windows 10: AltMinimize window action displayed a wrong icon for Metro (UWP)

[-] Windows 10: Quick Window Settings dialog worked wrong for Metro (UWP) apps.

[-] "Quick window settings" window menu command did not display its assigned
    hotkey combination.

[-] Desktop Profiles: Display orientation could not be set to portrait or
    reversed portrait in Windows 7+.

[-] Configuration: The list of desktop profiles displayed incorrect captions
    in the Background column.

[-] Configuration: Captions on the Tools panels got cut in high DPI resolutions.

[-] Configuration: Exclusion detail panel did not refresh after adding a new
    exclusion in the list.
Actual Window Manager 8.10.2 (28.03.2017)
[+] Actual Taskbar: Taskbars now display the Windows Action Center button.
    Click on this button shows the Action Center Notifications window
    on a primary monitor.

[*] Actual Taskbar: Start button now displays a context menu on right click.

[*] When using the Move to Monitor window action for a window that was snapped
    to left/right half of a monitor, the window now retains its snapped state
    on another monitor and gets exactly half its size.

[*] The "Move to" monitor selector dialog again displays the monitor numbers.

[-] Actual Taskbar: In some cases Calendar did not show up after clicking
    the clock.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Taskbars looked wrong in the recent builds of Windows 10
    Insider Preview.

[-] Title Buttons: Numerous Windows 10 compatibility fixes:

    - incorrect Compact View background color fixed

    - incorrect glyph color fixed with the enabled auto-selection of the main
      UI color

    - incorrect glyph color fixed in UWP apps in the recent builds of Windows 10
      Insider Preview

[-] Title Buttons: Extra buttons overlapped the standard ones in the Start
    Screen window of Office 2016 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) since the recent

[-] Vista/7: Ghost window action was not auto-disabled when a window got pinned
    to a desktop.

[-] UltraEdit main window consumed CPU a lot with Actual Window Manager

[-] Configuration: In Windows 7+, web links always opened in Internet Explorer,
    not default web browser.
Actual Window Manager 8.10.1 (20.02.2017)
[+] Localizaton: Arabic language is added (translation made by Thamer Mousa).

[*] Windows 10: Title buttons now look correct in the Office 2013/2016 apps
    when their "File" tab gets active.

[*] File Folders: The width of the Recent Folders list is limited to 80 em units
    to prevent its too wide appearance (it may even exceed the screen area
    in some cases).

[*] Configuration: Now it's possible to press the Ctrl key to prevent the
    auto-snapping of a being dragged splitter to its siblings in the adjacent

[*] Mirroring: Now the "Keep aspect ratio" option is available for
    hardware-accelerated mirrors with such source types as "Monitor" or
    "Part of desktop".

[-] Mirroring: In Windows 10, a hardware-accelerated mirror with "Window" source
    type had a black border around the mirrored image.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Icons on buttons disappeared after applying any change of
    Actual Window Manager settings made in the Configuration window.

[-] Configuration: The following bugs have been fixed in the Desktop Divider
    Tiles Editor:

    - on some multi-monitor configurations it did not allow to customize
      the layout on certain monitors;

    - splitters did unwantedly snap to the left/top border of a tile
      when being dragged closely to that border;

    - splitters did not scale properly on monitors with high DPI resolution.

[-] Configuration: Test Regexp dialog displayed an error if it was opened
    on a monitor with high DPI resolution.

[-] Updating: If the "New version is available" balloon notification was shown,
    right click on the Actual Window Manager notification area icon
    started the installation instead of displaying icon's context menu.
Actual Window Manager 8.10 (29.12.2016)
[!] Windows 10: Extra title buttons now look correct on windows with colored
    title bars (Messaging, Phone, Photos, Windows Mail) and in the Dark
    visual theme.

[!] Windows x64: Stability is greatly improved (there should be no more
    high CPU usage or app crashes at Actual Window Manager startup).

[+] The long-awaited and many times requested feature to group Windows Explorer
    windows into a single container window with tabs (where each tab corresponds
    to a certain folder) is added.

    The way it looks and works is similar to modern web browsers, like Google
    Chrome or Mozilla Firefox:

    - you can open a new tab by clicking the Plus button

    - you can drag tabs within a container window to change their order

    - you can drag a tab out of a container to create another container

    - you can close a tab by clicking its Close button or by middle click on its

    - you can close the entire container so all its tabs will also be closed

    Note: This feature binds Windows Explorer windows to be always placed into
    a container so there will be no "free" Explorer windows.

    You can enable/disable this feature in the "Files and Folders - Tabbed
    Explorer" panel.

[*] Recent Folders list now gets updated more frequently: it's enough to switch
    from a folder window to any other window to make folder's current path first
    in the list of recents.

[*] Configuration: Test Regexp and Select Window From List dialogs now look
    and work correct in high DPI resolutions.

[*] Configuration: Desktop Divider Tiles Editor window now looks and works
    correct in high DPI resolutions.

[-] There was possible (of low probability, though) security breach when running
    Actual Window Manager library from the %Temp% folder.

[-] Extra title buttons covered standard title buttons in the Microsoft
    Office 2016 apps.

[-] Windows 10: Extra title buttons covered tabs in Google Chrome windows.

[-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar crashed at startup in the systems with F-Secure
    software products running.

[-] Windows 10: Search box in the system taskbar got reset to Search button
    at each startup of Actual Window Manager.

[-] Windows 10: Calendar window stopped showing up after clicking the clock in
    Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 10: Some hidden windows might appear in the Expose task switcher.

[-] Windows got completely opaque upon activation instead of restoring their
    initially set transparency level when both the "Make transparent - At
    startup" and "Make transparent - While inactive" options were enabled.

[-] Configuration: Check box and radio button captions got cut in high DPI
Actual Window Manager 8.9.2 (29.10.2016)
[!] Windows 10: Since the Anniversary Update, Actual Taskbar got hung after
    placing the mouse pointer over any task button for a while if the host
    monitor DPI resolution was higher than 100%.

[*] Logon Screen Service: The "unquoted service path" vulnerability has been

[-] Windows 10: Search field in the primary taskbar got reset back
    to Search icon at each startup.
Actual Window Manager 8.9.1 (06.09.2016)
[-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar stopped displaying Jump Lists since the
    Anniversary Update.

[-] Windows 10: Since the Anniversary Update, Actual Taskbar got white when
    taskbar color and transparency were disabled in the system taskbar settings.

[-] Windows 7+: Group window functions "Gather all windows" and "Send all
    windows" stopped working.

[-] Windows 8+ x64: Lock Screen background picture did not set.

[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver: "Screen saver failed to start" error message
    has been displayed on a monitor if the "Screen saver: None" has been set
    for that monitor.

[-] Configuration: Only the main window got hidden if the "Hide Configuration
    Module while using the Window Finder" option was enabled.

[-] Configuration: Panel header font size was too big in high DPI resolutions.

Actual Window Manager 8.9 (22.07.2016)
[+] The ability is added to invoke advanced title button dialogs (usually
    invoked via right-click on a button) for a currently active window
    via hotkeys. The following hotkeys have been added:

    - Show the "Move to specific monitor" dialog       (Win-Ctrl-/)
    - Show the "Move to specific virtual desktop" menu (Win-Ctrl-\)
    - Show the "Maximize to selected monitors" dialog  (Win-Ctrl-Num*)
    - Show the "Put into Divider tile" dialog          (Win-Ctrl-Num5)

    You can change the default key combinations in the Hotkeys-Actions panel.

    This feature can be useful on monitors with high resolutions (up to 4K)
    where distance to a required button may be too long to drag the mouse there
    just to invoke the dialog via right click. Using the hotkeys above will make
    the dialogs appear exactly under the mouse pointer, ready for immediate use.

[+] The CFL command line switch is expanded with the ability to specify
    an arbitrary folder where the configuration files should be stored:

    ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe CFL "<full_path_to_the_folder>"

[*] Overall stability is improved.

[*] Image processing for slideshows (both background and screen saver) has been
    optimized to use less memory and work faster even for huge images (like
    NASA space photos having up to 20K pixels resolution).

[*] Windows 10: The Virtual Desktops Switcher button now can be added both to
    the system taskbar and Actual Taskbars.

[*] Proper scaling in high DPI resolutions has been finally implemented for:

    - Actual Taskbar jump lists and thumbnail previews

    - Virtual Desktop Switcher

    - extra title buttons

    - Log window

    - AltMinimize floating screen preview

[*] Evaluation dialog has been restyled.

[*] Proper scaling in high DPI resolutions has been finally implemented for
    program dialogs (About, Register, Check for Updates, Quick Settings, etc.).

[-] Actual Taskbar did not get behind fullscreen Google Chrome windows.

[-] Windows 7: Multi-monitor Alt-Tab Task Switcher showed only once in the
    Classic visual theme.

[-] Auto-detection of free space for extra title buttons worked incorrectly in
    high DPI resolutions for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office windows.

[-] Some features stopped working in Skype windows after saving the
    Actual Window Manager configuration.

[-] Windows 7+: Specific window settings with certain Window Caption criterion
    specified did not apply to Microsoft Management Console windows (Event
    Viewer, Task Scheduler, Disk Manager, etc.).

[-] Intuit QuickBooks windows hung for a while after right clicking the extra
    title buttons.

[-] Windows 10: Start Screen parts were unwantedly touched by the group commands
    like "Gather all windows from" or "Swap all windows with" (if the program
    was installed with the support of administrative utilities).

[-] Windows 10: If the "Replace the system taskbar" option was on, the system
    taskbar Search box popped over Actual Taskbar after clicking the Start

[-] Windows 10: "Desktop Divider Up/Down/Left/Right" hotkeys worked improperly.

[-] Windows 10: Desktop Divider layouts did not switch on mouse wheel rolling.

[-] Window did not restore properly its position and size if the Maximize to
    Desktop action was applied several times in a row.

[-] Windows 8+: Adding the Virtual Desktops Switcher button to system taskbar
    caused the immediate disappearance of thumbnail previews.

[-] Windows 8.1: Mirroring of Windows Media Player stopped working if the player
    window was relocated.
Actual Window Manager 8.8.3 (13.05.2016)
[-] Windows 10: Vertical Actual Taskbar (either in Left or Right position)
    got half screen width each time at startup.

[-] Windows Vista/7: Start button did not stretch out to a multi-row taskbar
    in the Classic visual theme.

[-] Windows Vista/7: Start button got reversed in the Classic visual theme for
    right-to-left writing languages (like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.).
Actual Window Manager 8.8.2 (06.05.2016)
[!] Actual Taskbar did not appear in the Windows Classic visual theme.

[*] Windows 10: Calendar window now moves to a monitor where a taskbar clock
    has been clicked (works only since build 14328).

[*] Configuration: Navigation pages now display a tooltip with the full caption
    text over their header if the caption text does not fit the header visible

[-] Windows 10: Virtual Desktop Switcher displayed irrelevant entries for
    invisible Metro app windows.

[-] Configuration: With large interface font size (either set manually in the
    User Interface settings or generated automatically because of a high
    screen DPI resolution), navigation page captions did not fit the headers.
Actual Window Manager 8.8.1 (29.04.2016)
[!] Windows 10: False-positive SmartScreen warning about setup file corruption
    is finally remedied.

[*] Actual Taskbar now scales correctly on monitors with high DPI resolutions.

[*] Windows 10: Multi-monitor Alt-Tab Task Switcher is restored.

[*] Windows 10: Support of Metro apps in Actual Taskbar is improved.

[*] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar flyout window with additional notification area
    icons now looks the same as in the system taskbar.

[-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar displayed windows located on inactive system
    virtual desktops.

[-] Windows 10: Windows put into a Desktop Divider tile did not fill it
    entirely, some gaps remained.

[-] Windows 10: Stretch window action left a gap between window border and
    monitor border.
Actual Window Manager 8.8 (31.03.2016)
[!] Configuration: List of specific Window Settings has been removed from
    the Window Settings navigation tree. Now, you can edit certain
    Specific Window settings item in a separate window that can be opened
    in the following ways:

    - double click the required item in the Specific Settings list

    - select the required item in the Specific Settings list and press Enter

    - use the Edit Window Rule command in either the toolbar or the context menu
      of the Specific Settings list

    Known issues (subject to fix in the future updates):

    1) the multi-editing of several specific settings does now work as before

    2) there is no way to adjust the natural order of specific settings

[!] Configuration: Global Options subitems have been removed from
    the Window Settings navigation tree and transformed into tabs of the Global
    Options detail panel.

[+] Configuration: Back/Forward buttons have been added into each Configuration
    window to provide the navigation through the user interface panels like in
    web browsers.

[+] Configuration: Incremental Search box has been added into each Configuration
    window. Now you can quickly discover a panel that contains the required
    option just by typing several letters of what you want to find.

    Search engine considers the following text information:

    1) captions of user interface panels and all their sub-controls (control
       hints are ignored at the moment for the sake of search speed)

    2) captions of built-in and user-added objects of the following types:

       - specific window settings
       - window exclusions
       - desktop profiles
       - desktop mirrors
       - virtual desktops
       - Desktop Divider layouts
       - Favorite Folders shortcuts
       - clipboard templates
       - hotkeys
       - mouse actions
       - Start Program shortcuts
       - title buttons
       - window menu commands
       - combo actions

[*] Configuration: Undo/Redo commands now track the changes separately for each

[-] If both "Transparent while inactive" and "Transparent while mouse-hovering"
    options were enabled, the transparency level did not restore to
    "While inactive" value after moving the mouse out of a window.
Actual Window Manager 8.7 (04.02.2016)
[!] The navigation panel in the main Configuration window has been replaced.

[!] Configuration: Global options of window settings (like title buttons skin,
    window menu items order, pre-defined window sizes, etc.) have been moved
    from the Options category to the Window Settings category in the main
    Configuration window.

[!] Configuration: The Desktop Divider category in the main Configuration window
    has been renamed to "Layout and Snap", and the Windows Layout options and
    the Window Snapping options have been moved there from the Options category.

    The "Desktop Divider - Tile Layouts" panel has been split into two:

    Desktop Divider - global on/off switch, activation mode

    Tile Layouts    - list of tile layouts itself

[!] Google web slideshow source has been removed because Google discontinued
    their Google Image Search service.

[+] The long-awaited ability is added to resize/drag together windows snapped to
    each other (no matter in what way - using either Classic Snap, Aero Snap,
    Desktop Divider or even manually).

    In short, group operations on adjacent windows work as follows:

    Group Size - when you resize a window, windows adjacent to a border/corner
                 being dragged are resized accordingly (as if there were
                 a splitter between them)

    Group Drag - when you drag a window, its adjacent windows come along with
                 it (as if they were a single large window)

    By default, both these features are turned on in the "While not pressed -
    Ctrl" mode, i.e. you can disable it temporarily by pressing the Ctrl
    modifier key.

    You can disable these features, or switch the mode to "While pressed", or
    change the modifier keys combination in the new "Layout and Snap -
    Group Size/Drag" panel.

[+] Configuration: Ability is added to select all items in the lists with
    multi-selection allowed by pressing the Ctrl-A hotkey. As this key
    combination was reserved for adding a new item to a list, the New Item
    hotkey has been changed to Ctrl-N.

[*] Configuration: Hotkey combinations for list operations have been unified
    for all list-editing panels:

    Ins, Ctrl-N       - add new item
    Del, Ctrl-D       - delete selected item
    F5                - copy selected item
    Ctrl-=, Ctrl-Num+ - enable all items (where available)
    Ctrl--, Ctrl-Num- - disable all items (where available)
    Ctrl-A            - select all items (where available)

[*] Configuration: Confirmation request for the Delete Item operation has been
    removed in all list-editing panels. If you accidentally removed the needed
    item - you can click the Undo button in the bottom-left corner of the main
    Configuration window or press the Undo hotkey (Ctrl-Z by default).

[*] Configuration: The flickering has been reduced significantly when resizing
    either the Configuration windows themselves or their internals.

[*] Configuration: Now the Browse for Folder dialog remembers the last choice
    and restores it next time when adding new items to the Favorite Folders

[*] Windows 10: Hotkeys now work in Metro apps.

[*] Windows 10: Extra title buttons now work in the Edge web browser (and
    probably other Metro apps).

[*] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar now highlights the group buttons the same way
    the system taskbar does.

[*] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar now displays progress indicator on buttons
    the same way the system taskbar does.

[*] Backup/Restore now includes the Logon Screen settings.

[*] Logon Screen service now has proper description.

[*] Multi-monitor Screen Saver now detects if some specified screen saver failed
    to start or does not support preview mode and displays a message instead of
    an empty screen.

[*] Configuration: Separate Window Settings windows now retain their position
    and size when you open them again.

[-] Office 2013+: Extra title buttons overlapped the standard ones.

[-] Outlook 2016 window dropped the transparency applied at startup.

[-] In some cases, extra title buttons did not redraw in the Aero visual theme.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Actual Alt-Tab Switcher displayed the hidden windows.

[-] Windows 10: Windows PowerShell did not "run as administrator" from a button
    pinned to Actual Taskbar.

[-] Installer: The uninstaller popped up interactive dialog requests even if it
    had been launched with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT command line option.

[-] Actual Taskbar: Start menu did not show in the latest Windows 10 Insider
    Preview (build 11102).

[-] Actual Taskbar: Group commands Minimize All/Restore All worked incorrectly.

[-] Actual Taskbar: The Show Desktop button did not react on clicking its
    rightmost pixels.

[-] Desktop Divider: Resizing a window put into Divider tile changed its
    original size (i.e. the one it had before putting into a tile) if the
    Classic Snap with snapping to Divider tiles was enabled.

[-] Windows 10: In some cases, the Tiles Editor window displayed cut on
    secondary monitors.

[-] Web slideshow settings did not apply in the Configuration window if the
    Control Center was unloaded.

[-] Windows Vista/7: The progress bar flickered when applying the Logon Screen
    background settings for a primary monitor.

[-] Configuration: Minimized windows did not restore on clicking
    the notification area icon or pressing the Configure hotkey.

Actual Window Manager 8.6.2 (23.11.2015)
[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver stopped working.

[-] "Preview" button did not work for the "Current Windows screen saver" option.

Actual Window Manager 8.6.1 (20.11.2015)
[+] Ability is added to swap windows between monitors (see the "Swap all windows
    with" command in the Actual Taskbar context menu).

[*] Overall stability is improved.

[*] Buttons on the "Tools - Control Center" panel are made more usable.

[*] Multi-monitor background slideshow now gets suspended while screen saver
    is running or session is locked.

[*] Windows 10: Compatibility is improved with the recently released
    Threshold 2 update (build 10586):

    - Actual Taskbar context menu readability is restored

    - showing of recent items in the Actual Taskbar Jump Lists is restored

    - gap between Actual Taskbar and Jump Lists is removed

[*] Windows 10: Showing of the system Background Settings dialog is restored
    when clicking the "Current Windows background - Settings" button.

[-] Windows 10: Size of extra title buttons calculated incorrectly for
    MDI windows and windows pinned to desktop.

[-] Windows 10: Virtual Desktops Switcher showed unusable entries for running
    Metro applications.

[-] In some cases (e.g. for digital connectors like DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort),
    monitor order numbers might differ from the system.

[-] Slideshow Screen Saver settings got reset after clicking the Preview button.

[-] Attempt to select several entries in a slideshow playlist caused an error
    when configuring Actual Slideshow Screen Saver via system Screen Saver

[-] In some cases, Logon Screen Slideshow might keep running in background even
    after logging into a session, interfering with UAC prompts and needlessly
    utilizing the CPU.

[-] The Roll Up feature displayed a meaningless preview for rolled up windows
    in the Aero visual theme.

Actual Window Manager 8.6 (06.10.2015)
[+] The popular request to display the system Recycle Bin in taskbars is
    fulfilled. The Recycle Bin is available as an extra button in both
    the system taskbar and the Actual Taskbar, and this button provides exactly
    the same operations as the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop:

    - you can drag-n-drop documents onto it to put them into the Recycle Bin

    - you can left-click it to open a folder window showing the Recycle Bin

    - you can right-click it to invoke the Recycle Bin context menu

    On the system taskbar, you can toggle the Recycle Bin button presence in
    the "Multiple Monitors - Taskbar" panel, in the "System Taskbar - Additional
    Buttons" group.

    On any instance of Actual Taskbar, you can toggle the Recycle Bin button
    presence using the "Show the Recycle Bin" command in the taskbar's context

[+] Now you can suspend/resume Actual Window Manager via command line using
    the following syntax, respectively:

    ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe suspend

    ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe resume

[+] Now you can launch another instance of the program using middle click on
    a Minimize-to-Screen floating icon.

[*] Windows 10: Compatibility with 3rd party Start menu alternatives (Classic
    Shell, Start10, Start Menu X, StartIsBack++) is restored.

[*] Clipboard History now displays a real image resolution for graphic data.

[*] If Actual Window Manager was installed into a trusted location (such as
    "Program Files" folder) using administrative privileges and then used under
    non-privileged user account, Actual Window Manager update installer now
    warns that it must be run as administrator to update the installation in
    a trusted location.

[-] Windows 10: System Alt-Tab switcher worked wrong if the "Move to monitor at
    startup - Where mouse pointer" action was enabled in the default window

[-] If a Remote Desktop Client window was open full-screen and then was switched
    back to windowed mode, extra title buttons did not appear in the title bar.

[-] Dragging of Minimize-to-Screen floating icons stopped working.

Actual Window Manager 8.5.3 (19.09.2015)
[!] On some combinations of video hardware and drivers
    Actual Window Manager crashed at startup.

[!] To prevent possible security breach, now Logon Screen Service checks
    integrity and digital signature of an executable file being run.

[*] Vista+: Aero Snap and Classic Snap behavior has been improved in the Aero
    visual theme and high screen DPIs.

[-] Windows 10: Classic Snap did not snap windows accurately (a small gap

Actual Window Manager 8.5.2 (09.09.2015)
[-] Logon Screen Slideshow stopped reading its configuration.

[-] Logon Screen Slideshow displayed the Evaluation dialog even for registered

[-] In some cases automatic Save Idle Screens did not stop.

[-] The Preview button in the "Multiple Monitors - Screen Saver" panel
    did not work for modes other than "Current Windows screen saver" until
    the Apply button was clicked.

Actual Window Manager 8.5.1 (04.09.2015)
[-] On some hardware configurations, Actual Window Manager crashed
    at startup.

[-] Hardware-accelerated mirrors might hang or crash on some versions of
    Nvidia/AMD video drivers.

[-] On some configurations, using Logon Screen Slideshow made the "EFCreate
    runtime error" message appear.

[-] Windows 10: Actual Taskbar did not indicate task buttons as active
    if they represented not a single window but group of windows.

[-] Windows 10: The "Minimize All command affects only the monitor with mouse
    pointer" option stopped working.

Actual Window Manager 8.5 (26.08.2015)
[+] Vista+: The long-awaited ability to customize the Logon/Lock Screen
    background image is added. On multi-monitor systems, it also allows to run
    picture slideshow on secondary monitors (see the new "Logon Screen" section
    in the Quick Setup wizard and the main Configuration window).

[+] Vista+: Default Audio Device Switcher is added. It lets you quickly switch
    the audio device used in the system by default for sound output, if you have
    more than one audio hardware device installed in your PC (most modern video
    cards have embedded audio hardware to support such combined video/audio
    output standards as HDMI or DisplayPort).

    You can invoke the list of available devices via special hotkey combination
    (Win-Ctrl-A by default, can be changed on the "Hotkeys - Actions" panel
    in the "Tools" group).

[+] Now you can use environment variables while specifying path for
    a Favorite Folders item.

[*] Now, when running multi-monitor slideshow, the "Next slide" command affects
    only the monitor where it has been invoked.

[-] Windows 10: Numerous fixes for Actual Taskbar:

    - wrong colors were used for text displayed in task buttons and clock and
      for taskbar background ("black taskbar" issue)

    - running Metro apps did not have corresponding task buttons

    - Clock/Calendar window did not appear when clicking the clock on
      Actual Taskbar

    - task buttons were wider than in the system taskbar

    - preview thumbnails looked different than in the system taskbar

    - notification area button was smaller than in the system taskbar

    - progress was not indicated in task buttons

    - Start menu did not go to secondary monitors when being invoked from
      Actual Taskbar

    - it was impossible to pin a button to Actual Taskbar using drag-n-drop
      (using the "Pin" command in the right-click menu works as expected)

    - Actual Taskbar displayed the pinned buttons of running applications
      different than the system taskbar

    - icons in the task buttons of Metro apps were changed after
      minimizing/restoring the app

[-] Windows 10: Numerous fixes for extra title buttons:

    - size was calculated incorrectly

    - used button glyphes were of improper color

    - Compact View window looked wrong

    - detecting free place for extra buttons worked wrong

[-] Windows 8+: Middle click on Windows Explorer button in Actual Taskbar
    did not open a new Explorer window.

[-] Windows 7+: Graphical resources leaked when using Jump Lists in
    Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 7+: Jump Lists were displayed incorrectly after an item pinning.

[-] On some systems, Actual Taskbar settings on different monitors might be
    mistaked one for another.

[!] Windows 10 known issues (subject to fix in the next updates):

    - Clock/Calendar window do not go to secondary monitors when being
      invoked from Actual Taskbar

    - Clock/Calendar window does not close on second click on Actual Taskbar

    - extra title buttons do not work in Microsoft Edge web browser

    - extra title buttons look wrong in applications with non-standard title
      color (like Photos, Windows Mail)

    - hotkeys do not work in Metro apps

    - extra menu commands do not appear in Metro apps

    - gradual Compact View does not work in Metro apps

    - Logon Screen slideshow runs behind the Logon background window

    - Classic Snap does not snap windows accurately (a small gap remains)

Actual Window Manager 8.4 (27.05.2015)
[+] Automatic detection of free place for extra title bar buttons is added in:

    - popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox;

    - Microsoft Office applications (since Office 2007);

    - Windows Explorer (since Windows 8).

    This feature should prevent the overlapping of extra title bar buttons
    provided by Actual Window Manager with standard controls available
    in a window (like standard buttons, browser tabs, New Tab button, etc.).

[+] Automatic gradual Compact View is added for extra title bar buttons:
    now the buttons are getting hidden/shown 1-by-1 if there is not enough
    (or enough again) place in the title bar to show the full list of enabled
    extra buttons. When some buttons get hidden, the special Compact View button
    automatically appears on the left of remained buttons: click on this button
    will display the currently hidden buttons.

[*] Multi-monitor taskbar is now compatible with latest builds of Windows 10.

[-] Actual Taskbar flickered with Kaspersky Internet Security running.

[-] Sometimes running programs might crash after unloading Actual Window Manager.

[-] The bug prevented NuSphere PhpEd 15 debugger from starting is fixed.

[-] Magix products (Movie Edit, Music Maker) stopped responding during loading.

Actual Window Manager 8.3 (15.04.2015)
[!] The overall support of high screen DPIs is improved.

[+] AeroSnap emulator has been extended with the Snap Assist feature presented
    in Windows 10.

[+] Search button has been added to Actual Taskbar that invokes the system
    Search window.

[+] Virtual Desktops Switcher button has been added to Actual Taskbar.

[+] Previews of images copied into clipboard are now available in the Clipboard
    History window.

[+] Desktop Divider: Now there is no need to drag a window to a tile border to put
    the window into the tile if the "Activate When Dragging a Window" option is set
    to "While pressed".

[+] The ability is added to show/hide desktop icons by the middle mouse button
    double click on the desktop.

[*] Compatibility with Stardock WindowBlinds on 64-bit systems is improved.

[*] The "Open slide" desktop context menu item now appears disregarding the "Show
    picture source" option.

[*] Last used path is saved in the Configuration Backup/Restore dialogs.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Google Chrome disappeared from the Alt-Tab task switcher
    after adding a new tab if the "Replace the system task switcher" option
    was enabled.

[-] In some cases Actual Taskbar was displayed on top of fullscreen windows.

[-] It was impossible to make the auto-hidden Actual Taskbar appear when
    certain program (like Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird) was maximized
    on that monitor.

[-] In some cases Jump Lists didn't display their items properly.

[-] Windows 8.1: Multi-monitor Screen Saver showed a black screen with
    the KB3000850 Windows Update installed.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Title buttons didn't change their color on mouse hovering.

[-] Expose task switcher could be invoked when no window was visible.

[-] It was possible to make several auto-starting desktop profiles by copying
    a single auto-starting one.

[-] The "Start automatically" option in the Desktop Profiles panel got grayed
    after some changes and did not restore back.

[-] Desktop Divider: In some cases a window could not be put into a tile by
    dragging it to the tile border.

[-] Adding an item to the Favorite Folders list worked incorrectly in the
    Configuration window.

[-] The multi-selection of specific window settings got broken.

Actual Window Manager 8.2.2 (01.11.2014)
[+] Actual AeroSnap is enhanced with the ability to make a window quarter
    monitor size by snapping it into monitor corners, like in Windows 10.

[+] Ability is added to specify the "Change interval" for wallpaper slideshow
    in seconds.

[-] Windows disappeared after minimizing/restoring them on the taskbar button

[-] Wallpaper slideshow in the "Individual picture on each monitor" mode worked
    wrong on display configurations having cloned monitors.

[-] Multi-monitor screen saver and slideshow screen saver worked wrong
    on display configurations having cloned monitors.

[-] If the compact view for title buttons was on, sometimes the popup toolbar
    appeared behind the main window.

[-] If an MDI window was snapped within its parent window using Actual AeroSnap
    and the parent window was resized, the subject window did not retain
    the parent size.

Actual Window Manager 8.2.1 (24.10.2014)
[*] Windows 10 basic compatibility is added:

    - the "black Actual Taskbar" bug is fixed
    - Start button's visibility is restored
    - Start menu pops up on a proper monitor
    - Jump Lists' native look is restored
    - Actual Taskbar does not display service windows of Modern (Metro) apps

[*] Title buttons compact mode now works correctly in systems with right-to-left
    languages (like Arabic or Hebrew).

[*] Windows 7+: Jump Lists' appearance is slightly improved.

[*] Window mirrors activated in window settings (via title button/window menu
    or at startup) now can run full-screen on a specified monitor.

[-] Windows 8.1 x64: Some windows could not be dragged/sized if both the
    "Aero Snap" and "Disable the native Windows 7 Snap" options were enabled.

[-] Background settings changes were reset after reloading.

[-] Screen savers showed the nag screen even if the evaluation period
    did not expire.

[-] Hardware-accelerated mirroring of a monitor or a part of desktop
    worked wrong if the mirrored area was in negative coordinates.

[-] Title buttons in compact mode were positioned incorrectly
    in the following cases:

    - in Windows 7 and later with the Aero visual theme activated

    - with vertical shift applied

    - when maximizing/restoring a window where the compact mode was activated
      automatically (i.e. the window's title in normal state was too narrow
      to embrace the full list of buttons)

[-] Desktop Divider layouts were not displayed while configuring "Specific
    Settings - Startup - Put into Divider tile".

Actual Window Manager 8.2 (22.09.2014)
[!] The Configuration Module now can run multiple windows at once.

    For example, you can open several Window Settings windows using the
    "Manage window settings" title button (separate window for each settings).

    When several configuration windows are open at once, changes made within
    a particular window are isolated there until you click the Apply button
    in that window.

[!] Changes made in the Default Window Settings now are propagated automatically
    to all existing specific window settings (provided that the old value
    was the same in both Default and particular specific settings).

[+] Quick Setup wizard is added. It allows to tune up quickly the most
    frequently used features (according to collected and analyzed usage
    statistics) without diving into details.

[+] Compact mode for extra title buttons is now available: it displays the small
    narrow button instead of the full list of active buttons.

    Click on this button expands the list of active buttons so they can be used
    as usual. Second click on this button or click somewhere else collapses the
    list of active buttons so they do not block the view (this can be especially
    useful in non-standard windows like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

    The compact mode activates either automatically (when the extra buttons
    do not fit the title bar) or it can be set permanently for particular
    windows in the Window Settings options (see the "Title Buttons - Options"

[+] In addition to a right click on extra title buttons, now you can hold
    the left mouse button on them for some time to invoke their extended
    abilities (like context menus or special dialogs).

[+] The ability is added to specify exact secondary display position (see the
    "Display Position" group in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout
    and Settings" panel).

[+] Windows 8/8.1: Option to cancel the replacement of the system Alt-Tab
    Task Switcher is added.

[+] The "Popular" filter is added in the "Hotkeys - Actions" panel and set as
    default filter there. It lists the most frequently used key combinations
    based on the usage statistics analysis.

[*] Compatibility with Windows 8.1 Service Pack 1 has been improved.

[*] Windows 8/8.1: Actual Alt-Tab Switcher is improved:

    - now it respects the system "Repeat delay" and "Repeat rate" values

    - it does not activate Aero Peek until the switching is stopped for
      at least 1 second

    - it can't be moved using the Easy Window Dragging/Sizing feature

    - CPU load is reduced significantly when moving a mouse over its window

    - redundant redraws are fixed

[*] Monitors' layout preview in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout and
    Settings" panel now properly aligns the disabled monitors.

[*] After disabling the cloning of displays, they both are automatically set to
    their preferred resolutions.

[*] The "Arrange Monitors" feature now takes into account the enabled displays
    only (so that if there is just a single display enabled then the "Arrange
    Monitors" button gets grayed).

[*] Compatibility of the Ignore Deactivation feature with League of Legends
    and Final Fantasy XIV is restored.

[*] Windows 7+: The speed of Desktop Divider layouts switching has been
    increased significantly and the system load has been reduced.

[*] Now it's possible to select several picture files in the "Add File" dialog
    while configuring the Slideshow screen saver.

[*] The "Move the mouse pointer along with window" option now works even if
    there are no modifier keys specified.

[*] Manage Window Settings button is a regular button now: it can be enabled
    or disabled in window settings on a per-window basis as any other button.

[*] Compatibility of the Scroll Inactive Windows feature with old versions
    of Google Chrome is restored.

[*] The window invoked by the "Copy Settings from..." command now does not
    display the target Window Settings item.

[-] Downloaded setups of newer versions were installed automatically even if
    the automatic updates were disabled (which prevented the rolling back to
    any previous version if a newer version setup was available).

[-] In some cases Start menu submenus might appear invisible, having only
    a shadow.

[-] Numerous fixes in Actual Taskbar's Jump Lists:

    - some kinds of links did not open properly (e.g. sessions in PuTTY)

    - improper items could be dragged out of Jump List

    - items in custom categories could not be pinned/unpinned

    - some items could not be unpinned (e.g. sessions in PuTTY)

    - Windows x64: in some apps (e.g. PuTTY, Mozilla Firefox), links dragged out
      of Jump List did not work

[-] Windows x64: Mirror windows showed white rectangle instead of mirrored
    content when monitor or part of desktop was mirrored and the hardware
    acceleration was disabled.

[-] In some cases, Actual Taskbar displayed the wrong icon for a window in its
    taskbar button (e.g. for the Google Hangouts app).

[-] Actual Taskbar always displayed on top of Firefox windows, even if they
    were fullscreen.

[-] On some configurations, cloned displays showed the wrong list of
    available resolutions in the "Multiple Monitors - Monitors' Layout and
    Settings" panel.

[-] Desktop Divider: Switching the layouts quickly with the mouse wheel got
    stuck after some scrolls and even might cause a crash of the active app.

[-] Desktop Divider: In some cases tile size could not be set exactly in pixels
    using the Resize button while editing a layout.

[-] Windows 8.1: A workaround for a system bug has been added to reduce
    the memory leaks in Windows Explorer when using the Favorite Folders and/or
    Recent Folders title button.

[-] The Ignore Deactivation feature made apps crash if it was activated via
    hotkey with the "Compatibility mode" option enabled.

[-] After being pressed, user-added title buttons affected the state of
    the factory title button of the same kind and displayed the wrong hint.

[-] In some cases extra title buttons in Microsoft Word 2013 might disappear.

[-] Extra title buttons did not work in Autodesk Design Review 2013.

[-] In the Aero visual theme, Visual Studio 2012 got hung upon closing.

[-] Extra title buttons did not appear in X1 Search.

[-] NuSphere PhpEd 12 crashed when trying to scroll the File Explorer view.

[-] Windows 7: Tooltips did not display in command prompt windows.

[-] Avast! notification area popup did not close in the Actual Taskbar.

[-] Unloading 1st Clock right after restoring from hibernation
    made Windows Explorer hung.

[-] Drag to Scroll feature worked inconsistently in Process Explorer,
    Process Lasso, system Window Firewall applet and the latest version of
    Google Chrome.

[-] The "Use hardware acceleration" option did not switch in the Configuration
    window for mirroring-related title button/window menu/startup actions.

[-] In some cases hotkey combinations worked twice although being pressed once
    (for example, Ctrl-C worked like Ctrl-C-C and triggered the appearance of
    the ABBYY Lingvo window).

[-] In some cases, clipboard template did not paste into a current active

[-] In some cases, after switching the Virtual Desktops mode in either way
    (classic to independent, or vice versa), windows got duplicated on all
    virtual desktops despite their current selection.

[-] Unwanted extra buttons of Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat
    appeared in the Virtual Desktops Switcher after switching the desktops
    with those programs running.

[-] Canceling the download in the "Check for Updates" dialog caused an error.

[-] Pressing Enter in the "Check for Updates" dialog after the download was
    started caused the restart of downloading.

[-] In the Configuration window, multi-line edit fields reset their scroll bars
    to the beginning after typing a character when the content exceeded the size
    of the edit field.

Actual Window Manager 8.1.4 (10.04.2014)
[*] German translation is revised.

[*] Windows 8.1: The "Show the Apps list" option is made inaccessible because of
    its incompatibility with this version of Windows.

[-] Windows 8.1: System taskbar became black when using Actual Window Manager
    along with the StartIsBack app.

[-] Various apps might crash randomly upon loading Actual Window Manager
    if the Desktop Divider was active.

[-] Some windows might disappear if the "Fix maximal window size" feature
    was active (in particular, the "Open File" dialogs in Actual Window Manager

[-] Windows XP/Vista: Command prompt windows launched after starting
    Actual Window Manager remained unprocessed.

Actual Window Manager 8.1.3 (20.03.2014)
[+] Ability is added to view and set Desktop Divider tiles' exact size in pixels
    while configuring the layout.

[*] Incompatibility with Mikrotik's Winbox windows is fixed.

[*] Scrolling of inactive zones in active windows with the Scroll Inactive
    Windows feature is restored.

[-] Adobe Acrobat Standard X/XI crashed upon trying to start a new scan.

[-] The upper area of buttons in Actual Taskbar did not react properly on
    mouse clicks in the Aero visual theme.

[-] Active window became always-on-top after invoking the Start menu on
    Actual Taskbar by pressing the Win key if the system taskbar was

[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver worked wrong if any of screen savers was deleted
    or uninstalled.

[-] Tooltip displaying current window position left visible after docking
    the Google Chrome tab into another Chrome window.

[-] The "Display current window position" feature did not work if the "Show
    window contents while dragging" system option was disabled.

[-] In some cases the Roll Up window action did not roll the window exactly to
    the title bar but kept the most window area visible instead.

Actual Window Manager 8.1.2 (04.03.2014)
[+] Ability to display the picture source in desktop background slideshow
    is added. You can open any current slideshow picture file in your default
    picture viewer by using the "Open slide" command in the Desktop context

[+] The automatic rotation/flipping of pictures in desktop background slideshow
    to their original orientation is added.

[+] Ability to specify file masks (using the "*" and "?" symbols)
    for the Program target window criterion is added.

[*] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar is compatible with ClassicShell Start menu.

[*] Additional title buttons are now compatible with Stardock WindowFX.

[*] Compatiblity with Agnitum Outpost Security Suite is restored.

[*] Compatibility with Foxit PDF Reader is improved.

[*] Windows 8/8.1: Actual Taskbar now correctly handles the 0% transparency
    value and can be made opaque.

[*] Windows 8/8.1: Now switching between running applications while keeping
    Alt-Tab pressed is faster.

[*] Opening the Favorite Folders context menu with many shortcuts to network
    folders is sped up.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Internet Explorer 11 closed immediately when running
    in Metro mode.

[-] In some cases opening a new window of Internet Explorer 11 also opened
    additional unwanted IE window.

[-] In some cases Start menu on the main taskbar could not be invoked
    by pressing Win or Ctrl-Esc.

[-] Adobe Flash Installer crashed after clicking the Quit button
    if Actual Window Manager was running.

[-] PuTTYSessionManager crashed after closing it automatically on
    window deactivation.

[-] It was impossible to drop the dragged Google Chrome tab back into window
    when the Desktop Divider facility was active.

[-] In some cases scrolling a Google Chrome window changed unwantedly
    the zoom level first before the scrolling started.

[-] When scrolling a Cyberfox window with the Drag to Scroll feature
    made the feature stuck if the mouse went outside the window.

[-] Terratec Home Cinema window got hung if the Scroll Inactive Windows feature
    was active.

[-] Running Actual Window Manager stole the focus from the active window.

[-] Gather All Windows command stopped working.

[-] In some cases changing Actual Window Manager language made some of
    additional title buttons and window menu commands disappear.

[-] Some windows (like Query Builder in MS Visual Studio 2010) were falsely
    incompatible with Desktop Divider.

[-] Windows 8.1: Desktop Divider did not work with individual per-monitor DPI.

[-] Desktop Divider tile preview was drawn incorrectly (without considering
    the layout frame width).

[-] Applying the AltMinimize feature to aBurner window did not hide its taskbar

Actual Window Manager 8.1.1 (31.01.2014)
[!] Sometimes running programs might crash after unloading
    Actual Window Manager.

[-] Some kinds of windows stopped working correctly when extended by
    Actual Window Manager (in particular, windows of the Investor/RT app).

[-] Actual Taskbar might stop responding after clicking an icon in the
    notification area.

[-] World of Tanks game client stopped responding after applying the
    Ignore Deactivation action.

[-] Activating/deactivating a windowed Modern (Metro) app produced the "screen
    flip" animation if the "Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing"
    system option was enabled.

[-] In some cases, active window might lose the focus when mouse hovered
    over the desktop if the "Activate on Mouse Hover" feature was active.

[-] Some kinds of windows might not fit the Desktop Divider tiles in Aero
    visual themes.

[-] In some cases, Clipboard History duplicated the just pasted picture in the
    history list.

[-] In some cases, editing controls did not display for a template or a group
    in the Clipboard Templates panel.

Actual Window Manager 8.1 (22.01.2014)
[+] The Clipboard History feature is added: it collects the text, images,
    files, etc. copied to the clipboard, and allows pasting them lately.

[+] Windows 8/8/1: Ability to toggle active Modern (Metro) app to windowed mode
    is added (see the "Toggle windowed mode for a Modern app" hotkey in the
    Tools group on the "Hotkeys - Actions" panel).

[+] Ability to activate windows by placing the mouse over them is added (see
    the new "Mouse - Options" panel).

[+] Now the Desktop Mirroring feature uses the hardware video acceleration
    available for Windows Desktop presentation since Windows Vista. This allows
    the near-real-time performance for such graphics-intensive applications as
    video players, video games and other similar programs where high performance
    mirroring is required.

    Note: Hardware accelerated mirroring is available only when the Aero
    visual theme is active.

[+] The Save Idle Screens feature now can be configured to start automatically
    on a monitor when no mouse and application activity occurs on that monitor
    for a specified time.

[+] Now it is possible to specify the default location of configuration files
    via command line: run "ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe CFL 1|2|3|-", where

    1 - program installation folder
    2 - "Application Data" folder in the All Users user profile
    3 - "Application Data" folder in the current user profile (default)
    - - remove the value from the Registry

[+] Sending of collected usage statistics is added.

[*] Alt-Tab Task Switcher is compatible with Windows 8.1.

[*] Clipboard Templates now support Unicode texts.

[*] The Clipboard Templates context menu now displays the last used template

[*] Clipboard Templates: Now it is possible to drag templates between groups of
    different levels.

[*] Windows 8.1: Look of the Start button in Actual Taskbar is improved.

[*] Windows 8: Actual Taskbar now supports the Start menu provided by
    the Start8 program.

[*] Windows 8/8.1: Support of Classic Shell Start Menu and StartIsBack
    is improved.

[*] Windows 8/8.1: Actual Taskbar now considers the docked Modern (Metro) apps
    when calculating the monitor work area.

[*] Actual Window Manager screen savers are compatible with Windows 8.1.

[*] The Ignore Deactivation feature compatibility with Hitman: Absolution
    (and possibly some other games) is improved.

[*] Compatibility with the Directory Opus "Open on Desktop double-click" feature
    is improved.

[*] Desktop background slideshow now displays pictures in the same order
    as they are shown by Windows Explorer being sorted by their file names.

[*] The "Custom Position" dialog is improved: now it displays values for all
    available measure units (pixels, percent of monitor/desktop).

[*] When using the Window Finder tool to fill the "Align window" or
    "Resize window" parameters from an existing window, the actual values
    are calculated in set measure units and alignment mode.

[*] Check for Updates options are moved into separate panel in the Options page.

[*] Now it is possible to open the Check for Updates options from
    the Check for Updates window.

[*] Now it is possible to restore the lost registration code from
    the Registration dialog.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Running programs in "Windows XP/Vista compatibility" mode
    made them hung at startup.

[-] Automatically moving or sizing Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 windows at
    startup made them unusable.

[-] Flash Player running in the Firefox Plugin Container consumed system
    resources constantly.

[-] Unloading 1st Clock made Windows Explorer hung.

[-] Zoom screen sharing utility worked improperly when Actual Window Manager
    was running.

[-] Google Chrome crashed when Actual Window Manager tried to display
    tooltips for its title buttons.

[-] Google Chrome crashed when Actual Window Manager tried to display
    a tooltip showing window position/size when dragging/sizing Chrome window.

[-] Windows 8.1 x64: ActualWindowManagerShellCenter64.exe sometimes crashed
    when using Alt-Tab.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Alt-Tab Task Switcher always displayed Modern (Metro) apps
    first, no matter were they active or not.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Alt-Tab Task Switcher got cycled after switching from active
    Modern (Metro) app.

[-] Clipboard Templates: After disabling the feature individual template groups
    still could be invoked via their assigned hotkey combinations.

[-] Clipboard Templates: It was impossible to add another top-level template
    group after selecting one of existing top-level groups in the navigation

[-] Windows 8.1: Start screen opened via Actual Taskbar's Start button did not
    close on the second click on Start button.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Actual Taskbar and Alt-Tab Task Switcher did not display
    Windows Task Manager when it was always-on-top.

[-] Actual Taskbar displayed unwanted Start button copies when working with
    Classic Shell.

[-] In some cases Actual Taskbar did not display separators in Jump Lists.

[-] Actual Taskbar's look differed from the system one with non-standard
    system metrics.

[-] Windows 7+: Actual Taskbar decreased the monitor work area incorrectly
    if any Windows Sticky Notes window was snapped to it closely.

[-] Actual Taskbar appeared on top of other windows even if its "On top" option
    was disabled.

[-] Actual Taskbar appeared on top of topmost windows (even if its "On top"
    option was disabled) when placing the mouse into any preview thumbnail or
    invoking the taskbar's context menu and opening any its submenu.

[-] Actual Taskbar's preview thumbnails hid behind topmost windows.

[-] Windows Sticky Notes icon always displayed in the primary taskbar no matter
    what monitor the notes were actually on.

[-] Actual Taskbar did not recognize moving the BitKinex windows to another

[-] Windows 7+: Sometimes toggling monitors via "Manage Secondary" context menu
    did not work.

[-] Activating a desktop profile reset the Save Idle Screens settings.

[-] Windows 7: Google Photos screen saver did not run within the Multi-Monitor
    Screen Saver.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Photos screen saver froze on a first slide within the
    Multi-Monitor Screen Saver.

[-] Monitor settings on the "Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel did not update
    after changing the desktop configuration outside the Configuration window.

[-] When configuring mirrors with the "Window" source type, some controls
    were out of sight in the "Source Parameters" group.

[-] Recent Folders title button did not work when selecting the disk root folder
    (like C:\, D:\, etc.).

[-] Windows 7+: Title buttons did not appear in:

    - Remote Desktop Client
    - Steam client
    - Spotify

[-] Flickering of title buttons in MS PowerPoint 2010 windows is reduced.

[-] Incorrect hint was displayed for the Move to Monitor title button.

[-] Put into Divider Tile title button displayed incorrect hint after using
    the "Desktop Divider's up/down/left/right" hotkeys.

[-] Minimize-to-screen icons might appear out of sight after rearranging
    the desktop monitors.

[-] Windows 8/8.1: Windows Explorer windows could not be dragged using
    the Easy Windows Dragging/Sizing feature.

[-] Windows 8: Pinning a window to desktop caused visual glitches.

[-] After pinning a window to desktop its placement might be calculated
    improperly if the multi-monitor desktop had a negative coordinates area.

[-] Some hotkeys remained operative even if the Control Center had been stopped.

[-] Automatic mouse locking remained operative even if the Control Center
    had been stopped.

[-] After locking the mouse within a window and then dragging that window
    the lock got lost.

[-] Mouse actions did not work when specifying single left click on title bar
    (with no modifiers or any set of them).

[-] Applying the Ignore Deactivation feature to several windows of the same app
    might cause the undefined behavior.

[-] Windows 7+: The "Program" target window criterion did not work in console

[-] Dimensions for some kinds of windows calculated incorrectly in Aero visual

[-] Automatic update always downloaded the latest available setup file
    from the server no matter it was already downloaded or not.

Actual Window Manager 8.0.3 (14.09.2013)
[*] Actual Slideshow Screensaver now can skip the content of sub-folders
    when adding a folder to slideshow playlist.

[-] After downloading the update, setup did not run after clicking on the
    tray balloon "Click here to install it right now" message if the
    "Load at startup" option was enabled.

[-] Windows 8.1: ActualWindowManagerShellCenter.exe sometimes crashed when
    trying to display a preview thumbnail.

[-] Windows x64: Sometimes Directory Opus got a new lister window behind
    other windows when using the left double-click on the Desktop.

[-] The "Move the mouse pointer along with window" feature did not work
    if the "Tight monitor boundaries" feature was active.

[-] The "Move to monitor - Having mouse pointer" hotkey worked only once
    for a certain window.

Actual Window Manager 8.0.2 (30.08.2013)
[-] With larger size of system dialog font, registration codes were cut down
    after pasting into the Registration dialog so that the program could not
    recognize them as valid codes.

[-] Installer froze for 10 seconds after copying the files.

[-] Windows 7: Enabling a monitor in the "Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel
    caused an error.

[-] Minimized-to-screen icons could not be dragged.

[-] Scroll Inactive Windows feature did not work with the Channel Chat window
    of mIRC 7.32.

[-] The "Move to virtual desktop" custom hotkey did not work with the "All
    desktops" option selected.

[-] Even if a mirror item was disabled but its hotkey was enabled, the mirror
    could be launched by pressing that hotkey.

Actual Window Manager 8.0.1 (19.08.2013)
[-] Uninstallation did not work because of the "DLL not found" error.

Actual Window Manager 8.0 (15.08.2013)
[!] Beginning from the version 8.0, the Licensing Policy changes: now you must
    purchase as many copies of the program as many users will use the program
    simultaneously. There is no limit on the number of computers the program
    can be installed on and registered with the same registration code as long
    as the number of simultaneous users is less than or equal to the number of
    purchased copies. For more information, please refer to the license.txt
    document in the program's installation folder.

[!] Beginning from the version 8.0, the Upgrade Policy changes: now purchasing
    the registration code grants you the Free Upgrades Subscription for a
    certain period (a year). During this period, you are eligible to get any
    new versions of the program for free. After this period expires, you will
    have to purchase another registration code to prolong the Free Upgrades
    Subscription (in case you want to do so). Otherwise, you can continue to
    use the last actual version of the program, it will remain registered
    and fully functional.

[!] Due to copyright reasons, the Classic Shell Start Menu is removed from
    Actual Window Manager setup. To continue using the Classic Start Menu
    in new versions of Windows, you can download the entire Classic Shell suite
    from its official project page:

[+] Support of child windows within multi-document interface (MDI) applications
    is added. The most well-known example of such windows are Microsoft Excel
    workbooks. However, because of speciality of such windows some window
    actions cannot be applied to them, and others work differently than for
    usual top-level windows (for more information, please refer to User Manual).

[+] The Save Idle Screens feature is added: it allows you to run screen savers
    on monitors unused at the moment, without the need to turn them off (which
    may lead to re-configuration of multi-monitor desktop on systems since
    Windows 7).

    Unlike usual system screen saver, this feature activates screen savers by
    special hotkey combination (Win-Ctrl-S by default), and screen savers do not
    shut down when you use mouse or keyboard. To stop them, you should press
    the same hotkey again.

    You can select screen savers to run and adjust the key combination on the
    "Multiple Monitors - Screen Saver - Save Idle Screens" panel.

[+] Emulation of Mac OS Expose task switcher is added. You can toggle it via
    special hotkey combination (Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P by default, can be changed
    on the "Hotkeys - Actions" panel in the "Multiple Monitors" group).

[+] Korean language is added (translation provided by pCsOrI).

[+] The ability is added to put the mouse pointer automatically into a window
    moved to another monitor, if certain modifier keys (Ctrl by default)
    are pressed when invoking the Move to Monitor action.

    If the Move to Monitor action is invoked via title button then the mouse
    pointer will be placed over that title button. Otherwise, the mouse pointer
    is placed over window's title bar.

    You can activate this feature and adjust the modifier keys in the "Options -
    Actions - Move to Monitor" panel.

[+] The new Clipboard Templates Library facility is added.

    It lets you create a collection of frequently used text pieces (e.g. your
    home address, common e-mail reply, etc.) and insert them wherever you want
    using the assigned hotkey.

    Templates can be united into groups. Each group can have its own hotkey.

[+] AutoUpdate is finally available. Now, Actual Window Manager not only
    checks for a new version but also downloads and installs it automatically.

[+] Monitor Selector dialog is improved:

    - now you can not only move a window to certain monitor but also to align it
      within that monitor in a single click - with the new Align Hotspots (green
      dots displayed within the monitor preview under the mouse)

    - window preview can be dragged by the mouse; while dragging the preview,
      both Classic Snap and Aero Snap features are active

    - preview of a new window position is added, both in the Monitor Selector
      itself and on the desktop

    - animation effects are added

    - the extra button is added to Actual Taskbar preview thumbnails to invoke
      the Monitor Selector

[+] Collection of usage statistics is added. When enabled, it is keeping record
    of any window manipulation you undertake in a special log file.

    Collection of usage statistics is enabled by default. If you encounter any
    problems with it then you can disable it in the "Options - General" panel.

    Otherwise, please keep it enabled for a sufficient time (at least several
    days) to let Actual Window Manager collect enough statistical data. Then,
    please send us your configuration using the Send to Tech Support button in
    the "Tools - Configuration" panel. This will help us analyze and better
    understand the preferences and needs of our users and improve our products
    more consciously and purposefully.

[+] The "Current Windows background" option is added for the Independent mode
    of Virtual Desktops. It lets to keep current desktop background untouched
    when independent virtual desktops are active.

[*] Dutch translation is revised.

[*] Compatibility with Windows 8.1 Release Preview is improved.

[*] Compatibility with Citrix products (XenDesktop, XenApp) is improved.

[*] After setting window position using the Align Window action, the window
    retains the set alignment when changing the size using the Resize Window
    action, until the user drags the window or changes its size manually.

[*] Scroll Inactive Windows feature is now compatible with:

    - Altap Salamander
    - mIRC

[*] "Hotkeys - Actions" panel's look and behavior is restored.

[*] Windows 8: Alt-Tab Task Switcher now shows the Metro applications.

[*] Activating the Ignore Deactivation feature now releases the mouse pointer
    and lets move it out of the monitor occupied by the game in the following

    - games that use DirectInput (e.g. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Battlefield 3)

    - games based on the Unreal Engine 3 technology (e.g. Mirror's Edge,
      Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite, Borderlands 2)

    - Diablo III

[-] Calendar window did not appear when first clicking the clock on system
    taskbar and then clicking the clock on Actual Taskbar.

[-] Actual Taskbar displayed the wrong hint window over Network Connection icon.

[-] Desktop icons order restoration worked wrong if there were icons with
    the same name but of different types.

[-] Title buttons did not appear in Bluebeam Revu windows.

[-] Windows 8 x32: Multi-monitor Screen Saver did not show other screen savers
    because of the incompatibility with the NVIDIA drivers since 314.22.

[-] Windows 8: Desktop icons disappeared when selecting the Desktop icon in the
    Alt-Tab switcher.

[-] Start/Stop Window Mirror hotkey did not work.

[-] If a window was rolled up and then minimized, it did not unroll after

[-] Actual Window Manager began to crash after installing the latest drivers
    for Intel and NVIDIA video cards.

[-] If Actual Taskbar had pinned buttons, invoking the "Minimize all" command
    did not activate the "Restore all" command.

[-] Preview thumbnails on system taskbar began to get behind the active window
    after starting/stopping Actual Window Manager.

[-] Windows 8: Alt-Tab Task Switcher did not close on pressing the Esc key.

[-] Windows x64: Native 64-bit screen savers did not start within the
    Multi-monitor Screen Saver.

[-] Windows 7 x64: Retrieving the current folder in the Browse for Folder dialog
    did not work for Favorite Folders/Recent Folders buttons.

[-] Windows 7: Changing the current folder in the Browse for Folder dialog via
    Favorite Folders or Recent Folders button and then using the "Add current
    folder to Favorites" command added the folder with the hex-encoded title
    instead of normal human-readable text.

[-] Windows 8: Start screen size calculated incorrectly for vertical placements
    of taskbar.

[-] Actual Taskbar did not update the clock after changing the date/time

[-] In some cases Actual Taskbar displayed the black square instead of
    a program icon.

[-] Windows x64: Using the Easy Window Dragging/Sizing feature did not change
    the mouse pointer accordingly in 64-bit applications.

[-] Scroll Inactive Windows feature worked incorrectly in Excel dialogs (e.g.
    Format Cells) placed over the worksheet window.

[-] Desktop Divider: Copying a tile layout in the Configuration window made
    invalid copies that could not be activated at runtime.

[-] In some cases, Actual Taskbar might disappear because of invalid toolbar
    settings stored in the Registry.

[-] Clicking and holding the left mouse button on a program icon in the Actual
    Taskbar's system tray invoked the right-click menu for that icon.

Actual Window Manager 7.5.1 (12.04.2013)
[*] Desktop icons order restoration is improved.

[*] Windows 8: Now Alt-Tab Task Switcher activates the next task surely
    even when pressing Alt-Tab instantly.

[-] Windows x64: In some environments, memory might leak gradually in the
    Control Center.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar did not update the file copying progress bar on
    Total Commander buttons when copying was finished or canceled.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar displayed no icon for the buttons that referred
    to a missing file shortcut.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar displayed an incorrect state for AIMP buttons
    when AIMP played a radio station.

[-] Windows 8: Scrolling the mouse wheel over Alt-Tab Task Switcher worked
    incorrectly if the Scroll Inactive Windows feature was enabled.

[-] After applying the Ignore Deactivation feature to a window, it was
    impossible to work with its subwindows (like Open/Save As dialogs).

[-] Dragging the monitor previews on the Monitors Layout and Settings panel
    might unwantedly activate the Desktop Divider.

[-] Winamp Library window disappeared after rolling it up.

Actual Window Manager 7.5 (25.03.2013)
[!] Global system hooks are replaced with the hooks local for each process.
    This should fix some known compatibility problems (e.g. with Lotus Notes,
    Adobe Acrobat) and also improve the overall stability.

[+] Ability is added to put a specific window at startup into the selected tile
    of a chosen Desktop Divider layout.

[+] The ability to invoke various system actions via hotkeys is added:

    - Lock PC, Log Off, Switch User, Sleep, Hibernate, Restart, Shutdown
    - Volume Up/Down/Mute
    - Safely Remove USB Device

[*] List of hotkey actions can be filtered by hotkey category (System, Mouse,
    Custom, etc.).

[*] Hotkeys now work in applications (mostly, video games) that use DirectInput
    to provide keyboard/mouse control (e.g. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim,
    Battlefield 3, etc.).

[*] CPU load is reduced when moving a window with the Desktop Divider active.

[*] Classic snapping now ignores the 100%-transparent (i.e. invisible) windows.

[-] Windows 7: If Internet Explorer is already open, launching a new instance
    of it opened an unwanted extra window.

[-] Windows 8: Alt-Tab Task Switcher did not:

    - switch to a window by clicking its preview
    - support switching via rolling the mouse wheel
    - activate the desktop, in some cases

[-] In some cases, programs launched under adminstrator might lose their taskbar
    button after moving to a secondary monitor and then back to the primary one
    (e.g. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware).

[-] Windows 7: Start button on Actual Taskbar got lost after invoking the
    "Gather all windows here" command.

[-] Actual Window Manager Slideshow screen saver stopped showing pictures
    on existing monitors after attaching an additional one.

[-] The bottom of title buttons was clipped in JRiver Media Center window.

[-] Moving a window between monitors via Monitor Selector dialog made
    the Move to Monitor title button's tool tip incorrect.

[-] Windows x64: In some cases, scrolling a window with the "Scrolling inactive
    windows" feature beyond the bottom made the scroller bounce at the end of

[-] Virtual Desktops Switcher window did not restore correct after
    being rolled up.

[-] Yammer Desktop, while being rolled up automatically upon deactivation,
    did not unroll on first activation.

Actual Window Manager 7.4.3 (19.02.2013)
[!] Actual Taskbar did not appear at startup if the "Show window contents while
    dragging" option was disabled in Windows.

[*] Compatibility with MAXQDA is improved.

[*] Windows 7: "Desktop Divider's Up/Down/Left/Right" hotkey combinations
    are modified to avoid conflicts with the system hotkeys.

[-] In some cases specific window settings did not apply to 64-bit applications
    (e.g. Waterfox).

[-] Windows 8: Alt-Tab Task Switcher did not switch windows when pressing
    Alt-Tab shortly.

[-] Mouse pointer moved to a wrong place when activating Excel windows via
    taskbar previews if the "Put the mouse into window on preview click" option
    was enabled.

[-] When locking the mouse in a maximized window, the mouse pointer could be
    dragged beyond monitor boundaries.

[-] Windows 7: Hand tool did not work with the folder tree in Windows Explorer

Actual Window Manager 7.4.2 (05.02.2013)
[*] Compatibility with PTC products (Creo, Windchill, Arbortext, Mathcad,
    Integrity) is improved.

[*] Actual Taskbar, preview thumbnails, mirror windows, Desktop Divider previews
    now look correct in the systems with the right-to-left writing language
    installed (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[*] Virtual Desktops Switcher now looks correct in the systems with the
    right-to-left writing language installed (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[*] Program dialogs now look correct in the systems with the right-to-left
    writing language installed (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[*] Mirror windows are improved:

    - right click on a title bar displays the system window menu instead of
      the mirror context menu

    - mirror can be closed via Alt-F4

    - selecting "Configure" in mirror's context menu opens the Configuration
      with the subject mirror selected in the list of mirrors

[*] Windows 8: Actual Taskbar now supports the Start menu provided by
    the StartIsBack program.

[*] Default hotkey combinations for moving a window between Desktop Divider
    tiles are modified to avoid conflicts with the system ones.

[-] ActualWindowManagerShellCenter64.exe consumed too much memory
    (up to 4 GB).

[-] Graphic resources leak in Actual Taskbar led to various problems with
    Windows Explorer in the systems with the two-byte system language (like
    Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew) set for non-Unicode applications.

[-] Windows 8: Alt-Tab Task Switcher did not display windows placed on secondary
    monitors if the "Individual" mode was set for Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 8: In some cases, work area on secondary monitors calculated
    incorrectly (so the maximized windows did not fill the entire visible

[-] In some cases, Directory Opus toolbar disappeared after docking it to the
    primary taskbar.

[-] In some cases, Classic Shell Start menu popped up in a wrong place
    when called from Actual Taskbar.

[-] Actual Taskbar handled the user-created toolbars incorrectly.

[-] When minimizing/restoring windows in Actual Taskbar, the animation was led
    to the primary taskbar.

[-] In higher screen DPIs, clock in Actual Taskbar did not display the date.

[-] In some cases, buttons pinned to Actual Taskbar might have common icons
    instead of specific ones (for example, Control Panel button had general
    Window Explorer icon).

[-] Jump List displayed wrong caption for a pinned button after restarting
    Actual Window Manager.

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar kept reacting on Aero Shake even after disabling
    it in the Windows Registry.

[-] Special folders (like Libraries), when added to Favorite/Recent Folders
    lists, had general Window Explorer icon instead of a specific one.

[-] Hand tool stopped working in Google Chrome.

[-] Configuration backup might fail with the "Failed to get data for
    'enable_classic_shell_start'" message.

[-] Transitions between the rolled/unrolled state were inconsistent for
    maximized windows.

[-] Rolled up windows had the bottom border cut in the Aero visual themes.

Actual Window Manager 7.4.1 (31.12.2012)
[+] The ability to switch the Desktop Divider layouts using the combo box
    in the "Put into" dialog is added.

[+] The ability to toggle the logging on-the-fly in the Log window is added.

[+] The ability to open the Configuration window for certain window settings
    or an exclusion by double-clicking its entry in the Log window is added.

[*] Compatibility with Adobe Premiere is improved.

[*] Title buttons now look correct in the systems with the right-to-left writing
    language installed (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[*] Preview thumbnails now look correct in the systems with the right-to-left
    writing language installed (like Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[*] Classic Shell Start Menu settings are now stored in the configuration backup
    along with the program settings.

[-] In some cases, auto-hidden Actual Taskbar got behind an active full-screen

[-] Actual Taskbar stopped tracking the changes of the system taskbar options.

[-] When the system taskbar placed vertical, Start menu might appear in a wrong
    place on secondary monitors.

[-] The "Properties" command stopped working in the Actual Taskbar context menu.

[-] If the Actual Taskbar was placed on the edge between monitors, it might
    appear first on a wrong monitor.

Actual Window Manager 7.4 (18.12.2012)
[+] The ability to download pictures from web for the background wallpaper
    slideshow is added. At the moment, two picture sources are available:
    Google Image Search and Flickr.

[+] The ability is added to skip the content of sub-folders when adding a folder
    to file slideshow playlist.

[+] The ability to invoke the classic Start menu on secondary taskbars is
    added (included the Start menu component from the Classic Shell project
    by Ivo Beltchev,

[+] The ability is added to specify a delay before adding/removing standard
    window parts.

[*] Windows 7: The ability to start Actual Window Manager at the end of
    the installation is restored.

[*] Additional title buttons work correct in Mozilla Thunderbird 17.

[*] Compatibility with JRiver Media Center 18 is finally fixed.

[*] In case Actual Taskbar crashes due to some unhandled error, the main program
    tries to relaunch it automatically.

[-] SURFCAM 6 crashed in some cases.

[-] If there were hotkey combinations already by the system, other hotkey
    combinations might work incorrectly.

[-] 64-bit Actual Taskbar displayed garbled icons in task buttons and Jump Lists
    and might crash in systems with two-byte system locale activated (Chinese,
    Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc.).

[-] There were some slight memory leaks in Actual Taskbar.

[-] Background slideshow stopped after locking the workstation, leaving it
    for a while and then unlocking it back.

[-] The additional commands disappeared from the Desktop context menu.

[-] Windows 8: Virtual Desktops switcher displayed buttons for
    Metro applications.

[-] Windows 8: When trying to change the position/size of Windows Explorer
    windows at their startup, they painted incorrectly if the "Block premature
    window appearance" option was enabled in window settings.

[-] Windows 8: In some cases, the disabled Start button on Actual Taskbar might

[-] Mozilla Firefox 17, when maximized, blocked the access to auto-hidden Actual

[-] The name of the Favorite Folders item added in the Configuration window
    could not be edited.

[-] Control keys (e.g. Backspace) were blocked while editing file names in the
    Configuration window.

Actual Window Manager 7.3 (22.11.2012)
[!] Actual Taskbar now runs as a separate process
    (ActualWindowManagerShellCenter.exe). This should increase the speed and
    stability of this feature. Also, now it works natively on 64-bit systems;
    that should result in better handling of native 64-bit applications.

[+] The Files and Folders options page is added. There you can:

    - add, modify, remove and arrange Favorite Folders items
    - name the Favorite Folders items to show this name instead of the full path
    - add separators between the Favorite Folders items
    - adjust the number of Recent Folders items stored
    - clear the Recent Folders history
    - observe the Recent Folders list
    - toggle the title buttons of the same name, accordingly

[+] Favorite Folders and Recent Folders title buttons are now available in:

    - WordPerfect file dialogs
    - DirectoryOpus lister windows
    - Total Commander windows

[+] Minimize-to-Screen icons now can display window preview thumbnails instead
    of window icons (in non-Aero visual themes, the "Enable preview thumbnails"
    option must be activated).

[+] Now, when you minimize a window to a screen icon, drag the icon somewhere
    and then restore the window - it will be restored under the mouse pointer.

[+] Windows 8: Start Screen options has been added (see the "Multiple Monitors -
    Taskbar" panel).

[+] Now it's possible to pin/unpin items in the Actual Taskbar's Jump Lists
    in the same manner as in the system taskbar's Jump Lists.

[+] The Maximize to Desktop Divider Tile mouse action is added (middle click on
    Maximize button by default - see the "Mouse - Actions" panel).

[+] Ability to disable the Desktop Divider for specific windows is added (see
    the "Disable Desktop Divider" option in the "Startup - Options" group).

[+] The Mouse Sonar effect can be displayed after switching the mouse between
    monitors via hotkeys to indicate new mouse location.

[*] Compatibility with the following programs is restored:

    - Logitech SetPoint
    - WordPerfect 12

[*] Compatibility with the following programs is improved:

    - SmartDraw 12
    - HTML-Kit Tools

[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar now is compatible with Start Menu X and Classic Shell
    Start Menu.

[*] Now the Recent Folders and Favorite Folders lists can be invoked via
    grouping button's context menu (i.e. when the title buttons of the same name
    are disabled).

[*] Windows 8: Look of title buttons is improved.

[*] Windows 8: The look of preview thumbnails in Actual Taskbar is improved.

[*] Start button in Actual Taskbar now looks correct in higher screen DPIs on
    Windows Vista and higher.

[*] Group preview in Actual Taskbar now reacts on drag-n-drop attempts.

[*] Handling of links pinned to secondary taskbars is improved.

[*] The order of monitors used in the Move to Monitor feature now is the same
    as in the system.

[*] The "Move to" monitor selector dialog now displays the system monitor

[*] Additional title buttons are now available in JRiver Media Center.

[*] Quick Settings dialog is now compatible with the maximized windows of Google

[*] Desktop Divider now reacts on temporary deactivation even if the window
    is not moving.

[*] When you left-click the Put into Divider Tile title button, the mouse
    pointer now follows this button so that you can quickly put the window
    into a desired tile by simply making several consecutive clicks, without
    moving the mouse.

[*] You can select several files at once in the "Add File" dialog to add them
    to slideshow playlist.

[*] Minimize-to-Screen icons now cannot be made invisible (100% transparent) -
    there is no such item in their "Transparency" submenu anymore.

[*] The Minimize-to-Screen icon's transparency now can be set via AltMin action
    options menu. To call this menu, either right click the AltMin title button
    or open the "Options - AltMin" submenu in the window system menu, then go
    to "Screen Icon Options - Transparency").

[*] The Minimize-to-Screen icons now react on drag-n-drop attempts: they restore
    the minimized window so that you can drop there the dragged item.

[*] Permanent tray icons now react more consistently to a single click.

[*] The list of alternatively minimized windows in the Unhide submenu now is
    divided into two subsets: the list of windows minimized to tray and the list
    of windows minimized to screen.

[-] Language Bar's context menu disappeared immediately after popping up.

[-] In some cases, on 64-bit systems some windows might display their caption
    text in Chinese.

[-] The "&" symbol did not displayed in window captions.

[-] Tooltips disappeared in Microsoft Office 2007 and higher.

[-] Using the Favorite Folders or the Recent Folders title button in the Windows
    Explorer windows caused memory leaks.

[-] The Favorite Folders title button, when enabled, replaced the Unused Buttons
    group button (if it was enabled too).

[-] Windows 8: System secondary taskbars did not hide when Actual Taskbar

[-] Windows 8: Actual Taskbar was not semi-transparent.

[-] Windows 8: Start Screen could not be invoked from the system taskbar when
    the "Show the Start menu for hidden Start button" option was enabled.

[-] Windows 8: Start menu did not hide on a second click on the Start button
    in Actual Taskbar.

[-] Windows 8: The "Open With" list of options disappeared immediately if the
    "Move to Monitor at Startup" feature was enabled in the Default Settings.

[-] Windows 7 x64: Actual Taskbar might work wrong if Actual Window Manager
    was installed with the "Support of system utilities and administrative
    tools" option enabled.

[-] Windows 7: Start menu did not pop up when clicking the leftmost
    Start button's boundary.

[-] Windows 7: The Onscreen Keyboard's taskbar button did not display in
    Actual Taskbar on secondary monitors.

[-] Windows 7: System screen savers were affected by the "Move to Monitor at
    Startup" feature enabled in the Default Settings.

[-] The "No Disk" error message was displayed when trying to open the Jump List
    that contained links to files on a removable or network disk, and that disk
    was removed or unavailable.

[-] In somes cases, new items could not be pinned to Actual Taskbar.

[-] Actual Taskbar, while auto-hidden, did not show up if the Google Chrome
    window was maximized on that monitor.

[-] Title button separator made the buttons unusable in Microsoft Office 2007
    and higher applications.

[-] The "Open as - Maximized" feature worked unstable for the Microsoft Excel
    main window.

[-] With the "Show the buttons in group preview" option enabled, group previews
    might exceed the monitor boundaries.

[-] The "Put the mouse pointer into window on preview click" feature kept on
    working even when the preview thumbnails were turned off.

[-] Click on preview thumbnail of a web browser tab placed the mouse pointer
    to incorrect position when the "Put the mouse pointer into window on preview
    click" feature was enabled.

[-] Title buttons appeared on fullscreen GOM Media Player.

[-] Remove Standard Window Parts feature did not work with XBMC media player.

[-] The Aero Snap preview did not hide if other window popped up while
    dragging a window.

[-] Classic window snapping to Desktop Divider tiles did not work when
    the snapping to desktop/monitor boundaries was disabled.

Actual Window Manager 7.2 (16.08.2012)
[+] The new Recent Folders title button is added. When enabled, it embeds
    into the standard Open File, Save File, Browse for Folder dialogs and
    tracks last folders you make a choice from (i.e. click the OK button).
    Next time you open a dialog, you can quickly visit that folders by
    clicking the Recent Folders button and select the desired folder.
    The new button also works with the Open File/Save File dialogs in
    Microsoft Office applications (since Office XP/2003) and the Windows
    Explorer folder windows.

    Left click on this button invokes the menu with the list of shortcuts
    to recently visited folders (up to 20 items). Shortcuts can be as to
    real file folders as to virtual items (like Control Panel items,
    Libraries in Windows 7, etc.).

[+] The new Favorite Folders title button is added. When enabled, it embeds
    into the standard Open File, Save File, Browse for Folder dialogs and
    lets you create a list of shortcuts to the folders you use most.
    The new button also works with the Open File/Save File dialogs in
    Microsoft Office applications (since Office XP/2003) and the Windows
    Explorer folder windows.

    Left click on this button invokes the menu with the list of shortcuts and
    the commands to add/remove the current folder to/from the list. Shortcuts
    can be as to real file folders as to virtual items (like Control Panel
    items, Libraries in Windows 7, etc.).

[+] The ability to run the desktop profile from the command line is added.
    Use the following syntax:

    ActualWindowManagerCenter.exe dp "your_profile_name"

[+] The options to remove the taskbar group commands from a group preview/Jump
    List are added (see the "Multiple Monitors - Taskbar" panel).

[+] The new feature is added: when you click on taskbar preview, the mouse
    pointer jumps to the corresponding point in the window (see the
    "Multiple Monitors - Taskbar" panel).

[!] The library file aimemb64.dll is built using another compiler so we expect
    the increased stability on 64-bit systems (especially on Windows 7 and
    Windows 8).

[*] Windows Vista/7: The speed of virtual desktops switching in Independent mode
    is significantly increased.

[-] Sometimes the work area on secondary monitor was not updated consistently
    while dragging the taskbar with the mouse.

Actual Window Manager 7.1 (07.07.2012)
[+] Custom grouping of taskbar buttons is now available in Actual Taskbar.

    To add certain window into a group, drag its preview thumbnail and drop it
    onto the group button (or another window's button to make a new group).

    To remove window from a group, drag its preview thumbnail and drop it
    onto the empty taskbar space.

    To handle groups in a quick and easy manner, the
    "Tile/Cascade/Minimize/Restore/Move to Monitor" commands have been added.
    These commands can be invoked:

    - via group's Jump List
    - via caption buttons in the group's preview window
    - via group button's context menu (you can invoke it using Shift-RClick
      on the group button)

    Note: Dragging the preview of a browser tab (Internet Explorer, Chrome,
    Firefox, etc.) will add the entire browser window into the group, not just
    that separate tab.

[+] You can add custom title buttons at the level of particular window settings
    (either Default or Specific). Also, you can change the order of buttons and
    tell apart the groups of similar buttons by adding separators between them.

    Note: There's no "Title Buttons Order" group anymore in the "Options - Title
    Buttons" panel because now the order can be adjusted for different window
    settings individually.

    Warning! Custom title buttons are not compatible with the Multi-selection
    Edit yet so please avoid any manipulations with them (adding, deleting,
    moving) when several window settings are selected to prevent the corruption
    of your settings.

[+] Combo Action feature is added. Now you can add custom title buttons and
    custom hotkeys that, being clicked, run the defined sequence of actions
    at once. Thus, you can apply an arbitrary combined effect to a certain
    window in a single click.

[+] Windows 8: Start button is restored in Actual Taskbars (click on this button
    invokes the system Start screen).

[+] Special multi-monitor slideshow screen saver has been added (see
    "Multiple Monitors -> Screen Saver -> Slideshow on each monitor").

[+] The "Tile/Cascade/Undo" commands has been added to the Actual Taskbar's
    context menu.

[+] Desktop Divider: Now you can switch the layouts on the fly by scrolling
    the mouse wheel:

    1) while dragging a window
    2) over the "Put into" dialog

[+] Desktop Divider: The ability to copy a layout is added.

[+] Desktop Divider: The ability is added to copy a layout from one monitor
    to another in the Tiles Editor.

[+] Desktop Divider: The ability is added to auto-generate the grid division of
    defined dimensions.

[+] Italian language is added (translation provided by Davide Pari).

[*] Compatibility with Windows 8 Release Preview is improved:

    - correct work with 64-bit Internet Explorer and administrative tools
    - correct size on the Multi-monitor Task Switcher on secondary monitors
    - correct size and look of the additional title buttons
    - correct placement of the multi-monitor background wallpaper pictures
    - improved quality of the multi-monitor background wallpaper pictures

[*] Windows 7: Group buttons' look is improved in Actual Taskbar.

[*] The Network Connection pop-up window appears on the monitor
    where the Network tray icon was clicked.

[*] Multi-monitor wallpaper cache folder is cleared upon exiting the program
    or closing the Configuration window.

[*] Desktop Divider: In the "While pressed" activation mode, now it's possible
    to press the modifier keys after the moment you began to drag a window, i.e.
    you can activate/deactivate the Desktop Divider anytime.

[*] Desktop Divider: Tiles Editor better displays the hierarchy of panels
    forming the layout: the deeper the panel is - the lighter its splitter

[*] Desktop Divider: In the Tiles Editor, splitters snap to their neighbours
    located on the same horizontal/vertical line.

[*] Now it's possible to disable the classic snapping of windows to Desktop
    Divider tiles (see the "To Desktop Divider tiles" option in the "Options -
    Window Snapping" panel).

[*] RocketDock is always displayed on all virtual desktops.

[*] Now it's possible to drag items between different Virtual Desktop Switchers
    in the Independent mode.

[*] Compatibility with NVIDIA nView is improved.

[*] In the Aero visual theme, now it's possible to resize a window
    when the mouse is over additional title buttons.

[*] Minimized-to-screen icons save their positions right after moving the icon.

[*] Windows 7: The "Run as different user" option of the Start Program action
    now displays the dialog prompting for credentials (instead of running as
    administrator by default).

[-] Actual Taskbar detected the full-screen windows wrong in the Aero visual

[-] In "Use small icons" mode, group buttons in Actual Taskbar displayed
    large icons scaled down instead of the small icons.

[-] Actual Taskbar in not on-top mode did not come forward after clicking its
    sub-controls (like toolbars).

[-] Icons of the following programs displayed in the primary taskbar even when
    their windows were moved to a secondary monitor:

    - Digsby
    - ProCall One

[-] Windows 7: Actual Taskbar did not displayed the icon for Windows Picture

[-] In some cases, photo slideshow screen savers (Windows Photos, Google Photos,
    etc.), while being assigned to run on different monitors, stopped at first

[-] Desktop Divider: Stretching a window across several tiles didn't work
    in some cases.

[-] Desktop Divider: After placing a window into a tile on another monitor
    and then maximizing the window, its restoration brought it back
    to the original monitor.

[-] Desktop Divider: Activating another layout did not make its tiles conform
    with the Desktop work area.

[-] Clicking the Maximize button in a window that was Aero-snapped to left/right
    half of desktop did not maximize the window.

[-] Virtual Desktops: Parts of Windows Media Player running in a virtual
    desktop appeared on another virtual desktop after switching desktops.

[-] IrfanView became unresponsive after trying to scroll its window
    by the mouse wheel with the Scroll Inactive Windows feature active.

[-] Tooltip that shows current window position displayed the top-left of
    window's client area instead of the top-left for the outer window frame.

[-] Ignore Deactivation action made the Lock Mouse action stop working.

[-] Trying to select several Window Settings items in the left panel and delete
    them resulted in the deletion of a single item only.

Actual Window Manager 7.0 (13.03.2012)
[!] Configuration window has been revamped.

[!] Desktop Divider feature has been added. It allows sub-dividing the entire
    large desktop or each monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles).
    You can create as many custom tile layouts as you need and activate them
    on the fly as circumstances require.

[+] Multi-monitor Taskbar: The Mixed mode is added. In this mode, taskbar on
    the primary monitor shows all running applications on all monitors, whereas
    taskbars on secondary monitors show only applications running on their
    corresponding monitors.

[+] Multi-monitor Taskbar: The option is added to disable the preview thumbnails

[+] Mirroring: The ability is added to run a mirror full-screen.

[+] Mirroring: The ability is added to adjust mirror's parameters on-the-fly
    via right-click context menu. Also, you can toggle a mirror full-screen
    and back using the Alt-Enter hotkey.

[+] Compatibility mode is added for the Lock Mouse and Ignore Deactivation
    hotkeys (try to activate it if these hotkeys do not work by default for
    a particular game/application).

[+] Commands to save/restore the order of desktop icons are added into
    the Desktop's context menu.

[+] Windows 7: The option has been added to control the height of rolled up
    Windows Explorer windows (either roll them up completely or leave
    the breadcrumb navigation bar visible to distinguish rolled up folders

[*] Compatibility with Windows 8 Consumer Preview is improved.

[*] Compatibility with Windows Snipping Tool is improved.

[*] Compatibility with TechSmith's Snagit is improved.

[*] Compatibility with GOM Media Player is improved.

[*] Compatibility with Gyazo is improved.

[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar: Compatibility with Winamp is improved.

[*] Multi-monitor Task Switcher now reacts on mouse clicks.

[*] Actual Window Manager is now compatible with virtual video devices
    (like those added by MaxiVista or iDisplay).

[*] Further improvements of compatibility between Scroll Inactive Windows and

[*] Virtual Desktops: The Independent mode is improved.

[*] Classic window snapping is improved: now it does not snap to maximized
    windows and to the borders of windows, which are partially or completely
    covered by other windows.

[*] The "C" command line option has been modified: now it expects a fully
    qualified name of a folder that contains alternative configuration files
    to load.

[-] In some rare cases, window settings did not re-apply after modification.

[-] Some window settings re-applied after saving the configuration even if
    they were not modified.

[-] Excel 2007/2010 workbooks did not activate after clicking their
    corresponding buttons/preview thumbnails in secondary taskbars.

[-] Active Excel sheets did not minimize on clicking their buttons in
    secondary taskbars.

[-] Context menu did not work in the thumbnail previews for inactive Excel

[-] Outlook 2010 left a blank button in the taskbar after launching from
    a pinned button.

[-] Internet Explorer 9/10 shortcuts did not pin to secondary taskbars when
    being dragged from the Address bar.

[-] Sometimes buttons disappeared from secondary taskbars.

[-] In some cases group buttons in secondary taskbars displayed the icon of
    some window in the group instead of the application icon.

[-] Multi-monitor Taskbar: In some cases multi-row taskbar lost its height
    after changing its properties.

[-] Windows 7: Delays for hiding/unhiding an auto-hidden taskbar differed
    from the system ones.

[-] With the Auto-hide feature enabled, Multi-monitor Taskbar got auto-hidden
    when placing the mouse within a preview thumbnail.

[-] Being in both Auto-hide and Locked mode, secondary taskbar got hidden
    even if it was clicked.

[-] Start menu on secondary monitors had no proper right border in some cases.

[-] Start menu did not appear after pressing Win/Ctrl-Esc if the mouse pointer
    was on a monitor with no taskbar.

[-] Windows 7: Icons were cut in secondary notification areas
    in the Windows Classic visual theme.

[-] Overlay icons on taskbar buttons disappeared after moving a window
    to the primary monitor and back.

[-] Taskbar buttons for windows in the new version of Google Talk showed
    in wrong taskbars.

[-] Aero Peek invoked immediately after moving the mouse into a preview
    thumbnail, without any delay.

[-] Sometimes tooltip showing current window position displayed
    incorrect values.

[-] Crashes in dwm.exe happened occasionally.

[-] In some cases, Control Center might crash upon reloading the configuration.

[-] When launching Actual Window Manager after Stardock DeskScapes,
    Windows Explorer crashed or became unstable.

[-] With Actual Window Manager running, capturing a video in TechSmith's
    Jing made it crash upon closing.

[-] Windows 7: Sometimes Actual Window Manager crashed when creating
    the secondary taskbars.

[-] Control Center might crash when starting the wallpaper slideshow
    if the number of slideshow files changed since the last launch.

[-] Actual Window Manager crashed when trying to toggle
    the Virtual Desktops Switcher.

[-] Virtual Desktops Switcher had numerous problems in the Independent mode.

[-] Multi-monitor Background parameters did not update after switching
    the Background Mode only.

[-] Windows 7: Desktop profiles with cloning could not be activated in
    the Control Center (via hotkey, at startup, via tray's menu, etc.).

[-] Windows 7: Photos screen saver, being run in a multi-monitor mode,
    got frozen on a first image, if the "On resume, display Welcome screen"
    option was active.

[-] Upon launching Actual Window Manager, title buttons in maximized windows
    shifted down if the Multi-monitor Taskbar was active.

[-] Title buttons did not appear in the Windows Media Center window.

[-] Additional commands did not appear in the Windows Media Center window menu
    after switching its window back from full-screen.

[-] Windows that were minimized to the tray/screen via window menu command
    did not restore via Unhide submenu.

[-] Saving the configuration changed the active virtual desktop to a first
    desktop in the list.

[-] Hand tool interfered with the gameplay in some games (such as Cogs).

[-] Wrap the Desktop feature did not work on a monitor where Internet Explorer
    window was maximized.

[-] The Remove Taskbar Entry action worked unstable.

[-] After unghosting a window with the "Unghost temporarily" key combination,
    the window could not be ghosted back.

[-] Maximizing a window pinned to desktop in a multi-monitor system made it
    span the entire desktop instead of the current monitor.

[-] Configuration windows stayed out of sight when they were located
    on a secondary monitor and the monitor got disabled.

Actual Window Manager 6.7.2 (22.11.2011)
[*] The quality of multi-monitor wallpaper pictures is improved in Windows 7.

[*] In Aero visual theme, Multi-monitor Taskbar's color is now exactly the same
    as the system taskbar's.

[*] Delay before activating a preview when moving the mouse within
    a multi-preview for a grouped task is added (for now, it's hard-coded
    to 200 ms).

[-] The Scroll Inactive Windows feature stopped working in previous update.

[-] Activating the maximized windows from secondary taskbars forced them back
    to a normal state.

[-] Sometimes the dwm.exe process crashed.

[-] Window icon and caption did not update in preview thumbnails.

Actual Window Manager 6.7.1 (11.11.2011)
[+] The ability is added to invoke a Jump List by dragging taskbar button
    out of the taskbar.

[+] Auto-scrolling of tabs in the Configuration window is added so the active
    tab should remain always visible and other tabs fill the entire visible

[*] The auto-minimization of inactive Outlook dialogs is improved.

[*] Compatibility of the Scroll Inactive Windows feature is improved with
    third party products that also extend the mouse wheel processing.

[*] Jump Lists' look in the Aero visual theme is slightly improved.

[*] Preview thumbnails' look is improved.

[-] Preview thumbnails stopped showing for Excel 2007 workbooks.

[-] Preview thumbnails did not close after moving the mouse out of them
    if the taskbar auto-hiding was enabled.

[-] In some cases, windows stopped come to front after clicking their
    corresponding buttons/preview thumbnails in secondary taskbars.

[-] In some cases, notification area in secondary taskbars made a noticeable
    CPU load in the Windows Explorer process.

[-] Mirror windows did not return into a visible area after their last monitor
    was disconnected.

[-] The "Area around the mouse pointer" mirror worked wrong for negative
    screen coordinates.

[-] Title buttons did not update their placement in Mozilla Firefox 7 windows
    after maximizing/restoring a window.

[-] In some cases, console windows might hung for some time at startup.

[-] Some Configuration windows (like Select Window from List, Test Regexp)
    did not return into a visible area after their last monitor was

[-] Sometimes, empty match lines appeared in the Test Regexp results.

Actual Window Manager 6.7 (21.10.2011)
[+] Ability is added to activate a desktop profile at
    Actual Window Manager startup.

[+] Monitor auto-arrangement tool is added (see the "Arrange monitors" button
    in the Monitors' Layout and Settings panel).

[+] Ability is added to show/hide secondary taskbars both via Desktop's context
    menu and via Configuration dialog (see the "Unhide taskbars" button in the
    Taskbar panel).

[+] Ability is added to invoke Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper settings
    via Desktop's context menu.

[+] Ability is added to apply desktop profiles and invoke Desktop Profiles
    settings via Desktop's context menu.

[+] Ability is added to hide/show the Show Desktop button via taskbar's
    context menu.

[+] Ability is added to display the Start menu only on monitors with the visible
    Start button when the Win key is pressed (to get this, disable the "Show the
    Start menu for hidden Start button" option in the Taskbar panel).

[+] Ability is added to display window's current position in a popup tooltip
    while dragging a window.

[+] Ability is added to assign a custom mouse action for taskbar button click.

[+] Ability is added to customize modifier keys for the "Scroll inactive windows
    with the mouse wheel" feature.

[+] Norwegian language is added (translation provided by Stale Pedersen).

[+] Ability is added to toggle the "Run the library from the installation
    folder" option via program's command line (use the L+/L- command line option
    to turn this option on/off, accordingly; by default, this option is off).

[*] Window rules (specifics and exclusions) are now compatible with windows of
    Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

[*] Compatibility with many Adobe products is improved (however, some functions
    may be unavailable yet).

[*] Compatibility with Mindjet's MindManager is improved.

[*] Compatibility with TechSmith's SnagIt is improved.

[*] Tracking of window caption changes is improved (in particular, for own
    Actual Window Manager configuration dialogs).

[*] Title buttons look and behave correctly in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar works correctly in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar is now compatible with various sidebar apps
    (like Vista Sidebar, 7 Sidebar, Google Desktop Sidebar, etc.).

[*] Multi-monitor taskbar now respects the "NumThumbnails" registry setting
    when displaying a multi-preview for a grouped/tabbed taskbar button:
    if the number of previews exceeds this setting - windows/tabs are shown
    in a simple list.

[*] Monitor detection to apply individual taskbar settings is improved.

[*] Start menu's look and behavior on secondary monitors is improved.

[*] Windows 7: Rolled-up folder windows now leave the breadcrumb navigation bar
    visible to distinguish them better.

[*] Maximize to Desktop feature is improved to better handle custom monitor

[-] Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 crashed after opening/closing the Chart Source
    Data dialog.

[-] Various Adobe products (like Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver,
    Fireworks, Illustrator) crashed upon exiting.

[-] Autodesk Softimage hung at startup if Actual Window Manager was running.

[-] In Windows 7/8, opening lot of tabs in Internet Explorer 9/10 and then
    hovering its taskbar button led to a continuous cycling of the tabs list.

[-] After restarting Windows Explorer, the Win key stopped invoking
    the Start menu.

[-] Taskbar button's extra features (like progress indicator, overlay icon,
    control buttons in a preview) stopped working in the primary taskbar after
    moving a window to a secondary monitor and then returning it back to
    the primary.

[-] Auto-hidden secondary taskbar did not appear after pressing the Win key.

[-] Taskbar buttons for Google Talk windows showed in a wrong taskbar.

[-] Minimized Windows Media Player with skinned view (like "Now playing")
    did not restore on clicking its button in a secondary taskbar.

[-] Hiding the taskbar on a certain monitor did not restore that monitor's
    work area.

[-] In Windows Vista/7, Start button extended to other monitor when a taskbar
    was on the horizontal edge between monitors and the "Small icons" option
    was active.

[-] When invoking a Jump List for a taskbar with the Auto-hide mode enabled,
    the taskbar hid (and closed the Jump List) when the mouse went out of its

[-] When invoking a hidden icons popup window for a taskbar with the Auto-hide
    mode enabled, the taskbar hid.

[-] Pinned taskbar button looked tabbed even after closing its corresponding
    application (for example, Opera web browser with several opened tabs).

[-] Even when the "Use drop shadows for icon labels" system option was turned
    off, the wallpaper slideshow mode made it active again.

[-] After restoring a system from standby/hibernation, the slideshow did not

[-] Slideshow run even when the "Desktop background" was disabled in the
    Remote Desktop Connection settings.

[-] Show Desktop button on secondary taskbars sometimes stopped showing
    the desktop on mouse hovering.

[-] Windows 7: Switching monitors on/off via desktop profiles did not work
    in some cases.

[-] Windows 7: Hidden tray icons popup window did not close in some cases
    when clicking outside of it.

[-] Virtual Desktops Switchers displayed even when the "Enable virtual
    desktops" option was off.

[-] After activating the Independent mode for virtual desktops, wallpaper
    settings lost for a monitor with no virtual desktops.

[-] Virtual Desktops Switcher in the Independent mode did not react correctly on
    switching a monitor on/off.

[-] Opening first Firefox 7 window on one virtual desktop and then opening
    second window on another activated the first virtual desktop unwantedly.

[-] If an application (like fullscreen game) locked the mouse within the primary
    monitor at startup, the mouse was freed unwantedly.

[-] Soft Mouse Lock did not work on desktop boundaries when the Wrap the Desktop
    feature was active.

[-] Soft Mouse Lock worked incorrectly for dragging a window between

[-] Wrap the Desktop feature wrapped the mouse locked in a window
    within that window.

[-] Wrap the Desktop feature did not wrap the mouse on the top/left desktop
    boundary on some monitor configurations.

[-] Zooming the contents in a WordPerfect active window with the Ctrl+Mouse
    wheel did not work when the Scroll Inactive Windows feature was active.

[-] Scrolling the contents in Adobe Audition windows did not
    work when the Scroll Inactive Windows feature was active.

[-] Title buttons' glow effect looked wrong with non-standard values of
    Screen DPI.

[-] After maximizing a window to desktop, the Restore menu command got disabled.

[-] Rolled-up windows did not unroll after stopping/unloading the Control Center
    if the "Smooth rolling/unrolling" option was enabled.

[-] Trying to drag a rolled-up Google Chrome window made it frozen.

[-] If a window was made always-on-top, it did not reset to a normal state
    after unloading Actual Window Manager.

[-] The Quick Settings dialog disappeared after maximizing its subject window or
    changing subject window's size using the dialog's options.

Actual Window Manager 6.6 (01.08.2011)
[+] Ability is added to hide secondary taskbars per monitor: right click
    the taskbar and select the "Hide taskbar" command in its context menu.
    You can restore the taskbar via "Taskbars" submenu in
    Actual Window Manager tray icon's context menu.

[+] Controls on secondary taskbars (Start button, notification area, clock)
    can be toggled per taskbar: right click the taskbar and select the required
    item in its context menu.

[+] Preview thumbnails can display window icon/caption.

[+] The option is added to always show window icon/caption in preview
    thumbnails, disregarding the OS settings (can be useful for tabbed windows,
    like web browsers).

[+] Wrap the Desktop mouse tool is added. When activated, it wraps the opposite
    edges of desktop and therefore makes the mouse pointer travel through
    them freely. For example, when you drag the mouse beyond the right edge
    it appears on the left edge, and vice versa.

[+] Indonesian language is added (translation provided by Elda Taluta).

[*] Windows Vista/7: When installing a new version, special system mechanism
    is used to avoid the reboot after updating program's runtime library.

[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar extension tracks multi-window applications (like
    MS Visual Studio) more accurately.

[*] Hand tool works more consistently.

[-] Windows 7: Sometimes Multi-monitor Taskbar caused Windows Explorer's crash
    when working with applications that add control buttons into their preview

[-] Windows Vista/7: Sometimes Actual Window Manager caused Desktop Window
    Manager's crash.

[-] If a window was maximized to desktop and then maximized in usual way,
    its buttons remained in secondary taskbars.

[-] Winamp 5, when in skinned mode, did not appear in secondary taskbars.

[-] Soft Mouse Lock could not be activated without the full reload of
    Actual Window Manager.

[-] Hand tool stopped working after restarting Actual Window Manager.

[-] Multi-monitor Wallpaper extension crashed on invalid image files.

[-] In some cases, Virtual Desktops facility crashed in multi-monitor systems.

[-] Upon closing, Configuration window sent the unwanted Back command to
    an underlying window (Windows Explorer, any web browser, etc.).

Actual Window Manager 6.5.1 (11.07.2011)
[+] You can toggle the Multi-monitor Taskbar's "Always-on-top" state via
    its context menu.

[*] The Soft Mouse Lock works more accurate and stable.

[-] Multi-monitor wallpapers looked wrong if there were portrait-oriented

[-] Desktop profile hotkeys stopped working after applying the configuration

[-] Slideshow parameters were not modified after activating another desktop

[-] The "Next slide" command did not appear in Desktop's context menu when
    Actual Window Manager was installed with the support of
    administrative tools.

[-] Multi-monitor Screen Saver did not run the Blank screen saver
    if it was assigned to a second/third/etc. monitor.

[-] Sometimes the Multi-monitor Taskbar's context menu initially appeared
    behind the taskbar.

[-] Console windows hung for 5 seconds after launching.

[-] Scroll Inactive Windows tool did not work with Corel WordPerfect.

[-] Hand tool did not work with Winamp.

Actual Window Manager 6.5 (25.05.2011)
[!] The Virtual Desktops facility allows having independent lists of virtual
    desktops on different monitors. Each monitor can display its own Virtual
    Desktops Switcher.

[!] Desktop profiles support advanced display management features available
    in Windows 7 (such as displays cloning, image rotation).

[+] In Windows 7, preview thumbnails in secondary taskbars display custom
    control buttons (like Play/Pause/Forward/Back for Windows Media Player)
    and application's notification icons.

[+] In Windows 7, secondary taskbars display the hidden notification icons
    in a special fly-out window.

[+] Jump Lists in secondary taskbars display a context menu for their items
    (menu's content may differ from a menu displayed for Jump List items in
    the system taskbar).

[+] Now it's possible to drag items out of Jump Lists and drop them into other

[+] The soft lock of the mouse within monitor (a.k.a. "tight monitor
    boundaries") is added. This mode holds the mouse pointer on the boundary
    between monitors for some specified time and prohibits moving the mouse
    to another monitor unless you drag it there forcibly (i.e. longer than
    the specified amount of time). You can enable this mode and adjust
    the hold time in the new "Multiple Monitors -> Mouse" panel.

[+] The new Lock Mouse in Monitor hotkey is added (Alt-P by default).

[+] The ability is added to duplicate the Virtual Desktops Switcher on
    all available monitors.

[+] The ability is added to add custom mouse actions for clicks on
    particular window parts (see the Mouse panel in the Options window).

[+] The Hand tool is added. It allows scrolling windows by holding down
    the specified mouse button (right by default) and dragging the mouse.

[+] The Mirror window action is added. It allows creating mirrors for certain
    windows on the fly via title button/window menu/hotkey.

[+] Now it's possible to assign a hotkey for a certain desktop profile to
    activate it quickly.

[+] Now it's possible to assign a hotkey for a certain mirror to activate it

[+] Now it's possible to customize the kind of click to invoke the Quick
    Settings dialog.

[+] Now it's possible to customize the system speed of scrolling with the mouse

[*] Compatibility with the fullscreen mode of Adobe Flash Player is improved.

[*] In Windows 7, the look of Start button in secondary taskbars is improved
    in Aero.

[*] Clock in secondary taskbars is highlighted when the mouse pointer
    hovers over it.

[*] Calendar is now shown on the monitor where the taskbar clock was clicked.

[*] The look of taskbar clock is improved in Vista.

[*] In Windows 7, the Show Desktop button in secondary taskbars reacts on
    a drag-n-drop attempt.

[*] Desktop Profiles Manager remembers the successfully applied desktop
    configurations and does not display the confirmation dialog for next
    activations of such configurations.

[*] Compatiblity of the Scroll Inactive Windows feature is improved with
    the protected Internet Explorer windows and Outlook 2010 windows.

[*] The look of a single title button in Aero is improved.

[*] Virtual Desktop Switcher reacts correctly on visual theme changes.

[-] Crashes of skinned Media Monkey windows are fixed.

[-] Multi-preview for several Excel 2010 workbooks displayed incorrect in
    secondary taskbars (a single image of the active workbook was duplicated
    for all others instead of individual images for each workbook).

[-] Firefox 4 left its icon in the taskbar after minimizing
    to tray.

[-] Pinning icons of games to secondary taskbars worked incorrect.

[-] Secondary taskbar sometimes did not pop up on top when switching from
    a full-screen window to a regular one.

[-] Buttons pinned to secondary taskbars had the incorrect width.

[-] Sometimes in WinXP the context menu for a group button in secondary taskbar
    displayed just a single item for a first window in the group.

[-] In Windows 7, buttons on secondary taskbars were grouped incorrect
    when the "Never combine" option was enabled for the system taskbar.

[-] In Windows 7, when the Remove Taskbar Entry option was deactivated,
    the taskbar button did not come back.

[-] The Maximize to Desktop action worked incorrect with monitors having
    negative coordinates.

[-] Aero Snap emulator stopped working in 6.4.

[-] The Restrict Placement action worked incorrect when the restriced area was
    in negative coordinates.

[-] Actual Window Manager hung when trying to update a preview
    for a hung application.

[-] Sometimes Actual Window Manager crashed after changing the mirroring

[-] Sometimes Actual Window Manager crashed while playing the wallpaper

[-] Sometimes Actual Window Manager crashed while displaying a multi-preview.

[-] Edit boxes for time delays worked incorrect with large values.

[-] The Identify button worked incorrect when the Move to Monitor Having the
    Mouse Pointer feature was enabled by default (all monitors' numbers were
    displayed on the same monitor).

Actual Window Manager 6.4 (11.02.2011)
[!] The ability to mirror certain parts of desktop in a floating window is added
    (see the "Multiple Monitors - Mirroring" panel).

    The following kinds of mirroring are available:

    - area around the mouse pointer
    - specified window
    - specified monitor
    - arbitrary part of desktop

    Mirrored area can be zoomed in or out up to ten times.

[+] The ability to add custom hotkeys for certain actions is added
    (see the Hotkeys panel in the Options window).

[+] The ability to pin documents to Jump Lists of applications pinned
    to secondary taskbars is added.

[+] The ability is added to launch a new application instance via Shift-left
    click on application's button in a secondary taskbar (Ctrl-Shift-left click
    launches a new instance of that application with the administrative

[+] The ability to close a window via the Close button in window's live preview
    is added.

[+] The ability to disable the scrolling of inactive windows in Specific
    window settings is added (see the Options group in the Startup panel).

[+] The "Next slide" command has been added to Desktop's context menu.
    It allows you switching to the next slide picture immediately when
    the Slideshow mode is enabled for the Desktop background.

[+] The option is added to disable the random play order of the background
    slideshow and show the available images sequentially.

[+] The option is added to customize the modifiers key combination that disables
    the window snapping temporarily (see the Window Snapping panel in the
    Options window).

[+] The ability to backup/restore the configuration is added (see
    the Backup/Restore commands in the File submenu).

[+] The ability to undo/redo made changes in the main Configuration window
    is added (see the Undo/Redo commands in the Actions submenu).

[*] The look of extra title buttons is improved in Aero theme.

[*] Now Aero Shake and Win-M hotkey minimize windows on a monitor with
    the mouse pointer only.

[*] The separate Start/Stop Actual Window Manager hotkeys
    are replaced with the single Toggle Actual Window Manager hotkey.

[-] Icons pinned on secondary taskbars sometimes disappeared.

[-] The Show Desktop button on secondary taskbars disappeared after changing
    taskbar's placement.

[-] The Show Desktop button on secondary taskbars was misplaced after
    hiding/showing taskbar's clock.

[-] The empty space left in a window group's multi-preview after closing some
    windows in that group.

[-] It was impossible to modify the wallpaper position after it was set once.

[-] Virtual Desktops Switcher disappeared after switching desktops.

[-] Remote Desktop session window painted incorrect after maximizing it
    via Aero Snap.

[-] Scrolling of inactive Internet Explorer windows did not work
    in Protected mode.

[-] The "Disable the native Windows 7 Snap" option also disabled Aero Shake.

[-] Restoring a minimized to tray window via double click made the window
    disappear from the taskbar.

Actual Window Manager 6.3 (19.11.2010)
[!] Taskbars on secondary displays support the basic functions of the Windows 7
    Jump Lists feature (under Windows 7 only). The following functions ARE NOT
    implemented yet:

    - pin/unpin Jump List items
    - drag Jump List items with the mouse
    - display a context menu for a Jump List item

[+] (Win7 only) Secondary taskbars display the progress bar on their buttons
    when needed.

[+] (Win7 only) Secondary taskbars display the colorized highlighting
    for a button under the mouse pointer.

[+] (Win7 only) Secondary taskbars display a separate preview for each tab
    of a tabbed web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome,
    Opera, Safari, etc.).

[+] (Win7 only) The ability is added to pin applications to secondary taskbars
    by files/shortcuts drag-n-drop (may be incompatible with some native 64-bit
    applications, e.g. MMC applets or Internet Explorer).

[+] The ability to replace the system taskbar on a primary monitor with its
    enhanced Actual Tools implementation is added.

[+] Now you can specify the Wallpaper Slideshow mode on a per monitor basis.

[+] The ability is added to set the wallpaper picture by drag-n-drop in the
    Background settings panel.

[+] Ability to scroll inactive windows with the mouse wheel is added
    (see the "Triggers -> Mouse" panel in the Options window).

[+] New hotkeys to quickly place the mouse pointer to the next monitor (Win-`
    by default), to the previous monitor (Win-Shift-` by default) and
    to the center of the primary monitor (Ctrl-Alt-P by default) are added.

[+] The ability is added to move windows to next/previous monitor by clicking
    the middle mouse button on window's title bar with the Alt/Shift-Alt keys

[+] The glow effect when hovering the extra title buttons with the mouse pointer
    in Aero visual theme is added.

[+] Title buttons' skins for the Black and Silver Office 2007 styles are added.

[+] Maximize to Desktop now supports a partial maximization (i.e. to the selected
    monitors only). The selection can be made in the preview dialog, which
    can be opened by right-clicking the Maximize to Desktop title button.

[+] Right click on the Move to Monitor title button now opens a dialog with
    monitors' preview instead of a plain menu if there are more than two
    monitors attached (for two monitors, right click does the same as the left

[+] The "locked mouse" status is stored on a per window basis, i.e. you can lock
    the mouse pointer in several windows at the same time.

[+] The Lock Mouse and Ignore Deactivation actions can be applied at Startup
    in Specific settings.

[+] Now you can adjust various preview thumbnail options:

    - toggle the multi-previews
    - toggle the smooth transitions between previews and preview fading
    - adjust the delay before the preview appearance

[+] The Identify button is added to the "Monitors' Layout and Settings" panel.

[+] Monitor previews support the right-click context menu.

[+] Secondary taskbar can be also repositioned via special command in its
    context menu (in addition to dragging the taskbar with the mouse).

[+] You can launch Windows Task Manager from the secondary taskbar's
    context menu.

[+] The option to select which kind of click (single or double) on the program's
    tray icon is used to launch the Configuration is added.

[+] Experimental feature: now it's possible not only to remove standard window
    parts (like title bar, resizable border, title buttons, etc.) but also to
    add them to certain windows (for example, you can add a general title bar to
    some window that does not have it so that you will be able to control that
    window via advanced title buttons of Actual Window Manager).
    Use cautiously!

[+] The ability to toggle and colorize the Aero Snap preview is added (see the
    "Window Snapping" panel in the Options window).

[+] The ability to disable the native Windows 7 Aero Snap is added (see the
    "Window Snapping" panel in the Options window).

[+] You can temporarily disable the Aero Snap emulation while dragging a window
    by pressing and holding the Ctrl key.

[*] Now it's possible to turn on the Classic Snapping and the Aero Snap mode
    at the same time (see the "Window Snapping" panel in the Options window).

[*] The Background and Screen Saver panels have been slightly redesigned.

[*] If a window is maximized to desktop - taskbar button for this window will be
    visible on each monitor occupied by the window.

[*] When invoking the Start menu via Win or Ctrl-Esc key, it appears on the
    monitor with the mouse pointer.

[*] Start button on secondary taskbars is compatible with Vista Start Menu
    by OrdinarySoft.

[*] Vista/7 desktop gadgets are no more affected when moving groups of windows
    between monitors via "Send/Get/Gather all windows" commands.

[*] The Pin to Desktop action now works correct under Vista/7 (but it's
    incompatible with the transparency effect).

[*] Multiple Specific settings can be selected in several ways:

    - by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging
      the "rubber frame" over desired items
    - by holding the Shift key and clicking on some item above/below
      the selected one
    - by holding the Shift key and pressing the Up/Down keys

[*] Specific Settings list and Exclusions list do not display the value
    of criterion (class, caption, program) for a certain item if the criterion
    in this item is disabled.

[*] Configuration panels can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.

[-] Display devices' vertical refresh rates were dropped to their default values
    (usually, 60 Hz) after switching the primary display or disabling/enabling
    secondary displays via tray icon's context menu.

[-] When a window was minimized on a secondary monitor, the Minimization
    animation was played for the primary taskbar instead of an appropriate
    secondary taskbar.

[-] Taskbar on secondary displays was stretched to a half monitor right after
    loading if the taskbar was aligned vertically.

[-] Secondary taskbars did not restore their width under Windows 7 if being
    aligned vertically.

[-] The Sound Volume applet did not work in secondary taskbars under Windows

[-] Sometimes tray icons did not appear in the secondary taskbars.

[-] Title buttons did not work in Office 2010 64-bit edition.

[-] Title buttons disappeared after moving a window to secondary monitor on
    some display configurations.

[-] Window snapping did not work in Office 2007/2010 windows.

[-] Invoking the advanced window functions by clicking on standard window parts
    did not work in Office 2007/2010 windows.

[-] The width of buttons pinned on secondary taskbars was calculated incorrectly
    in some cases.

[-] Sometimes preview thumbnails appeared below windows.

[-] Sometimes preview thumbnails had a black non-transparent background.

[-] Google Chrome sometimes caused the phantom buttons appear in secondary

[-] Windows 7 Photos screen saver did not work in a multi-monitor mode.

[-] Miranda 0.9 contact list window did not close by clicking its Close button.

[-] If the Configuration window was closed on a secondary monitor and then
    the monitor had been unplugged - the Configuration window had not returned
    into a visible desktop area.

Actual Window Manager 6.2 (04.08.2010)
[+] Secondary taskbars are able to group similar taskbar buttons in a same way
    as the primary taskbar does.

[+] Window thumbnails are available for button groups on secondary taskbars.

[+] Support of regular expressions has been added for the Window Caption

[+] Classic window snapping supports the "Snap to windows from inside" mode
    (see the Window Snapping panel in the Options window).

[+] You can temporarily disable the classic snapping by pressing and holding
    the Ctrl key.

[+] New "Lock mouse" hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L by default) has been added.
    Press it to prevent the mouse pointer from going outside the current window;
    press it once more to make the mouse pointer free again.

[+] New "Ignore deactivation" hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I by default) has been
    added. Press it to prevent the current window from reacting on losing
    the input focus (so the window would "think" it's still active); press it
    once more to let the current window react on deactivating.

[*] The Maximize to Desktop action now takes into account the work areas of
    monitors, i.e. maximized windows do not cover (or hide under) the taskbars.

[*] Now Aero Peek on secondary taskbars depends on the value of the "Use the
    Aero Peek for a Desktop preview" system option.

[*] New Align title button icons have been added for "left/right/top/bottom
    only" alignment modes.

[-] Title buttons did not appear in MS Office 2010 applications.

[-] Title buttons interfered with the tabs dragging in Google Chrome under
    Windows 7.

[-] At the high load on the system (with dozens of windows opened at once),
    the program began to consume too much graphic resources under Windows 7 x64.

[-] At the high continuous load on the system, Multi-monitor Taskbar began to
    mix up the icons on secondary taskbars.

[-] Second activation of the desktop profile having the slideshow mode set
    stopped the slideshow.

[-] If certain display device did not support the resolution stored in desktop
    profile's settings - the resolution was reset to a first available (usually
    low and therefore inappropriate).

[-] The Show Desktop button on secondary taskbars hid windows on a primary
    monitor only.

[-] The Show Desktop button on secondary taskbars showed the frames of hidden
    windows after showing the desktop.

[-] The icon of a button pinned on secondary taskbar changed to the icon of
    the first window opened via that button.

[-] Some programs (e.g. Sticky Notes) could not be pinned on secondary taskbars
    under Windows 7 x64.

[-] Phantom buttons appeared on secondary taskbars for MS PowerPoint and
    MS Access.

[-] Program constantly made redundant queries into the Registry.

[-] Windows disappeared after maximizing to desktop if the primary monitor was
    not leftmost.

[-] Window maximized to desktop shrank automatically to the primary monitor only
    after the "deactivation-activation" cycle.

[-] Maximize to Desktop worked incorrect with MS Office 2007 applications.

[-] The Quick Settings dialog in some cases used wrong values while modifying
    window's position.

[-] The "Move to monitor at startup" options were not available on the Position
    property sheet of the Default window settings.

Actual Window Manager 6.1 (03.06.2010)
[!] Multi-monitor Taskbar now supports the "Pin to taskbar" feature on secondary

[+] Multi-monitor Taskbar now supports the "Show captions" option under
    Windows 7.

[+] Multi-monitor Taskbar now supports the Aero Peek mode under Windows 7.

[+] Now you can invoke window's system menu by the right-click on its taskbar
    button's live preview.

[+] Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper now has the Slideshow mode (either
    a single slideshow on entire desktop or a separate slideshow on each

[+] The ability to toggle secondary monitors via tray icon's context menu
    is added.

[+] New hotkeys to disable/enable all secondary monitors at once have been
    added. (Please, note that these hotkeys are turned off by default - you
    can enable them in the "Options - Hotkeys" panel).

[+] The ability to switch the primary monitor via tray icon's context menu
    is added.

[+] The new Maximize to Desktop title button has been added.

[+] The new Maximize to Desktop system window menu command has been added.

[+] The ability to customize the layout of monitors and their settings without
    the need to create a desktop profile is now available (see the "Monitors
    Layout and Settings" panel).

[+] The Show Desktop button has been added to secondary taskbars under
    Windows 7.

[+] New group operations have been added into the context menu of secondary

    - Send all windows from this monitor to a specified one
    - Get all windows from a specified monitor to this one
    - Gather all windows to this monitor

[+] The ability to watch a preview of the Multi-monitor Screen Saver is added.

[+] The ability to close a window by clicking its title bar is added.

[+] The button to invoke the Context Help in the Options window has been added.

[+] The ability to set a delay before making an inactive window transparent
    is added.

[+] The ability to create specific window settings from the Windows Monitoring
    Log window is added.

[*] Administrative tools (like Regedit, Event Viewer, etc.) are now extended
    in Vista/7.

[*] Support of console windows under Windows 7 is improved.

[*] The Start button on secondary taskbars works more similar to the main one.

[*] The default key combinations for the following actions have been changed
    because of conflicts with Windows 7 reserved hotkeys:

    - Desktop Profiles popup menu (Win+W instead of Win+P)
    - Make Transparent window action (Win+Y instead of Win+T)
    - Move to Next/Previous Virtual Desktop (Win+\ instead of Win+= and
      Win+Shift+\ instead of Win+Shift+=)

[*] Separate Configuration dialog opened for certain window settings
    now displays the name of settings being edited.

[*] The shift values for Align title button/window menu can be customized in
    the Position property sheet too.

[*] Multi-monitor Screen Saver has been made compatible with screen savers that
    do not clear the screen completely (such as Bubbles in Windows 7).

[*] Monitors' ordinal numbers displayed in the lists of available displays now
    match actual display device indexes shown when you press the "Identify"
    button in the Windows Display Properties dialog.

[*] Now Vista SideBar widgets are visible on all virtual desktops.

[*] Change Window Icon action now uses high quality versions of icons under
    Windows 7.

[*] Maximize to Desktop action now performs correct maximization:
    maximized window has no borders and it can't be dragged.

[*] The multi-selection editing mode is significantly accelerated for large
    quantities of selected window settings.

[-] Title buttons were drawn incorrectly in windows using right-to-left

[-] Easy windows dragging/sizing did not work for 64-bit applications.

[-] The bug with empty custom tray/screen icon after restarting the application
    is fixed.

[-] Multi-monitor Taskbar reacted incorrectly on pressing the Win+M
    system hotkey.

[-] The bug with empty icons in secondary taskbars after changing the visual
    theme is fixed.

[-] Maximize to Desktop action worked incorrectly for windows maximized via
    regular Maximize button.

[-] When clicking the Start button on a secondary taskbar, the Start menu
    flickered on a primary monitor first (fixed in all visual themes except
    Windows Classic).

[-] Taskbar buttons for console windows displayed on a wrong secondary taskbar
    in the individual Multi-monitor Taskbar mode.

[-] Sometimes under Windows 7 secondary taskbars' buttons displayed icons
    smaller than normal.

[-] Multi-monitor Background Wallpaper worked incorrectly when the leftmost
    monitor was not primary and Active Desktop was enabled.

[-] Conflict with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is fixed.

Actual Window Manager 6.0 (12.02.2010)
[!] The Multi-monitor Taskbar now emulates the notification area (system tray)
    on secondary monitors with the ability to display the clock and manually
    re-order icons by dragging them with the mouse.

[!] The main Taskbar toolbars (like Quick Launch, Desktop, Address, etc.) are
    available on secondary taskbars as well.

[!] The console windows support is available on Windows 7.

[!] Checking for updates online by contacting Actual Tools website and
    retrieving information about latest version available has been added.
    The check process can be launched either automatically with the defined
    period (daily, weekly, monthly) or manually by pressing the Check Now
    button (see the "Check for Updates" group in the General Options panel).

[+] All executable files (including setups) are digitally signed.

[+] The option to prevent running the library from the %Temp% folder has been
    added (see the "Run the library from the installation folder" option in the
    "Control Center Options" group).

[+] The long-awaited Window Snapping feature has been added: when you drag or
    resize a window with the mouse it can stick certain window border/corner to

    - desktop/monitor border (from inside);
    - other windows (from outside);
    - grid with defined cell size.

    To customize this feature, see the Window Snapping panel in
    the Options window.

[+] The ability to drag window by holding the left mouse button anywhere within
    window's interior while certain modifier keys are pressed (Ctrl+Win
    by default) has been added.

[+] The ability to resize window by holding the right mouse button anywhere
    within window's interior while certain modifier keys are pressed (Ctrl+Win by
    default) has been added. You can enable/disable this feature and customize
    the set of modifier keys in the Options window (select the new Triggers->Mouse
    item to display the Mouse Options page).

[+] The manual re-ordering of icons in the primary notification area by dragging
    them with the mouse has been added.

[+] The Multi-monitor Taskbar extension now supports the "Small icons" option
    in Windows 7.

[+] The ability to make taskbars transparent is added (see the "Transparency"
    option in the "Taskbar" panel).

[+] Now you can customize the modifier keys for reordering taskbar buttons.

[+] Move to Monitor at Startup action is available in the Default settings.

[+] You can specify the "Primary" value for the "Target monitor" option
    of the Move to Monitor at Startup action.

[+] The ability to customize the background color for the "Single picture"
    wallpaper mode is added.

[+] The partial ability to control display orientation via desktop profiles
    has been added. It will work only with the display adapters that explicitly
    report about their rotation capabilities to Windows; in other words,
    the list of supported video modes for such adapter will contain appropriate
    entries (for example, 768x1024 for the "portrait" orientation).

    If your display adapter allows such way of display rotation, you will see
    the additional "Display Orientation" group of controls on the "Multiple
    Monitors -> Desktop Profiles -> Monitors Layout and Settings" tab.

[+] The ability to stretch the Start button out to the multiline Taskbar
    in old visual themes (such as Windows Classic, XP Blue/Green/Silver)
    has been added (see the "Stretch the Start button out to the taskbar" option
    in the Taskbar panel).

[+] The ability to minimize all windows on a particular monitor has been added
    (see the "Minimize all" command in secondary taskbar's context menu).

[+] The set of advanced window actions to invoke via mouse clicks on standard
    window parts (such as title bar, regular Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons,
    etc.) has been extended - the following combinations have been added:

    - minimize window by clicking the title bar (Win+RClick by default);
    - minimize window to tray by clicking the title bar (Ctrl+RClick by
    - minimize window to screen by clicking the title bar (Ctrl+MClick by
    - roll window up by clicking the title bar (Shift+RClick by default);
    - minimize window to tray by clicking the Minimize button (RClick by
    - minimize window to screen by clicking the Minimize button (MClick by
    - maximize window to desktop by clicking the Maximize button (RClick by
    - maximize window just horizontally by clicking the Maximize button
      (Shift+RClick by default);
    - maximize window just vertically by clicking the Maximize button
      (Ctrl+RClick by default).

    You can customize the default combinations in the Options window (select
    the new Triggers->Mouse item to display the Mouse Options page).

[+] The Minimize to Screen action has been improved: now when you minimize
    a window to screen, the icon will appear by default exactly under the mouse
    pointer so that you can quickly restore window back or immediately drag
    the icon anywhere you like. If you need to store certain icon's position on
    the screen, you can enable the newly added "Save position" option.

[+] AltMin screen icons now snap to desktop borders and other windows.

[+] The option to select the click type (single or double) to restore
    a window from the tray/screen icon has been added.

[+] The Transparency and Ghost features are available for console windows
    on any version of Windows starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7.

[+] The Cut to Clipboard title button has been added.

[+] Preview thumbnails are now shown over rolled up windows.

[+] The ability to send a window to bottom upon its startup is added.

[+] The Aero Snap mode now supports the horizontal maximization: just drag
    the left or right window border towards the corresponding monitor boundary
    to make window fit monitor width.

[+] New "Crop to fit" wallpaper position mode has been added.

[+] New hotkey combinations to suspend/resume the Control Center
    (Ctrl+Alt+Num-/Ctrl+Alt+Num+ by default, respectively) have been added.
    Please note that they are disabled by default.

[+] New hotkey combinations to save/restore the desktop icons order
    (Ctrl+Shift+S/Ctrl+Shift+R by default, respectively) have been added.
    Please note that they are disabled by default.

[+] New hotkey combination to move a window to the previous monitor in a
    multi-monitor environment (Win+Shift+/ by default) has been added.

[+] The ability to turn off automatic switching of virtual desktops
    has been added (see the "Virtual Desktops Options" group in the Virtual
    Desktops tab).

[*] The Multi-monitor Background/Screen Saver tabs in the Configuration window
    more accurately display the current system settings.

[*] The Multi-monitor Taskbar/Task Switcher now correctly display the Unicode
    window captions.

[*] The Virtual Desktops Switcher now correctly displays the Unicode window

[*] The Unhide submenu and hints over tray/screen icons now correctly display
    the Unicode window captions.

[*] You can finely tune the blocking of window appearance before startup actions
    (like Align/Resize) are applied: if the default blocking mode causes any
    problems you can enable the compatibility mode or turn the blocking off

[*] The "Custom Window Size" dialog is improved: it's initialized with
    actual window dimensions for the first use and displays values for all
    available measure units (pixels, percent of monitor/desktop).

[*] Tracking of window caption changes has been improved.

[*] The "Keep persistent" option of the Change Window Caption action has been
    restored so that one might just freeze certain window caption string,
    without the need to specify the replacing string value.

[*] Now if the "Transparent when inactive" option is enabled for some window
    the window won't become transparent if it loses focus because of its child
    window appearance (i.e. you still continue to work with the same application
    so that it remains active in whole).

[-] The problem with the not responding Control Center while logging off is

[-] Intermittent crashes of Control Center after reboot are fixed.

[-] The intermittent crashes of applications written in Visual Basic have been

[-] Monitors' names were not detected correctly in some cases.

[-] Title buttons looked and placed incorrectly in non-standard screen DPIs
    (e.g. if the "Large fonts" option was enabled).

[-] Minimization by clicking the Close button stopped working.

[-] Aero Snap emulation didn't work for console windows when the
    "Show window contents while dragging" system option was turned off.

[-] After suspending/resuming Control Center, windows weren't returned to their
    assigned virtual desktops.

[-] The bug with interrupted Desktop Background Slideshow feature in Windows 7
    has been fixed.

[-] The unwanted auto-exit of the multi-monitor screen saver on some display
    configurations is fixed.

[-] The leaks of graphics resources on Windows x64 when using the Multi-monitor
    Taskbar extension have been fixed.

[-] Some applications now minimize correctly on secondary monitors - their
    taskbar button doesn't jump to the primary monitor's Taskbar.

[-] Switching maximized windows between monitors in Windows Classic
    theme is fixed.

[-] When you make a window always-on-top via Quick Settings dialog it
    does not get behind the window.

[-] The intermittent crash of Windows Explorer when using the Multi-monitor
    Taskbar extension has been fixed.

[-] The intermittent crash of Control Center when using the Multi-monitor
    Taskbar extension has been fixed.

[-] The crash of Control Center because of graphics resources exhaustion
    when using the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension has been fixed.

[-] The unwanted automatic cyclic switching of virtual desktops has been fixed.

[-] The bug with corrupted icons in the Virtual Desktop Switcher has been fixed.

[-] The problem with title buttons in Mozilla applications (Firefox,
    Thunderbird) maximized to desktop is fixed.

[-] After minimizing and then restoring Photoshop CS4 there was a redundant set
    of title buttons.

[-] The bug with the blurred title buttons in Windows Explorer windows under
    Vista Aero has been fixed.

[-] Crash of some programs (e.g. WinZip 14 Professional) when using system
    menu commands has been fixed.

[-] Auto-restoration of some windows (like Acrobat Reader 8.1.2) which were
    maximized using the Aero Snap works as expected now.

[-] Specifying more than 1000 pixels for window width/height in the
    Quick Settings dialog no more led to window shrinking.

Actual Window Manager 5.4 (09.07.2009)
[!] The core engine has been slightly improved: now startup actions
    are applied to a window before it becomes visible so there will be
    no annoying blinking when changing window's position/size upon its startup.
[+] The Windows 7 Aero Snap emulation is added. It allows you:
    - auto-maximize a window by dragging it to the top edge of desktop;
    - auto-restore a maximized window by starting drag it as any normal window;
    - auto-span a window to the left/right half of desktop by dragging it
      to the left/right edge of desktop correspondingly;
    - auto-maximize a window just vertically while dragging its top/bottom edge
      to the top/bottom edge of desktop correspondingly.
[*] Now you can turn off the buttons re-ordering mode for the primary Taskbar.
[+] Now you can re-order buttons on the primary Taskbar even if the
    "Group similar taskbar buttons" option is enabled.
[+] Now the primary Taskbar buttons re-ordering works under Windows 2000.
[+] Virtual Desktops Switcher window is added: it displays a set of toolbars
    (one toolbar per virtual desktop) where each toolbar shows the icons of
    applications running on its corresponding virtual desktop. You can toggle
    this Switcher window via special hotkey (Alt+` by default).
[+] Windows Thumbnails feature is added. Once enabled, it creates a small
    preview copy for each running window (either visible or hidden) and displays
    this preview as a visual tip in one of the following places:
    - over Taskbar buttons;
    - over AltMin screen icons;
    - over Virtual Desktops Switcher buttons.
[*] Virtual Desktops panel is slightly redesigned:
    - background and hotkey settings are divided onto separate tabs;
    - the Switcher settings group is added.
[*] Configuration user interface has been slightly changed: Virtual Desktops
    and Desktop Profiles panels are now grouped in the main window with the
    Window Settings panel.
[+] The ability to set up multi-monitor wallpaper/screen saver immediately
    (without the need to create and activate certain desktop profile) is added.
    Because of this, all multi-monitor-related options (Taskbar, Background,
    Screen Saver, Desktop Profiles) have been regrouped under the
    Multiple Monitors tab in the main Configuration window.
[*] Multi-monitor Taskbar extension is now compatible with Windows 7.
[*] Now the Multi-monitor Task Switcher extension is compatible
    with the TaskSwitch XP PowerToy utility.
[-] Conflicts with the following products have been fixed:
    - Microsoft NetMeeting
    - NetOp Remote Control (Host)
    - RAdmin Server
    - Ad Muncher
    - Calendar Magic
    - Microsoft Flight Simulator X
[-] The bug is fixed: in full screen applications (like games) title buttons
    were though invisible but still active and responded to mouse clicks.
[-] The bug is fixed: the Multi-monitor Taskbar/Task Switcher windows
    disappeared in Windows 7 when the Aero Peek was activated.

Actual Window Manager 5.3 (31.03.2009)
[!] The multi-monitor desktop profile manager is added. Now you can
    create customized settings - profiles - for your desktop, including
    displays' layout and per display properties (such as screen resolution,
    color quality, refresh rate, etc.). Also, there are advanced abilities
    to control the desktop background and screen saver: you can either stretch
    a single picture/screen saver over entire desktop or specify individual
    pictures/screen savers for each display. You can create as many profiles
    as you need and then activate them via Control Center's context menu, as
    circumstances require. Also, this menu can be invoked via hotkey
    (Win+P by default).
[+] Now virtual desktops support the extra multi-monitor settings for
    their wallpapers.
[+] The "Start Program" action is added: you can select a program or document
    to be launched in a manner similar to defining regular Windows shortcuts and
    then start it via special title button or system window menu command.
[+] Now the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension supports the Auto-hide and Lock
    features on the per monitor basis.
[+] Now you can manually order the buttons on secondary taskbars as well as
    on the primary one using the simple mouse drag-n-drop (for now, it is
    available only under Windows XP or later; also, it does not work when
    the "Group similar taskbar buttons" option is enabled).
[+] Now you can quickly align a window by clicking the right mouse button on
    window's border with the Ctrl key pressed.
[+] The Description field is added for Default settings.
[+] The Description field is added for Exclusions.
[*] The amount of consumed Windows graphics resources is decreased
    significantly (this prevents the resource exhaustion when too many windows
    stay open).
[*] Now you can switch on/off different ways of invoking the Quick Settings
    dialog in the General panel of the Options window.
[*] Now you can customize hotkey groups for quick window alignment/stretching.
[*] The option to make additional title buttons Office 2007-like is added.
[*] Now hotkeys in active window work even if it has no title bar.
[*] Now Configuration windows remember their Maximized state between sessions.
[*] The Description edit field at the Index panel now automatically wraps
    its content and automatically fills the rest of panel's area.
[-] The bug in Configuration user interface with non-disappearing horizontal
    scroll bar is fixed.
[-] Now the additional title buttons and system window menu items work
    as expected in Windows Live Mail.
[-] Now the Multi-monitor Taskbar extension correctly restores after unlocking
    the workstation.
[-] The crash of Multi-monitor Task Switcher extension under Windows Vista x64,
    when using the Alt+Tab key combination, is fixed.
[-] Now console windows are correctly extended in the zero user session
    on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 2003.
[-] The long unwanted pause, when closing console windows via Close
    title button, is removed.
[-] The incorrect behavior of Virtual Desktops (activating hidden windows,
    such as Sound Volume Control, unintentionally activated the first
    virtual desktop), is fixed.
[-] The incorrect behavior of Virtual Desktops under Windows Vista, when using
    the Alt+Tab key combination (the appearance of the Task Switcher window
    unintentionally activated the first virtual desktop), is fixed.
[-] Now virtual desktops with custom wallpaper correctly consider the
    Desktop Background settings of the Remote Desktop Client.
[-] Retrieving current displacement for a window with the Window Finder in the
    "Align at startup to" group now correctly considers multiple monitors
    (shift values are calculated relative to window's host monitor, not the
    primary monitor).
[-] The "Restrict placement" function now correctly handles the maximized
[-] Windows Layout tool now skips the full-screen windows.
[-] Windows Layout tool is now compatible with Plemsoft's PowerBar.
[-] The crash of Windows Vista Snipping Tool, when closing it, is fixed.

Actual Window Manager 5.2 (14.10.2008)
[+] Multi-monitor support: The feature to display the Taskbar on secondary
    displays is added. Secondary taskbars emulate the functionality of the
    primary Taskbar with the following remarks:
    - the secondary taskbars can work either independently or consistently
      with the primary Taskbar: in former case each secondary taskbar displays
      only the buttons of windows that reside on the same monitor; in latter
      case all secondary taskbars display the contents of the primary Taskbar
      (the mirror mode)
    - you can change the order of buttons on secondary taskbars dragging the
      desired button by the mouse with the Shift key pressed
    - the minimizing/maximizing animation, if enabled, is played always
      regarding to the primary Taskbar despite which display the
      minimized/maximized window resides on
    When running, Multi-monitor Taskbar provides the following abilities:
    - the emulation of Start button on each secondary taskbar
    - flashing of taskbar buttons for windows that are about to become active
    - correct hiding of secondary taskbar when some window goes full-screen
    - adjusting Multi-monitor Taskbar options via context menu
    - displaying of thumbnail previews in Windows Vista Aero
[+] Multi-monitor support: The feature to display the Task Switcher (special
    system window invoked via Alt+Tab) on secondary displays is added.
[+] The new Quick Settings feature is added: now you can open for a certain
    window the special dialog which gives access to most popular Actual Tools
    features at once. Using this dialog, you can quickly set up window's
    appearance (including its position, size, transparency, caption icon,
    caption string, etc.).
    You can invoke the Quick Settings dialog either clicking the
    middle mouse button on desired window's title bar, pressing the special
    hotkey (Win+Q by default) or via extra "Quick settings..." item in window's
    system menu. To close this dialog, you can simply click anywhere
    outside of it.
    The important thing is that you can use this dialog even with windows that
    have been excluded.
[*] Now the title buttons look fully native under Windows Vista Aero.
[*] Now you can cancel the changes of Target Window edit fields made with
    the Window Finder by pressing the Escape key.
[*] Now the window settings commands (like "Modify applied settings", "Create
    new specific settings", "Exclude this window") open the specially
    designed light-weight Configuration dialog containing the subject settings
[*] The overall stability is improved when running on Windows x64.
[-] The bug caused the Explorer crash when trying to delete files under
    Windows Vista/2008 x64 is fixed.
[-] Now the Virtual Desktops facility correctly handles the change of order
    in the list of virtual desktops.
[-] Now the Virtual Desktops facility correctly handles the tool windows of
    Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Flash CS3 when switching between desktops.
[-] Now the Virtual Desktops facility correctly reacts on pressing the
    Win+D system hotkey.
[-] Now the Virtual Desktops facility is compatible with windows of Mozilla
    applications (Firefox, Thunderbird).
[-] Now the Virtual Desktops facility correctly keeps the custom wallpaper
    while running via the Remote Desktop connection.
[-] Now Total Commander refreshes its file lists as usual while being
    pinned to desktop.
[-] Now Windows Layout tool is compatible with Vista Sidebar.
[-] No more crashes of NoteZilla when closing its Preferences dialog.
[-] Extra title buttons are again displayed correctly in the
    title bar of IncrediMail XE.

Actual Window Manager 5.1 (15.05.2008)
[!] The ability to create/manage virtual desktops is added. Now you can:
    - create as many virtual desktops as you need
    - assign custom wallpaper to a certain virtual desktop
    - assign custom hotkey to a certain virtual desktop for its
      quick activation
    - switch between existing virtual desktops via special "Next
      desktop"/"Previous desktop" hotkeys
    - send any specific window upon its startup to a certain virtual desktop or
      make it visible on all virtual desktops
    - move windows between virtual desktops via special title button/window
      menu item
[+] Now you can edit multiple specific settings at once in the Configuration
    Module (use Ctrl+<left mouse click> to select several items).
[+] Now you can specify a custom icon for a window minimized
    either to the system tray or on the screen.
[+] The custom hotkeys for standard Windows "Minimize"/"Maximize" commands are
    added (by default Win+<Down arrow>/Win+<Up arrow> accordingly).
[+] The compatibility mode for moving maximized windows between monitors is
    added: if you have troubles when trying to move a maximized window to
    another monitor then try to activate this mode to fix the problems.
[*] Window menu is slightly improved: additional options of AltMin and Roll Up
    actions are grouped into a separate submenu.
[*] Now you can remove or reposition special "Pin to desktop" and
    "Restrict placement" window menu items as well as any other menu items.
[-] Now extra title buttons don't appear in the fullscreen mode of
    Microsoft Word 2003/2007.
[-] The compatibility with applications written in Visual Basic is improved
    (in particular, with WorkCentrics and NCSS 2007).
[-] The bug is fixed: enabling the Command Prompt Windows Support
    when Tiny Personal Firewall is running led to system crash.
[-] Now window size can exceed the size of a single monitor in multi-monitor
    configurations when resizing window in pixels and the "Keep window within
    the desktop boundaries after resizing" option is enabled.
[-] Now the Unroll action correctly considers the placement restrictions when
    they are enabled.
[-] Now windows pinned to desktop react properly when the Control Center is
[-] Now the Change Window Title action works properly if the Window Caption
    criterion is enabled.

Actual Window Manager 5.0 (16.01.2008)
[!] The support for command prompt (or console/CMD/DOS) windows in Windows
    2000/XP/2003/Vista is added.
[!] The full support on native 64-bit applications running on any Windows x64
    platform is added.
[!] Now the Control Center automatically defines the order of specific
    settings considering their preference rank (this order affects the process
    of selecting a proper rule for a certain window). See the
    "Principles of Operation -> Preference Rank" article in program's Help
    for more information.
[+] The ability to change the default window icon to a selected one is added.
[+] There are added some predefined hotkeys (non-configurable yet)
    for easy window alignment/stretching: now you can use the
    Win+NumPad1..NumPad9 key combinations to quickly align a window to 9
    predefined positions, and the Win+Ctrl+NumPad1..NumPad9 (except for
    NumPad5) key combinations to quickly stretch a window to 8 predefined
    directions. Note: NumLock must be turned on to make these hotkeys
[+] Now when you resize a window manually (either with a mouse or keyboard)
    the tooltip is displayed showing the actual window size.
[+] Now it's possible to use almost any key when specifying a hotkey
[+] Now it's possible to include key combinations involving the special
    "Win" key into macro sequences.
[+] Now it's possible to specify custom alignment position in the
    "Alignment" submenu.
[+] Now you can provide a custom skin path relative to
    Actual Window Manager's installation folder.
[+] Now it's possible to double-click an item in the list of "Copy Settings
    from..." window to auto-select this item and close the window.
[+] Now it's possible to sort the list of specific settings and the list of
    exclusions by clicking on their column headers.
[*] Both Control Center's and Configuration Module's memory consumption
    is optimized.
[*] In the Configuration window time units are changed from milliseconds to
    seconds so now it's possible to provide fractional values for time delays
    (e.g. 0.2 seconds, 1.7 seconds etc.).
[*] Now Align Window/Resize Window actions can be applied only if the target
    window is in proper state: normal - for Align Window, normal or maximized -
    for Resize Window. Otherwise, corresponding title buttons/window menu
    commands are disabled.
[*] The Align Window action's detail panel in the Startup property sheet
    is made identical to its corresponding "Align at startup to" detail panel
    in the Position property sheet.
[*] The "Keep persistent" option is removed from the Change Window Caption
    action: now after setting the new caption string it prevents further
    attempts of caption change constantly.
[*] Now the "Enable logging" option can be turned on/off via tray icon's menu and
    the log window is independent of the logging status so the log contents can
    be viewed any time.
[*] Index panel status lines are formatted now to improve their recognition.
[*] The "Manage Window Settings" menu is renamed and slightly redesigned.
[*] The overall stability of "Send Configuration" commands is improved.
[-] The compatibility is improved with the following applications/windows:
    - Windows Vista Start Menu user picture (doesn't turns black if transparent)
    - Xfire 1.81 (now it correctly minimizes to tray)
[-] The constant CPU utilization by the Configuration Module application
    is fixed.
[-] Crashes of Sysinternals Process Explorer and Microsoft IntelliPoint when
    using the Window Finder are fixed.
[-] The bug caused sometimes the "green-filled" desktop appearance in
    Vista Aero is fixed.
[-] The bug is fixed: title buttons were painted twice in Vista Aero
    after restoring a window minimized to tray.
[-] The bug is fixed: title buttons appeared displaced in Windows Media Player
    in Vista Aero.
[-] Now the title bar double-click is correctly handled in Office 2007
[-] The custom skin drawing procedure is fixed: now it correctly handles the
    fully transparent background.
[-] The bug caused "black windows" problem (e.g. with Windows Vista Sidebar)
    is fixed.
[-] The bug is fixed: moving a maximized window to another monitor, then
    minimizing it (optionally), then restoring it led to appearance of window
    on the initial monitor.
[-] The incompatibility of using "Resize at startup"/"Align at startup" actions
    together with the "Open as: minimized/maximized" action is fixed: now both
    specified position and size are correctly set before the target window
    becomes minimized.
[-] The bug is fixed: when "Rolled up if inactive" and "Smooth Rollup" options
    were enabled, dragging the rolled window led to "Roll Up" function's
[-] The bug is fixed: using the "Roll Up" hotkey along with "Smooth Rollup"
    option enabled led to window's hang-up.
[-] The bug is fixed: "Unrolled while being mouse-hovered" option didn't work
[-] The bug is fixed: the "Change priority when minimized" option wasn't applied
    if window was minimized using the AltMin title button/window menu command.
[-] The bug of absense of title buttons in Remote Desktop Client is fixed:
    now extra buttons are correctly displayed when Remote Desktop Client is
    launched in full-screen mode and then switched to window mode.
[-] The compatibility with the Launchy application is improved.
[-] Now the Resize Window action works as expected with PuTTY.
[-] Now the "Unghost temporarily" key combination is checked exactly as
    specified (in previous versions there was an ability to press any extra keys
    but the combination was still considered as valid).
[-] Now Configuration window's status bar doesn't cut long hint strings.
[-] The incompatibility of the "Send Configuration -> Send to the Tech Support"
    command and Microsoft Outlook is fixed.

Actual Window Manager 4.5 (20.06.2007)
[!] Windows Monitoring Log tool is added into the Control Center. It allows
    detecting newly appeared windows and check, which window rule has been
    applied in each particular case. Now you can easily solve any configuration
    ambiguities and detect properties of short-living windows (like tool tips,
    popup menus etc.). Be careful using this feature: turned on it may slow down
    your system!
[+] The new great long-awaited "Run keyboard macro" feature is added: now you
    can define the keyboard macro and send it to a certain window at its
    startup, thus automating some regular initial actions.
[+] The new "Change program affinity" feature is added: if using a
    multi-processor system, now you can control, which physical processors
    a particular application should run on.
[+] The ability to hide the mouse pointer, while it is floating over the
    specific window, is added.
[+] The ability to copy settings from a selected window rule to others is added.
[+] The new hotkeys are added:
    - "Reapply settings" action (Win+F5 by default)
    - Configuration Module's launch (Win+C by default)
    - "Unhide" submenu that shows the list of currently minimized/hidden
      windows (Win+H by default)
[+] Now the hotkey status is displayed in the "Hotkeys" panel of the "Options"
    window: when defining a new key combination, you can see, if the defined
    combination is already in use with another application or assigned to
    another action.
[+] The on-the-fly transparency setting is added: when right-clicking the
    "Make Transparent" title button, the slider control appears instead of the
    context menu with predefined values; while dragging this slider, the
    transparency level is being changed immediately, thus allowing a quicker
    and easier choice of desired appearance.
[+] When minimizing to screen, now you can make screen icons
[+] New title buttons are added: Copy to Clipboard, Paste from Clipboard.
[+] The new "Keep window caption persistent" option is added to the "Change
    window caption" feature.
[+] The ability to temporarily disable the automatic rolling up via Roll Up
    title button's context menu or Roll Up window menu's submenu is added.
[+] Now the balloon tip is shown over the Control Center's tray icon at first
    start after the installation.
[+] Translation to the Dutch language is added (thanks to Onno Verschoor).
[*] The internal mechanism of hotkeys processing is significantly improved.
[*] The long-awaited improvement for permanent tray/screen icons is made: now
    permanent icons behave like buttons in the Taskbar (i.e. active window is
    minimized, inactive window is activated, minimized window is restored).
[*] The "Index" window rule panel is updated: now it displays all
    currently enabled windows settings of a certain rule.
[*] The options structure is redesigned: new "Triggers" and "Actions" grouping
    nodes are added.
[*] The "Hide Configuration Module while using Window Finder" option has been
    moved from General to User Interface.
[*] "Custom Position" and "Custom Size" dialogs now display current window
    position/size values in their captions.
[*] The "Alignment" window menu's submenu now displays the current window
[*] Title buttons appearance in Windows Vista is improved.
[*] The placement restriction area visualization is improved for non-standard
    taskbar placements.
[-] The "orphaned title buttons" bug in Windows Vista is fixed:
    sometimes title buttons used to get detached from their owner window and
    stuck on the desktop.
[-] Compatibility conflicts are solved with:
    - Quattro Pro X3 menus
    - GrabIt internal windows
    - MS Office XP CTFMON.EXE service
    - X-NetStat application
[-] The conflict with the Microsoft Time Zone window is solved.
[-] Windows Layout tool now correctly handles maximized windows.
[-] Windows Layout tool now correctly handles Photoshop CS2 document
    windows while working in a multiple display environment.
[-] Now the "Configure..." item of Control Center tray icon's context menu
    is displayed correctly in Windows Vista.
[-] Transparency effect conflicts are solved with:
    - CDArtdisplay application
    - Emerge Desktop application
    - Windows Vista Start button
[-] The bug of the "minimize-to-screen" feature is fixed: sometimes screen
    icons used to go out of visible area after minimization.
[-] Title buttons now work properly in PowerPoint 2007.
[-] Title buttons' behavior in Outlook 2007 is improved.
[-] The conflict with the IE 7 "Search on this page" window is solved.
[-] The bug of incorrect behavior of "Restrict placement" feature in
    multi-monitor configurations is fixed.
[-] Sometimes windows used to freeze in the rolled state and needed to be
    resized manually instead of unrolling - now the Unroll function works always
    as expected.

Actual Window Manager 4.4 (16.04.2007)
[!] The long-awaited feature of "smart saving" is added: now only relevant
    windows will re-apply their settings when the configuration has been saved.
[+] The long-awaited feature is added: now all the minimized windows can
    be restored via "Unhide"/"Unhide All" items of Control Center's tray icon
    context menu.
[+] The Windows Layout tool is added: it provides the ability to automatically
    or manually relocate/resize your currently opened windows to keep them
    within desktop when its resolution is changed (it's very useful when working
    with the same workstation both locally and through the Remote Desktop
[+] The long-awaited feature is added: now it's possible to remove the standard
    window parts like Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons, window icon, window
    sizeable border, or window caption so fixing window in its current state
    and preventing its moving/resizing/minimizing/closing.
[+] The new Pin-to-Desktop feature is added: when window is pinned it disappears
    from taskbar and Alt-Tab sequence and can't be minimized in any way so it's
    visible all the time until it's unpinned.
[+] The ability is added to adjust the font used by the Configuration Module
    (refer to the "User Interface" property sheet in the "Options" window).
[+] The ability is added to turn on smooth transitions between different
    transparency levels (refer to the "Make Transparent Action" property sheet
    in the "Options" window).
[+] The ability is added to turn on the smooth rolling up/unrolling of windows
    (refer to the "Roll Up Action" property sheet in the "Options" window).
[+] The ability is added for the "Send Configuration to Tech Support" main menu
    command: if the automatic e-mail creation is failed then you can save the
    archive with the configuration files somewhere to send it manually later.
[+] Translations to Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic) and
    Polish languages are added.
[*] Run-time memory consumption is slightly reduced.
[*] All property sheets for window rule settings are significantly redesigned;
    the new window rule features' Index panel is added.
[*] Now the Configuration Module remembers its main toolbars' placement and
    column widths in most of list boxes.
[*] The transparency effect compatibility with Stardock WindowBlinds is
[*] The Resize Action Options property sheet is improved: now you can copy
    items and adjust the height of Sizes list box.
[*] The visualization of allowed area provided by the Show button of the
    "Restrict placement" feature is improved: now it displays the
    semi-transparent green rectangle that shows the area of allowed placement.
[*] The "Unused Buttons" button (grouping button) is improved: now it takes the
    icon and the tooltip of assigned function, if mouse-hovered.
[*] Now title buttons are displayed correctly when using Vista Transformation
    Pack, XP Media Center Edition theme or some of StyleXP themes.
[-] The bug with Microsoft Project 2002/2003 is fixed.
[-] The bug with command shell extenders (like 4NT) is fixed.
[-] Transparency effect's conflict with Rainlendar 2, RocketDock, Samurize
    and Y'z Shadow is fixed.
[-] The bug is fixed: XP Remote Desktop client was crashed if minimized to the
    system tray, and then the configuration was saved.
[-] The bug is fixed: the Windows Vista Firewall with Advanced Security's GUI
    was hung when the "New Rule..." button was pressed while running the Actual
    Tools program.
[-] The bug is fixed: now title buttons work correctly in Excel 2007.
[-] The bug is fixed: now multiple instances of Excel 2003/2007 workbooks and
    Acrobat 7 documents can be correctly minimized to the system tray.
[-] The bug is fixed: if in multi-monitor configuration some windows were placed
    to a secondary display, and it was unplugged during the session then such
    windows are moved automatically to the primary display.
[-] The bug with Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar's hang is fixed.
[-] Conflicts with Microsoft Office 2007 tool tips and popup menus are fixed.
[-] The bug is fixed: Mozilla applications (Firefox, Thunderbird) left their
    taskbar entry if they were minimized to the system tray via the standard
    Minimize button.
[-] The bug with VMware Workstation 5.5 crash while opening the Snapshot Manager
    is fixed.
[-] The visual glitch is fixed when using the Tabbed Browsing plugin of
    Windows Live! Toolbar.
[-] The bug is fixed: Eudora was crashed immediately at startup if there
    any of extra Actual Tools buttons were added.
[-] The bug of incorrect window placement to a primary display while it's
    resized on secondary display is fixed.
[-] The bug of adding a new rule to the empty Specific Windows list is fixed.

Actual Window Manager 4.3 (15.12.2006)
[!] Since this release Actual Tools are fully compatible with Windows Vista.
[!] Now the title buttons are displayed correctly in Windows Vista (both in Aero
    Basic and Aero 3D modes).
[!] Now all the configuration files are stored in user's profile (in the folder
    like "%UserProfile%\Application Data\Actual Tools\Actual Window Manager").
[+] The new "Manage Window Settings" title button is added.
[+] The support of extra title buttons in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Microsoft
    Word 2007 is added.
[-] Now the title buttons are displayed correctly for the non-standard sizes.
[-] The old known issue with the Lotus Notes client's crash at startup is fixed.
[-] The known issue with the Internet Explorer 7 crash while saving the
    configuration is fixed.
[*] Now the Internet Explorer windows are correctly processed in Windows Vista.
[-] The issue with the Mozilla-based browsers' (like Firefox, Seamonkey etc.)
    undesired focus switch is partially fixed (the issue still presents in
[-] The issue of the malfunction of drag-n-drop in the Opera browser is
[-] The visual glitch of Windows Vista Sidebar widgets when they are made
    transparent is fixed.
[-] The visual glitch of Stardock's ObjectDock is fixed.
[-] The minimal/maximal window size settings are now correctly maintained in
    Windows 2003 Server.
[-] The multi-monitor issues of the "Restrict placement" feature are fixed.
[+] The ability to automatically reposition windows splitted across several
    monitors is added; it can be used both in the general multi-monitor
    environment and when using the multi-monitor client system in the Terminal
    Server environment.

Actual Window Manager 4.2 (10.10.2006)
[!] The long-awaited feature is added: now the "Window caption" criterion
    correctly detects windows which quickly change their captions at startup
    (like Notepad, Internet Explorer, MS Word, MS Excel etc.).
[*] The "Manage Window Rule" submenu is renamed to "Manage Window Settings".
[+] The "Modify default settings" command is being included now into the "Manage
    Window Settings" submenu if the "All Windows" settings were applied.
[+] The translations to German, French, Spanish and Ukrainian are added.
[+] Now you can strictly but flexibly constrain window placement on the desktop
    by defining the limits for window's top-left corner (so window can't be
    upper/left than the defined values) and/or bottom-right corner (so window
    can't be lower/right than the defined values).
[+] Now you can suspend the ghost mode with the special hotkey pressed
    (Ctrl+Shift by default).
[+] Now you can minimize a window by clicking the standard Close caption button.
[+] The support for the default Windows XP Media Center Edition visual theme is
    added (the proper title button skin was contributed by Riza Berbatovci).
[*] The skin naming system is changed: now when you select a theme for
    Windows XP the program will use the proper skin automatically if it's present in the
    "Skins" sub-folder.
[+] The special "grouping button" is added; it contains all the commands of
    currently unused buttons.
[+] The blocking of the undesired self-activation for windows minimized to the
    tray is added.
[*] The minimization of the modal dialogs is improved.
[*] The Move-to-Monitor action now works correctly with the maximized
[*] The Stretch Window action now remembers the previous sizes for the four
    main directions independently.
[-] The bug with the blocked Move-to-Monitor hotkey is fixed.
[-] The bug with the neglect of options other than "keep aspect ratio" in the
    "After Moving to Another Monitor" group is fixed.

Actual Window Manager 4.1 (01.08.2006)
[+] Multi-monitor support: the new "Move to next monitor" title button is added.
[+] Multi-monitor support: the new "Move to" window menu option is added.
[+] Multi-monitor support: the ability to move a window to the selected monitor
    at window's startup is added.
[+] The ability to maximize window to desktop by the right-click on the standard
    Maximize title button is added.
[+] The ability to stretch window by the right-click on its border is added.
[+] the ability to set the custom position for a window on the fly is added.
[+] Currently assigned hotkey's display is added in the title buttons' tooltips.
[+] Currently assigned hotkey's display is added in the window options' names.
[+] The translations to Japanese, Russian, Chinese Simplified and Chinese
    Traditional are added.
[*] The work speed and overall stability were slightly improved.
[-] The bug with the internal windows of MS Visual Studio 2003/2005 is fixed.
[-] The bug of MS Outlook Express auto-restoration from the tray while changing
    the display properties is fixed.
[-] The bug is fixed: even if the maximal window size was constrained in the
    configuration, the Maximize button still had expanded it to the whole desktop.
[-] The minor visual glitch with the Excluded Windows list in the right pane is

Actual Window Manager 4.0 (05.05.2006)
[!] The Configuration Module's user interface is redesigned totally.
[!] Settings file size is significantly reduced comparing to the previous
[!] Executable modules' size and run-time memory consumption are slightly
[!] The Help contents is redesigned almost from scratch.
[+] The Help system has become context-sensitive.
[+] Added the ability to copy window rules.
[+] Added the ability to customize an icon for a particular Specfic Window rule.
[+] Added the ability to automatically create the e-mail message with the
    attached configuration file.
[+] Window Selector tool form now has the "Refresh" button.
[+] Window Selector's "Flash window" indication is improved: now it shows
    the window border even for a covered windows and also flashes window's
    taskbar button.
[+] "Create/Modify window rule" window menu option was transformed into
    a submenu named "Manage Window Rule" which provides the following abilities
    for a particular window:

    - create a new/modify the existent Specific Window rule
    - create an Excluded Window rule
    - re-apply the window rule
[+] If a window was processed with the particular Specific Window rule the
    "Modify window rule" window menu item now indicates this rule's name.
[+] Added the ability to customize some user interface's options (like toolbars'
    buttons size).
[*] Now every new Specific Window rule is created using the All Windows rule as
    a template.
[+] Added the "Restore to Defaults" command which resets a particular Specific
    Window rule's options to All Windows rule's options.
[*] The correct scaling of the user interface forms is implemented when using
    the non-standard screen DPIs.
[+] Added the ability to set different settings for the different window
    events/states for the following properties:

    transparency level - for the creation, movement, resizing, deactivation,
                         mouse hovering, title bar double-click,
                         "Transparency" title button
    priority level     - for the creation, minimization, deactivation,
                         "Priority" title button

[+] Added the ability to combine automatically some window states:

    transparency - with stay-on-top, ghost
    rollup       - with stay-on-top

[+] Added the ability to provide a shift values when a window is aligned.
[+] Added the ability to set the desired width/height values as a percent of
    the corresponding desktop size.
[+] Window Finder internal tool was adapted for the detection of the
    current window size and position.
[+] Minimization-to-tray and minimization-on-screen actions were unified into a
    single action named "AltMin" (Alternatively Minimize) which provides the
    unified options and the ability to select the minimization mode on the fly.
[+] The ghost mode was separated from the transparency and now can be turned
    on independently.
[+] Added the new title buttons items for the following actions:
    Ghost, Change Priority.
[+] Added the new window menu items for the following actions:
    Ghost, Change Priority.
[+] Added the indication of the current state for the following title buttons:
    AltMin, Change Transparency, Align, Resize, Ghost, Change Priority.
[+] Added the skin support for the title buttons to fit them into the different
    visual themes.
[+] Added the ability to change the order of title buttons' appearance.
[+] Added the ability to enable/disable all the extra title buttons for a
    particular window rule.
[+] Added the ability to enable/disable all the extra window menu items for a
    particular window rule.
[+] Added the ability to "freeze" the window stay-on-top state which
    prevents the application from resetting this state.
[*] The recognition of window mouse-hovering is improved.
[-] Fixed the bug with Windows Movie Maker: it had hung after stream capture was
[-] Fixed the bug with Adobe Photoshop: the image window had lost the focus
    after selecting any tool in the Tools panel.
[-] Fixed the bug with the Windows folders: if you close the rolled up
    folder window then it will be restored with the incorrect size.

Actual Window Manager 3.8 (23.09.2005)
[*] Fixed the bug: if minimized-to-tray application was
    restored by self or other application and not through the tray icon, in
    some programs icon remained in tray. To name just a few: Windows Task
    Manager, TextPad, Microsoft Outlook.
[*] Fixed the bug with undesired window activation from the tray when
    delayed auto-minimizing of inactive window is turned on.
[*] Default Window Rule: the bug with transient transparency effects
    (when "set transparency while being moved/dragged" and "set transparency
    while being resized" options are enabled) was fixed.
[-] Default Window Rule: the bug with "temporarily unroll the window
    while the mouse cursor moves over the window" effect was fixed.
[*] Work with almost all integer-valued entry fields has been simplified.
    Now, one can start entering numbers from empty line and minus as a first
    symbol in window position fields is possible.
[*] Options Dialog: the disappearance of hotkeys list when all flags are
    disabled and all "Hotkey" values are set to "None" is fixed.
[-] Window Rule: "Window class" criterion's "Substring match" option has
    been removed. Now the criterion's test is always made as checking a join of
    "Window class" field's entered string into real window class name.
[*] Window system menu: the problem with incomplete activation of
    Configuration Module when choosing command "Create/Modify Window Rule" was
    finally solved.
Actual Window Manager 3.7 (02.08.2005)
[-] Fixed the bug that caused blinking of the title buttons. Support of
    visual themes in Windows XP for title buttons has also been improved.
[-] The "Resize Window" action have been improved. The new version restores
    window sizes correctly. Also the program works fine with windows opened
    full screen.
[-] Fixed the bug that didn't allow setting the previous level of
    transparency correctly in Windows 2000.
[+] A new rule has been added to apply a semi-transparency effect to
    Tablet PC Input Panel.
[+] Added supports of RAdmin remote access windows.
[*] We have improved window class identification. Exact matching of the
    entered window class with the real window class is no longer required.
[-] Fixed the bug that didn't allow the Configuration Module to restore
    correctly when accessed through the "Create/Modify Window Rule"
    command of the menu.
[-] Fixed the bugs in the contextual menu in the Configuration Module tree.

Actual Window Manager 3.6 (06.04.2005)
[!] New way to create the custom options for specific windows.
    The new item "Create Window Rule" is included in the system window menu
    of all windows. With a right mouse click on the window title call a
    menu and follow the item "Create Window Rule" to create a rule for this
    window. The new rule will be created automatically and what is left is
    to specify the actions which you would like to apply to this window.
[+] New option "Restore total visibility to the window" is added to
    Resize Window action. It enables to enlarge the window without having
    it partly hidden beyond the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop.
    The window is automatically shifted in the top left-hand corner
    direction and thus recovers entire visibility.
[+] New "Do not add icon to the tray" option is added to "Minimize to Tray"
    action. This option is useful for windows that have their own tray
    icons, such as Microsoft Outlook 2003, Windows Messenger and so on.
[*] The functioning logic of the action Run Mode is modified. Now it's in
    progress in 100% of cases. In earlier versions Internet Explorer
    Maximization sometimes failed to function.
[*] Custom window rules are added in for the browsers Mozilla Firefox and
    Opera. Moreover, some settings of already existing rules are modified.
[-] The defect in holding-up the window after its deactivation to minimize
    it to tray is corrected. In version 3.5 the value of this option
    couldn't be reset, the hold-up was fixed always as 0.
[*] The interface of the program is slightly changed.

Actual Window Manager 3.5 (20.01.2005)
[!] Windows Extension Engine is improved.
[+] Added "Set Minimum Size" and "Set Maximum Size" actions.
[+] Added "Hide Configuration Window when using the Window Finder
    (gunsight) tool" option.
[+] Added "Enable All Rules" and "Disable All Rules" commands.
[+] Added context menu for Window Rules.
[+] Supports of MFC windows (window class like Afx:X:X:X:X:X)
[*] Memory usage and load speed optimization.

Actual Window Manager 3.0 (13.10.2004)
[!] Hotkeys support: Now you can minimize programs to the system tray,
    always keep them on top, roll up windows, make them semitransparent,
    etc. by means only one keystroke combination. Such a possibility lets
    you manage the same actions much quicker on condition of using

Actual Window Manager 2.8 (31.08.2004)
[+] Added a "Resize Window" action. A Resize Window option lets you set
    the size of any selected application window to have it always opened at
    the size you want. A Resize Window tool is extremely useful for website
    designers. They can quickly see how their web project looks like in
    different resolutions by flicking through default window sizes or
    setting any unique window size on their own.
[+] Added command line support.
[+] Added a "silent" installation option.
[+] Added Dutch language.
[*] Some interface features changed and added.

Actual Window Manager 2.7 (28.07.2004)
[+] Added an "Align window" action. Now the user may get any application
    window aligned with any of the 9 positions on the desktop: upper-left,
    upper-central, upper-right, etc.
[+] Added a "Set window position when it is created" action.
[+] Added a "Set window size when it is created" action.
[+] Added a new "Temporarily stop program" option to a context menu.
[+] Now supports Mozilla FireFox and Netscape browser.
[*] Some small bugs were fixed.
[*] Some interface features changed and added.

Actual Window Manager 2.6 (26.05.2004)
[+] Added tooltips for additional caption buttons.
[+] Added Danish and Russian languages.
[+] Added a description field for Window Rule.
[+] Added commands for moving windows' rules up and down, in order to make
    the rules easier to find.
[*] Optimized memory usage and increased execution speed.
[*] Some interface features changed and added.

Actual Window Manager 2.5 (19.11.2003)
[!] Added a new "Window Menu" program. You can now add several new menu
    items ("Minimize to Tray," "Stay on Top," "Make Transparent," etc.) to
    the standard window menu that appears when you click the application
    icon in the title bar.
[+] Added a context menu for the "Make Transparent" title button. Now you
    can select a different transparency level for any window on the fly,
    while it is open!
[+] Added the option "Set Transparency so the Window Becomes Transparent
    While Being Moved/Dragged or Resized."
[+] Added a new "Minimize Window to Tray When it is Deactivated" option.
[+] Added a new "Send to Bottom" title button.
[+] Added a "Shift Buttons" option to use when adding title buttons.
    This allows you to shift the buttons you add so they will not overlap
    or hide the existing program buttons at the top margin of your program.
[+] Added the option "Toggle Transparency\Opaque Window State by Double
    Clicking on Title Bar."
[+] Added the new action "Change Window Title." Now you can replace the
    original title of a window to say whatever you want to! For
    example, you can rename your word processor, a game, etc.
[+] Added the new action "Change Program Priority." This can change the
    speed of execution for any program from low to high or back. Be
    careful, and don't make changes unless you know what you are doing.
[+] Added the new action "Remove window from taskbar."
[+] Added a command for sorting windows rules by name, in order to make
    the rules easier to find.

Actual Window Manager 2.0 (02.06.2003)
[!] Added "Default Window Rule." The Default Window Rule now lets you
    define and apply new options to ALL windows in your system. The
    ability to apply different options to individual windows still
[+] Added a "Program" choice for applying individual
    settings to selected windows.
[+] Added a dialog for choosing a window among existing windows to apply
    individual settings.
[*] Improved Windows XP Visual Styles support for new title buttons.
[*] Replaced rollup\unroll engine with newer, faster engine.
[+] Added tooltips for edge icons.
[+] Added a "Prevent accidental close of window" action. This feature can
    save you a lot of annoyance!

Actual Window Manager 1.6 (24.03.2003)
[+] Added a new "Rollup\Unroll Window" title button. Roll up windows so only
    the title bars remain visible.
[+] Added a "Ghost mode" option for transparent windows. Ghost mode lets
    mouse be clicked and moved through transparent window to
    underlying windows.

Actual Window Manager 1.5 (27.01.2003)
[!] Added a new Actual Window Rollup program. Roll up/unroll windows:
    minimize windows so only title bars remain visible. This is better than
    minimizing them to icons.
[+] Added a right-click context menu with Restore Window and Close Window
    commands for tray icons

Actual Window Manager 1.4 (18.12.2002)
[+] Added support and predefined settings for standard Windows and
    Microsoft Office Comboboxes and DropDown lists.
[+] Added French and Turkish languages.
[*] Some small bugs were fixed.
[*] Some cosmetical changes in the user interface.

Actual Window Manager 1.3 (25.11.2002)
[!] Added multilingual support.
[+] Added English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Catalan and
    Polish languages.
[*] Highly increase program's launching speed.

Actual Window Manager 1.2 (28.10.2002)
[+] Added a "Make Transparent" title button.
[+] Added a window action "Stay On Top".
[*] Support of Windows XP themes for icons on screen edge.
[+] Added an option "Enable\disable tray icon".
[+] Added an option "Load at startup".

Actual Window Manager 1.1 (28.09.2002)
[+] Added a window action "Save size and position of windows"
[+] Added an option "Use large icon" for a "Minimize to Desktop Edge" action
[*] Added predefined settings for Calculator, Notepad, Windows Media Player,
    Internet Explorer Find Dialog, Eudora Email client.

Actual Window Manager 1.0 (12.09.2002)
[!] Initial Release